Company: Mianyang Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (Habio)
Model Number: 02
Country: China
Posted On: 14 Jun 2013
Product Offer: New!!! Sell Industrial Xylanase
Contact Person: Davis Wang
Telephone: 86-28-85573389
Mobile Number: 86-152-08398018
Product Description
Mechanism: Xylan is a kind of polysaccharide, which widely exists in plant. It plays very important role of the cell wall and plant structure tissue. As one of the important part of hemicellulose, xylan always combined with cellulose, xylogen and the others in forms of compounds existing in plant. In paper industry, the interspac-es of pulp matrix are always blocked by xylan and xylogen, thus causes the lower quality of paper and pulp. Also they reduce bleaching efficiency, lowers paper whiteness , always causes bleach agent overuse and brings some environmental issues such as paper strength and bleaching waste water exceed standard. Habio Alkaline Xylanase is developed by Habio for specially degrading xylan as industrial enzyme with molecular biology, microbial fermentation technology and other modern biological technology. It comes from single strain fermentation and extracts from Asia's leading advanced post-processing techniques, with both internal and external degraded activity (both EC and EC function), effectively de- grades xylan in pulp, helps separate pulp cellulose from xylogen, xylan and other impurities. Thus it helps highly improving pulp quality and whiteness, reducing cost of pulp treatment and waste water treatment. Product Features: 1. Specializing in degrading xylan without cellulase, never reducing pulp fiber quality or paper strenth. 2. Habio Alkaline Xylanase has high standard of stability ranging at pH 5.5-10.5 and temperature ranging from 40°C to 70°C. It is well adopted and easily integrated into most present production lines of pulp production process. 3. It can reduce 15-60% bleach usage, improve speed of pulp filtration by 5-10% per hour and improve pulp yielding. Thus reducing production cost and increasing production efficiency. 4. It also can improve the quilty of the paper in two ways. In one hand, it will whiten the paper with the same amount of bleach; on the other hand, it will strengh the fiber. 5. it can lower COD and BOD of the waste water and decrease time and cost of waste water treatment.
Product Specifications
Industrial Xylanase(Paper Making Enzyme): 1.High enzyme activity; 2.Bleach the paper pulp; 3. PH:Alkaline.
Location: MianYang,Sichuan, China
Quantity Available: 100T
Minimum Order: 300kg
Price for Minimum Order:
Packaging: bag or barrel
Payment Options: T/T,L/C
Shipping Terms: BY SEA, BY AIR
Related Categories: Chemicals , Cleaning Chemicals
Contact Person: Davis Wang
Company: Mianyang Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (Habio)
Address: Tangxun Town,Fucheng District, Mianyang, Sichuan, P.R.China, Acheng, , China
Telephone: 86-28-85573389
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-152-08398018

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