Company: Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited
Model Number: Carbon Black Pigment
Country: China
Posted On: 12 Oct 2016
Contact Person: Erick Liu
Telephone: 86-632-8992979
Mobile Number: 86-0-
Product Description
Specialty Carbon Blacks VS Special Black 6/4/100 for Coatings. Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited is a China based company specializes in research & development and production of Carbon Black Pigment.With a strong focus on research,we are constantly discovering new avenues and technologies that will allow us to provide our clientele with the highest-quality products at the most competitive prices Our Pigment Carbon Black could competitive with Orion(Degussa),Cabot(Monarch,Black Pearls,Regal ), Columbia, Mitsubishi Grade Used in Coatings,Paints,Plastics,Rubber,Sealant,Leather industry,Inks,Black Masterbatch,Fiber,Cable. Our Carbon Black RECOMMENDATION OF REPLACEMENTS : Orion(Degussa)FW200/2,Special Black 4/Special Black 6/100,Printex U/V/G/Printex 35/Printex 3/P45/P55/P60/Printex L Orion(Degussa) Hiblack 20L/30L/40L/Hiblack 50L/Hiblack 20B/30B/50B/150B/160B/Hiblack 33 Cabot Monarch 1300/M1000/M880/M800/M580/M570/M460/Monarch 430/M120 Cabot Black Pearls 1300/1000/880/800/Pearls 570/430/120,Regal 99R/Regal 330R/Regal 660R Columbia RAVEN 5000/3500/2000/2500/1255/RAVEN 1080/RAVEN 1040 Mitsubishi MA11/MA100 Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited TEL: +86-632 899 2979 FAX: +86-632 899 2936 Web: E-mail: [email protected]
Product Specifications
Specialty Carbon Blacks VS Special Black 6/4/100 for Coatings
Location: CHINA
Quantity Available: 1000MTS
Minimum Order: 1MTS
Price for Minimum Order: NG
Packaging: 10KGS OR 20KGS
Payment Options: TT OR LC
Shipping Terms: CIF
Related Categories: Chemicals , Carbon Black
Contact Person: Erick Liu
Company: Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited
Address: shizhong industry area, Zaozhuang, Shanodng, China
Zip/Postal: 277101
Telephone: 86-632-8992979
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-0-

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