Company: Integtel Networks
Model Number: Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3911
Country: Pakistan
Posted On: 14 May 2014
Contact Person: Manager
Telephone: 92-42-35862399
Mobile Number: 92-300-4269557
Product Description
Features The Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3911 is designed to grow with your organization. Tables 1 through 7 present the features, specifications, and compliance information of the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3911, Table 8 provides ordering information, and Table 9 lists available optional accessories. Table 1. Features and Descriptions Feature Description Hold or Resume key Places a call on hold when pressed, and resumes the held call when pressed again Lighted Speakerphone key Lights when pressed to indicate that the speakerphone is currently being used Lighted Mute key Lights when pressed to indicate that the microphone has been muted Lighted Line key Flashes fast when an incoming call is received during the alerting stage of the call; it can be used to answer the call during the alerting stage, in which case the phone uses the speakerphone and thus the speakerphone key is lit; when the call is answered the key stays lit until the call is completed If pressed when no calls are being made, it places the phone off hook and provides dial tone through the speaker; both the Line key and the Speakerphone keys are lit Flashes when a call has been placed on hold; can also be used to retrieve the call from hold Lighted Conference key Can be used during a call to conference a third party into the current call; flashes while the conference call is set up and remains lit after the 3-way call is established Redial key Can be used to redial the last person called Transfer key Can be used to transfer a call Lighted message waiting indicator Lights when there is new voicemail (also the Voicemail key lights) and stays lit until new voicemail has been processed by the user; when pressed, connects the user to the voicemail system Graphical display Graphical monochrome display with a resolution of 144 x 32 pixels, providing a scrollable 2-line intuitive access to Directory Services and configuration Scroll toggle bar The scroll toggle bar allows easy movement through the displayed information Network features Cisco Discovery Protocol; IEEE 802.1 p/q tagging and switching Volume control A volume-control toggle to provide easy decibel-level adjustments of the handset, monitor speaker, and ringer Single-position foot stand Optimum display viewing and comfortable use of keys; the foot stand can be removed for wall mounting with mounting holes located on the base of the phone American Disabilities Act (ADA) features Hearing aid-compatible (HAC) handset that meets the requirements set by the ADA; it also meets ADA HAC requirements for a magnetic coupling to approved hearing aids; the phone dialing pad also complies with the ADA Signaling protocol support Compatible with Cisco CallManager Version 5.0(x) and later, using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Codec support G.711, G.729, and G.729a audio-compression codecs Configuration options Provisioning of network parameters through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Voice quality Voice activity detection (VAD) Table 2. Security Features Item Description Password Secures access to the phone configuration menu Table 3. Software and Physical Specifications Item Description Firmware upgrades Firmware upgrades available for download from Software upgrades Software upgrade supported using a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.87 in. x 7.08 in. x 1.77 in. (200 mm x 180 mm x 45 mm) Weight 1.1 lb (505 g) Phone casing composition Plastic (resin ABS-HB, Resin: SD-0150) in textured dark gray Table 4. Power Options Item Description IEEE 802.3af PoE Phone can receive power from IEEE 802.3af-compliant switches Local power Phone can also be powered locally with a power adapter (CP-PWR-CUBE-3=) along with one of the power cords listed in Table 5 Power injector Cisco Unified IP Phone Power Injector (CP-PWR-INJ), which can also be used to power the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3911
Product Specifications
The Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3911 provides fixed feature keys for one-touch access to redial, transfer, conference, hold, line select, mute, speakerphone, and voicemail access features. The line select, mute, conference, Message Waiting Indicator, and speakerphone keys provide LEDs to indicate status for these features. In addition, the phone supports a 2-line x 24-character display along with two menu select keys and a two-way rocker for scrolling control. This display enables support for additional capabilities such as caller ID, call history, and the ability to configure the phone. Finally, the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3911 (Figure 1) offers the choice of IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE), or local power through an optional power adaptor. This single-line phone has a half-duplex speakerphone and internal microphone.
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Quantity Available: 40
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: Call
Packaging: Set
Payment Options: T/T
Shipping Terms: Ex-stock
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Contact Person: Manager
Company: Integtel Networks
Address: 100-S, Model Town Extension, Lahore., Lahore, Pb., Pakistan
Zip/Postal: 54000
Telephone: 92-42-35862399
Fax: 92-0-
Mobile Number: 92-300-4269557

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