Company: Russian Instrument LLC
Model Number: KAMAZ 6460
Country: Russia
Posted On: 03 Nov 2016
Contact Person: Alexander Timokhin
Telephone: 7-963-0761913
Mobile Number: 7-0-
Product Description
KAMAZ is a Russian truck manufacturer. KAMAZ opened its doors in 1976. Today, heavy duty models are exported to many areas of the world including Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Indonesia, India and North Africa. The trucks have won the Dakar Rally a record thirteen times. KAMAZ is the largest truck producer in Russia and 11th truck producer in the world. The factory produces more than 40 000 trucks every year. Reinforced KAMAZ trucks are used by the Russian army, and armies of more than 30 countries. Easy to service, reliable, high quality trucks with low operating costs at good prices; Meeting any customer requirement; Extensive and vast sales footprint: KAMAZ vehicles operate under any road and weather conditions, in the areas of the Far North, tropics, desert areas and high mountains.
Product Specifications
1. Weight Fifth wheel coupling load carrying capacity, kg 16500 Gross trailer’s weight, kg 52500 Vehicle curb weight, kg 9350 2. Engine Model KAMAZ 740.50-360 Euro-2 Type Diesel, turbocharged, water cooled, V8 Rated horsepower kWt (hp)/RPM 265 (360)/2200 Maximum torque, Nm/RPM 1250/1800 Displacement, l 11.86 Fuel pump manufacturer and type YaZDA, Mechanical 3. Transmission and powertrain Gearbox model and type ZF16S1820, Mechanical Number of speed 16 Low/High gears ratio 13.74/0.84 Drive form 6x4 Powered axles gear ratio 5.11 Differentials All with diff locks 4. Wheels and tyres Wheels Disc type, steel made Tires Tubeless, 315/80R22.5* * At the customer’s request the truck can be equipped with tube type tires12.00R20 5. Brakes Pneumatic with drum brakes at all wheels. 6. Electric system 24 Volt, Negative ground 7. Cabin Full-metal, with 1 or 2 sleeper places 8. Vehicle can be equipped with: - Heavy-duty steel bumper; - Off-road 12.00R20 tires; - Intake cyclone type dust collector; - Third stage fuel filter-separator SEPAR - Air conditioner - 3.5’ Fifth wheel coupling .
Location: Russia
Quantity Available: 20/month
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: CIF Karachi Pakistan 58000 USD
Packaging: None
Payment Options: T/T, L/C
Shipping Terms: 50-60 days
Related Categories: Automobiles & Motorcycles , Tractors
Contact Person: Alexander Timokhin
Company: Russian Instrument LLC
Address: , , , Russia
Telephone: 7-963-0761913
Fax: 7--
Mobile Number: 7-0-

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