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Product Name: Geraniol for Anthelmintic and flavor
Company: Jiangxi Global Natural Spice Co., Ltd.
Posted on: 14 Jan 2016
Expired on: 24 May 2024

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Geraniol,CAS.106-24-1 It is rose oil, sesame oil and citronella oil Martin essential oil as one of the main ingredients, also small amounts in geranium and lemon. Under normal temperature for colorless to yellow liquid,has a mild, sweet rose flavor,taste bitter. Insoluble in water,soluble in organic solvents. Geraniol and esters are widely used as fragrances and flavors, rose essence is the main agent, used in the preparation of daily products and food. Medical use:Antibacterial,Anthelmintic Geraniol,CAS.106-24-1 or Cas.16736-42-8 Geraniol Use: is widely used in floral fragrance, can be used for apple, strawberry fruit flavor, cinnamon, ginger and other flavor food flavor, can also be made of ester flavors. Lily Zhang Jiangxi Global Natural Spice Co., Ltd. Tel: 86-796-8106598 Fax:86-796-8116585 [email protected] Add: No.89, Wenshan Road,South Industrial Park, Jishui County,Jiangxi Province,China
Quantity: container quantity
Packaging: 170kgs in a drum
Location: China
Minimum Order: 25kgs
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Related Categories: Chemicals , Aromatic Chemicals
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Company: Jiangxi Global Natural Spice Co., Ltd.
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