Model Number: SK1005A,SK1010A
Country: China
Posted On: 27 Mar 2013
Product Offer: 500VA-1000VA Variable Frequency Power Supply ...
Contact Person: Serana
Telephone: 86-571-88173256
Mobile Number: 86-571-88173256
Product Description
Single phase analog variable frequency power supply Features: 1. Adapt the knob type operation mode 2. 16-bit microcontroller (analog) control, output voltage, frequency intelligent (analog) control 3. Offer international standard power supply 4. Output voltage low level: 0~150V,high level:0~300V online adjustable 5. Output frequency adjustment range 47~63Hz 6. Fixed frequency 50Hz,60Hz,100Hz,200Hz,400Hz 7. High frequency SPWM design, compact size, high power, high efficiency, low noise 8. High control precision, high precision waveform, high quality waveform, adapt to all kinds of load 9. Input/output is completely isolated, safety and reliable Technical Index: Input Voltage 220V±10% AC Input Frequency 50/60Hz±5Hz Output Voltage Low level:0~150V, High level:0~300V Output Frequency Adjustable Frequency:47Hz~63Hz Fixed Frequency:50Hz,60Hz,100Hz,200Hz,400Hz Output Waveform Sine wave Voltage Regulation =1% Frequency Regulation =0.01% THD =2%(linear load)(THD) Load Type No load type restrictions(resistive, inductive, capactive, rectification) Voltage Display Four LED resolution:0.1V Frequency Display Four LED resolution:0.1Hz Current Display Four LED resolution:0.001A/0.01A/0.1A Power/Power Factor Four LED resolution:0.1W/1W/0.1KW Efficiency =85% Protection Overload, over current, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit protections Noise =65dB (exceed 1m) Ambient Temperature:-10?~40? Humidity:10%~90%(25?non condensation) Altitude=2000m Application: electric motor test
Product Specifications
SK1005A 500VA,[email protected],[email protected] SK1010A 1000VA,[email protected],[email protected]
Location: Zhejiang,China
Quantity Available: 1000pcs
Minimum Order: 10 pcs
Price for Minimum Order: Negotiable
Packaging: standard export packing
Payment Options: T/T,L/C
Shipping Terms: By Sea
Related Categories: Power & Generators , Power Engineering
Contact Person: Serana
Address: Wenzhou,Zhejiang,China, Wenzhou, , China
Zip/Postal: 325600
Telephone: 86-571-88173256
Fax: 86-571-88173256
Mobile Number: 86-571-88173256

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