Company: Jinzhou DPF TH Chemicals Co Ltd
Model Number: TH3159 Additive Package for Diesel Engine Oil
Country: China
Posted On: 07 Aug 2013
Contact Person: zhangqiuge
Telephone: 86-416-5160616
Mobile Number: 86-86-41651606
Product Description
Description TH3159 is formulated with detergent, dispersant, antioxidant/corrosion inhibitor, ashless antioxidant and antiwear agent, etc. The diesel engine oil blended with this package can largely reduce carbon deposition on engine piston and cylinder wear, and has excellent performance in soot dispersing, antioxidation, corrosion proof and antiwear. It can effectively protect the engine and prolong the engine service life. Applications API grade Treating rate (m%) Mono-grade Multi-grade CF-4 7.7 8.5 Above treating rates are calculated by addition method. This package is suitable for preparation of SAE 30, 40, 50, 10W/30, 15W/40 internal combustion engine oils blended with Group?and Group?base oil, and the quality complies with API standard. Characteristics Item Typical value Test method Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s, at 100oC 60 ASTM D445 Flash point (COC), oC 170 ASTM D92 Density, kg/m3, at 20oC Report ASTM D1298 Total base number, mgKOH/g 110 ASTM D2896 Nitrogen , mass% 0.4 ASTM D3228 Zinc, mass% 1.01 ASTM D4927 Phosphorus, mass% 0.86 ASTM D1091 Calcium, mass% 3.8 ASTM D4927 Boron, mass% 0.06 ASTM D4951 Mechanical impurities, mass% 0.09 GB/T511 Packing,Transportation and Storage 1, The package is packed in metal drum of 200 litres. Avoid contacting with strong oxidizer. 2, Ambient temperature for storage should not exceed 50oC. Entering of water and impurities is strictly forbidden. 3, The packing, marking, transportation, storage and delivery acceptance should meet the requirement of SH/T0164. Points for Attention 1, The package is a kind of functional additive package, applied by adding with antifoam agent. 2, The recommended temperature for blending of oil is 60-65oC. 3, The temperature of heating steam for transferring and blending should not exceed 110oC.
Product Specifications
TH3159 Additive Package for Diesel Engine Oil
Location: china
Quantity Available: 1000
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: 200 L iron drum
Payment Options: T/T / LC
Shipping Terms: fob cif
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Contact Person: zhangqiuge
Company: Jinzhou DPF TH Chemicals Co Ltd
Address: , , , China
Telephone: 86-416-5160616
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Mobile Number: 86-86-41651606

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