Company: Pyrolysis plant
Model Number: DY6t 8t 10t
Country: China
Posted On: 08 Nov 2016
Contact Person:
Telephone: 86-371-56771821
Mobile Number: 86-158-93800169
Product Description
Economic growth and changing consumption and pr oduction patterns are resulting into rapid increase in generation of waste plastics in the worl d. In Asia and the Pacific, as well as many other developing regions, plastic consumption has increas ed much more than the world average due to rapid urbanization and economic development. The world's annual consumption of plastic mate rials has increased from around 5 million tonnes in the 1950s to nearly 100 million tonnes; thus, 20 tim es more plastic is produced today than 50 years ago. This implies that on the one hand, more resources are being us ed to meet the increased demand of plastic, and on the other hand, more plastic waste is being generated. Due to the increase in generation, waste plastics are becoming a major stream in solid waste. After food waste and paper waste, plastic waste is the major constitute of municipal and industrial waste in cities. Even the cities with low economic growth have st arted producing more plastic waste due to plastic packaging, plastic shopping bags, PET bottles and other goods/appliances using plastic as the major component. This increase has turned into a major challenge for local authorities, responsible for solid waste management and sanitation. Due to lack of integrat ed solid waste management, most of the plastic waste is neither collected properl y nor disposed of in appropria te manner to avoid its negative impacts on environment and public h ealth and waste plastics are caus ing littering and chocking of sewerage system. On the other hand, waste plastic pyrolysis plant can provide an opportuni ty to collect and dispose of plastic waste in the most environm ental friendly way and it can be conve rted into a resource. Plastic Pyrolysis Plant converts waste plastics into high grade diesel fuel. The systems use a continuous liquefaction technology alongside a unique catalytic breakdown process that turns waste materials into gases and liquids. The end products can be used brick factory,cement factory,glass factory ,etc, Plastic Pyrolysis Plants fuel technologies are based on new approaches to chemical processing that are generally referred to as chemical process intensification. Chemical process intensification involves accelerating the rate of a chemical process in order to reduce processing time while also reducing energy and material requirements and increasing product quality. Contact: Ms Bonnie Phone: +86-371-5677 1821 +86 15893800169 Skype: bonniezhao2 Email: [email protected]
Product Specifications
Henan Doing produced pyrolysis plant ,as a pyrolysis plant manfactures and suppliers,we prodviced new technology pyrolysis plant .The pyrolysis plant for recycling waste tyre/palstic and convert waste tyre/plastic to fuel oil .
Location: China
Quantity Available: 10sets/month
Minimum Order: 1 sets
Price for Minimum Order: $50000-80000
Packaging: Wooden package
Payment Options: T/T D/A D/P L/C
Shipping Terms: FOB
Related Categories: Rubber & Plastics , Plastic Raw Materials
Contact Person:
Company: Pyrolysis plant
Address: No.138 Yingxie Road,Jinshui District, Acheng, Zhengzhou , China
Zip/Postal: 450000
Telephone: 86-371-56771821
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-158-93800169

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