Company: Huatao Paper Machine Fabric Factory
Model Number: HT14652
Country: China
Posted On: 13 Jan 2014
Contact Person: Bella Ma
Telephone: 86-311-89901561
Mobile Number: 86-0-
Product Description
Woven Dryer Screen With Flat Monofilament According to the weaving, polyester dryer fabric can be divided into 3-shed, 4-shed. According to the joining mode, it can be divided into insert, pin, pin ring and spiral ring join. 3-shed one layer and a half polyester dryer fabric suitable for drying papers below 70g. 4-shed double layer polyester dryer fabrics suitable for drying papers above 70g.Rectangular wire polyester dryer fabric is suitable for the fore several heating box of the drying zone, quality papers can use all. Features:Ease of seaming/joining,Fabric stability,Drying efficiency Sheet runnability, Non-marking surface,Wear resistance, Degradation resistance hydrolysis
Product Specifications
Woven Dryer Screen With Flat Monofilament Strong seam design Excellent drying and heat transfer Good drainage and permeability Long lifetime
Location: China
Quantity Available: 10000m2/week
Minimum Order: 50m2
Price for Minimum Order: 15USD/m2
Packaging: Standard export package
Payment Options: T/T, L/C
Shipping Terms: By sea or by air
Related Categories: Textile Products , Woven Fabrics
Contact Person: Bella Ma
Company: Huatao Paper Machine Fabric Factory
Address: , , , China
Telephone: 86-311-89901561
Fax: 86--
Mobile Number: 86-0-

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