New!!! Sell Industrial Xylanase

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Product Name: New!!! Sell Industrial Xylanase
Model: 02
Company: Mianyang Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (Habio)
Posted on: 14 Jun 2013
Expired on: 13 Oct 2021

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Product Specifications: Activity definition: One unite (U) of xylanase is defined as the quantity of enzyme, which liberates 1μmol of reducing sugar from 5mg/ml Birchwood xylan solution at 50°C and PH 8.0 in 1 min. Avtivity: BXY-PA-10: 100,000U/g BXY-PA-15: 150,000U/g Formulation and color: Yellow powder with special fementation odor. Shelf life: Store sealed, avoid to be exposed to the sun and high humidity (keep unpacking), under 25°C for 1 year. Package: 1kg metal coated plastic bag 20kg paper barrel; 25kg composite paper bag. Usage and Dosage: Treatment process: Recommend dealing with it after pulp cooking or oxidative delignification, or before adding bleach, as a pre-bleaching process. Pulp condition: Before mixed with Habio Alkaline Xylanase, the pulp temperature should be 45-55°C, PH 6.5-9.5, viscosity 6-10%. Contact period of enzyme and pulp: 1 hour Dosage**: BXY-PA-10 50g per tone pulp (OD.Basis) BXY-PA-15 35g per tone pulp (OD.Basis
Quantity: 100T
Packaging: bag or barrel
Location: MianYang,Sichuan, China
Minimum Order: 300kg
Price for Minimum Order:
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Company: Mianyang Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (Habio)
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