Anti-jamming automatic dielectric loss tester

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Product Name: Anti-jamming automatic dielectric loss tester
Model: HRWGS
Company: China, Wuhan GuoDian HuaRui Power Test Technology Co.,Ltd.
Posted on: 16 Nov 2011
Expired on: 16 Nov 2012

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Type Automatic Test Equipment for Anti-Jamming Dielectric Loss This type of equipment is used for measuring the dielectric loss and capacitance of condenser of the various kinds of high voltage electric power equipment as a substitute for the QSI electric bridge. Main features: There are PT inside and the high voltage standard capacitor making the wire connection easy. This equipment is made by adopting the testing theory of photo coupling data sampling and connecting the vector operation with the dephasing and the inverse method. It can eliminate effectively the disturbance in the electric field. It can be used quite well on the spot and has the best performance with the lower price among the same type of production. Key technical indexes: High voltage output: 2kV、5kV、10kV Measuring range: tgδ<50% 30pF<Cx<60000pF Measuring range of the dielectric loss: 0.1 ~100% Resolving capability: tgδ: 0.01% Degree of accuracy: tgδ1%±0.05% Absolute error: tgδ0.03%
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Company: China, Wuhan GuoDian HuaRui Power Test Technology Co.,Ltd.
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