Tiangong: New China space station revealed as ISS is near to end


International Space Station or ISS is near to its end, so new space station from China is revealed.

The China space station Tiangong is the replica of ISS and will be launched in the coming years. However, China revealed the replica of the first ever permanently crewed space station. It is revealed in Airshow China that is the largest aerospace exhibition.

Tiangong weighs 60 tons and its center module is 55 ft long. Three astronauts can easily fit in it. However, it is a smaller space as compare to ISS.

The space station will likewise have two different modules for experiments and will be furnished with the solar panels. It will enable researchers to do research in science and microgravity. Despite the fact that the space station will have a place with China, it will be open for all UN nations.

The total development of the Heavenly Palace is relied upon to be finished around 2022, and the space station is required to have a life expectancy of around 10 years.

the ISS was a cooperation between the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan. It has been in orbit since 1998. Be that as it may, the space station is due to end in 2024.


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