Company: Neurocare Center Co.,Ltd
Model Number: NC-Coolite
Country: China
Posted On: 16 Sep 2013
Contact Person: sophia
Telephone: 86-21-61557862
Mobile Number: 86-136-11797540
Product Description
Coolite adopts 810nm diode laser, the gold standard for hair removal. Unique " Jet Smooth" technology as the preferred treatment mode assures you of a virtual painless and fast treatment with maximum 10 pulses in one second. Premium cooling engine guarantees an excellent cooling performance, meanwhile, 24 hours working time creates a satisfying hair removal experience. Coolite is an effective and valuable machine to discover the secret of silky skin. Clinical Application: Hair removal : any area of the body for hair removal, such as hairline, hair around lip area, beard, armpit hair, hair on arms, legs, breast and bikini area. Features 1) Durable & Powerful Cooling Engine Premiu.m cooling engine guarantees an excellent cooling performance,24 hours continuous working is available. No more overhigh temperature alarming. Touch cooling system Sapphire touch cooling assures reliable and constant cooling result for skin surface with maximum comfort and safety. Maximum energy target on follicle with less consumed by tissue. Sapphire touch cooling assures reliable and constant cooling result for skin surface with maximum comfort and safety. Maximum energy target on follicle with less consumed by tissue. 2) Lightning & Painless treatment with Max. 10HZ speed What is "Jet smooth"? "Jet smooth" adopts 810nm diode laser, uniform energy constantly penetrates deep into dermis and heat hair follicle with maximum 10 pulses in one second. Fast mode is specially designed to heat hair follicles to proper damage point gradually with low frequency to assure the painless and fast treatment. Under "Free setting" mode, the highest energy can reach 100J/cm2. Various energy setting is suitable for different skin type and hair colour. High energy density ensures best treatment result for light skin with heavy hair. Professional operator can choose their individual energy level according to full clinical experiences. 3) Premium USA Laser Generator USA imported diode laser generator , with a lifespan up to 20000 hours, ensures a durable and cost-effective operation. International standard certify for high quality and long-term safety. 320W output power makes Coolite work properly and operate perfectly. 4) Big spot size, Efficient operation As a portable device, Coolite provides you a convenient handpiece and big spot size design, which are comparable to those standing machines. 10x12mm spot size is accessible to fast and efficient operation for big area treatment. The released energy makes excellent effect on every inch of skin where hair removal is required. 5) Easy menu navigation Preset treatment proposals lead to easy navigation. Through many years' clinical study, diversified treatment proposals are concluded according to different skin types and skin areas. Besides, Therapist could also freely set treatment parameters according to individual requirements. 6) Real portable device, Effective ROI. Coolite owns an elegant appearance, With only 0.065CBM volume and 26.5KG weight saving space maximumly, portable design makes transportation more simply. Smart body but equipped with the same high-powered parts as standing machine, even more featured advantages. The competitive purchase price and no more consumables grant effective returns on investment.
Product Specifications
Specification Laser type: Diode laser Wavelength: 810nm Laser power: 320W Pulse width 5~850ms, minimum adjustable width: 1ms Energy density 1~100J/ cm2, minimum adjustable density: 1.0J/cm2 Shot frequency 1~10Hz, minimum adjustable frequency: 1Hz Skin type: I~VI skin colours optional Treatment mode: Fast mode; Free setting mode Spot size: 10mm * 12mm Cooling: Sapphire touch cooling Cooling temperature: = 5? Display : 8.4inch LCD touch screen Dimension: 500*380* 345mm Mainframe weight: 25KG Handpiece weight: 1.5KG
Location: shanghai,china
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Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: $16560
Packaging: carton
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Contact Person: sophia
Company: Neurocare Center Co.,Ltd
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Telephone: 86-21-61557862
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Mobile Number: 86-136-11797540

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