Company: Pyrolysis plant
Model Number: DY-10t 20t 50t 80T 100T
Country: China
Posted On: 03 Aug 2016
Contact Person:
Telephone: 86-371-56771821
Mobile Number: 86-158-93800169
Product Description
Feature of waste tyre continuious pyrolysis production line waste tyre pyrolysis machine Waste tyre continuious pyrolysis production line Our waste tyre continuious pyrolysis production line can convert waste tyre into high grade diesel fuel. Waste tyre are long chain polymers containing more than 50000 carbon atoms attached to each other in a cross linked or straight chain.During waste tyre continuious pyrolysis production line , this long chain is broken down into smaller chain. The waste tyre continuious pyrolysis production line turns waste materials into gases and liquids. The end products can be used in any standard diesel engine or generator with little or no modifications. Fuel oil from waste tyre continuious pyrolysis production line are used in below industries A.power plant factory factory C.cement factory D.ceramic factory E.aluminum factory F.boiler factory G.central heating factory H.painting factory The usage of final production-----Carbon black Carbon black from waste tyre continuious pyrolysis production line are used in below industries A.electric cable jacketing B.conveyor ban C.hose and doormat nylon bag E.rubber additive F.automatic spare parts G.heat isolation colorant in rubber materials Contact: Ms Bonnie Phone: +86-371-5677 1821 +86 15893800169 Skype: bonniezhao2 Email: [email protected]
Product Specifications
Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise related to manufacture, marketing, installation and after sale service etc. The company is committed to developing and manufacturing of all kinds of large scale and small acale equipment. It won leading position and good reputation with its high quality products and professional service. The main products: scrap cable wire recycling machine. PCB (Printed Circuit Board ) recycling machine. Aluminum and plastic composition recycling machine. Home electric applaince recycling machine, etc. waste tire and plastic recycling machine with relavent equipements, like tire cutter, carbon black briquette machine and carbon black grinding mill etc; waste engine oil, waste tire and plastic oil refinery machine and relavent euipments, like oil filter etc; Our machinery have been sold to Italy, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Estonia, Rusia, Egypt, Ethopia, Nigeria, Congo, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, India, Tailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Aruba, Jamaica, Ecuador, Haiti etc. Company has won good reputation with its advanced production technology, professional installation and after-sales service. Welcome your visit!
Location: China
Quantity Available: 10sets/month
Minimum Order: 1 sets
Price for Minimum Order: $300000-500000
Packaging: Wooden package
Payment Options: T/T D/A D/P L/C
Shipping Terms: FOB
Related Categories: Rubber & Plastics , Plastic Raw Materials
Contact Person:
Company: Pyrolysis plant
Address: No.138 Yingxie Road,Jinshui District, Acheng, Zhengzhou , China
Zip/Postal: 450000
Telephone: 86-371-56771821
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-158-93800169

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