Company: Hengshui shuanglin rubber products CO.,LTD
Model Number: RW-10
Country: China
Posted On: 23 Jul 2014
Product Offer: 2Sewer Rubber Pipe Plug/Inflatable Rubber Pip ...
Contact Person: liuchengtao
Telephone: 86-86-6666807
Mobile Number: 86-86-
Product Description
Contact person: Lisa Kang [email protected] We offered Rubber Pipe Plugs for testing of the South Africa World Cup stadiums in 2010, and won the praise of the customers. Description of Rubber Pipe Plug: Rubber pipe plug, air, pressure gauge, tee, rubber hose, pump. On the building floor closed water test 2-6 layer under the pressure of natural water. Shut off the pipeline, especially suitable for drainage pipe tightly closed water test, breath test, search, pipeline maintenance maintenance temporary water plugging test work. Shut off the pipeline, mainly for the riser (namely. From the gate to the pipe blockage. Features of our Rubber Pipe Plug: Our rubber pipem plugs (closed water plugging, closed water test airbags, pipe sealing airbags) department our company USES the high quality compound rubber and polymer materials in the original on the basis of absorbing foreign products strengths through technology improvement and innovation, on the use of performance, than ordinary closed water test airbag elasticity, anti-aging, good abrasion resistance, sealed tight, to adapt to the large range of pipe diameter, sealing speed, easy to operate. Usage method of Rubber Pipe Plug: Before the pipe flow under the working conditions of operation, measure the diameter of the sealing tube, rubber pipe plug held air embolism, slowly put the rubber pipe plug inserted into the pipe. Before inflatable rubber plug and insert it fully in the tube, and connect the barometer and the pump, then slowly open the valve of the pressure control table. Outside air pressure control in the security area marked red. In the sleepers, taut drawing rope rope binding company by pressure control list, observation data, although has reached the requirement of regulations, closing pressure control of welsh, and inflation is over. After 20 minutes, keep pressure control table and pipe connection between the observed data of pressure seal change, if everything is normal, and then began to pipeline construction work.
Product Specifications
Location: CHINA
Quantity Available: 50000000000pieces
Minimum Order: 1pieces
Price for Minimum Order: USD2/M
Packaging: plastic bags or according to the customers
Payment Options: (T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, WETERN UNION
Shipping Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, CNF
Related Categories: Rubber & Plastics , Rubber Products
Contact Person: liuchengtao
Company: Hengshui shuanglin rubber products CO.,LTD
Address: 365 xinhua road, hengshui city, hebei China, , Hebei, China
Zip/Postal: 053000
Telephone: 86-86-6666807
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