Pure silicone heat shrinkable tubing

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Product Name: Pure silicone heat shrinkable tubing
Model: FRT-2
Company: Dongguan Front Insulation Materials Co.Ltd.
Posted on: 20 Mar 2019
Expired on: 20 Jul 2027

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Offer Description
Pure silicone heat shrinkable tubing not only has excellent properties of the silicone tube itself commonly resistance to high temperature,high pressure resistance,soft and elastic,and also have thermal shrinkage performance,excellent wear resistance and cutting resistance,corrosion resistance and chemical reagent resistance,Can be use for a long time under high temperature 200degrees celcius,widely used in military or commercial areas need liquid corrosion resistance under high temperature,resistance to fuel,lubricant,acid resistance and chemical solvents.
Specifications: working temperature: -55deg.celcius ~ 200deg.celcius
Quantity: 1000 meters
Price: $1.2~5.3
Packaging: standard roll packaging,other special packaging per customer's request
Location: Dongguan City,China
Minimum Order: 1000 meters
Price for Minimum Order: $1.2~5.3
Related Categories: Electronics & Electrical , Wire & Wire Products
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