Company: Mianyang Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (Habio)
Model Number: 04
Country: China
Posted On: 21 Jun 2013
Product Offer: Poultry Specialized Multi-enzyme
Contact Person: Davis Wang
Telephone: 86-28-85573389
Mobile Number: 86-152-08398018
Product Description
The Digestive Physiology Characteristics of Poultry 1. With short digestive tract and high emptying speed, retention time of feed in intestine is only 3 ~ 4 hours, thus feed is hardly digested completely. 2. For young poultry, endogenous protease, lipase and amylase are secreted insufficiently with low activity. 3. It will cause digestive disorder under intensive production conditions, thus affecting digestion and absorption of nutrients. 4. Quicken growth of poultry for the biggest benefit will overburden digestive system; 5. Poultry digestive tract could not secret non-starch polysaccharide enzymes, such as xylanase, ß-glucanase, mannanase and cellulase, etc. 6. Endogenous digestive enzymes can not keep up with the high feed intake, fast growth and high metabolic rate of modern poultry. Product Characteristics Pertinence Poultry specialized multi-enzymeis specially prepared for poultry, based on their characteristics of digestive physiology, feedstuff resources and the status quo of the feed preparation. Full-scale Enzyme Profile and Reasonable Formula Full consideration of characteristics of poultry feed resources and status quo of the feed preparation, scientifically collocate various enzymes through a great deal of simulating experiments in vitro, and adjust the multi-enzymeformula through experiments on animals. Highefficiency One of the main enzymes, xylanase, which contains endo-xylanse of high activity, can take effect more rapidly and decompose the substrates more thoroughly. Other enzymes, through the optimum combination, also have high efficiency. High thermostability Processing with advanced technique, the relative enzyme activity remains over 70% at 90°C. Product Functions 1. Increasing energy of feed by 50kcal/kg (digestible energy, metabolic energy) efficiency, thus reducing feed costs. 2. Enhancing utilization of non-conventional feed stuff. 3. Reducing quality difference of batches of miscellaneous meals and stabilizing quality of compound feed. 4. Improving disorders of digestive function caused by crude fiber of feed, thus maintaining poultry healthy; 5. Keeping dejection dry, thus reducing pollution of the environment. Product Types Application Effect Experiment 1 Effect of adding poultry specialized multi-enzymeto corn-soybean meal diet on production performance of broilers The experimental animals:Choosing 240 healthy Aiweiying broilers and randomly divided into 3 groups, 4 repetitions per group, 20 broilers for each repetition. Control group1:basal diet group DE:2900kcal/kg Control group 2:on the basis of control group 1, energy level decreased 80kcal/kg,DE:2820kcal/kg Experimental group: control group2+100g/T Poultry specialized multi-enzyme(corn-soybean meal type) Energy level decreased at 80kcal/kg and adding Poultry specialized compound enzyme, the weight of dorking increased by 5.94%, Feed/gain decreased by5.88% while the Feed effect is better than control group1 of normal energy level.
Product Specifications
mprove digestion of feed nutrient and production performance of animal, thus increasing economic benefits. Poultry specialized multi-enzyme is produced by Sichuan Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd, on the basis of the digestive physiology characteristics, the feed resources and the current formula situation of the poultry. It adopts one-upped genetic engineering strain, advanced liquid submerged fermentation and stabilizing treatment. Habio poultry specialized multi-enzymecan improve digestion of feed nutrient and production performance of animal, thus increasing economic benefits.
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Contact Person: Davis Wang
Company: Mianyang Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (Habio)
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Telephone: 86-28-85573389
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