Company: Eastern oil and metal group llc.
Model Number:
Country: Russia
Posted On: 01 Dec 2016
Contact Person: Mr Faruk Akhmed
Telephone: 7-749-52405930
Mobile Number: 7-0-
Product Description
Penetration Bitumen 30/40 to 100-120 email us for any query we have many grades and specificcation deliver worldwide.
Product Specifications
SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1.01-1.06 D.70 · PENETRATION @ 25 C 60/70 D.5 · SOFTENING POINT 49/56 D.36 · DUCTILITY @ 25 C 100 MIN D.113 · LOSS OF THE HEATING %WT 0.2 MAX D.6 · FLASH POINT 250 MIN D.92 · SOLUBILITY IN CS2 % WT 99.05 MIN D.4 · DROP IN PENETR. AFTER HEAT. % 20 Max D.5 · DENSITY @ 25 C 1.01/1.06 D.70 & D.3289
Location: Russia Moscow
Quantity Available: unlimited
Minimum Order: 1 ton
Price for Minimum Order: 220-260
Packaging: Steel drums
Payment Options: llc
Shipping Terms: CIF
Related Categories: Metals & Minerals , Bitumen
Contact Person: Mr Faruk Akhmed
Company: Eastern oil and metal group llc.
Address: Moscow area , , , Russia
Telephone: 7-749-52405930
Fax: 7-0-
Mobile Number: 7-0-

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