Company: Sinline Automatic Equipment Manufactory
Model Number: SL-RDVD
Country: China
Posted On: 06 Mar 2016
Contact Person: Heidi Yip
Telephone: 86-757-27727815
Mobile Number: 86-134-34804008
Product Description
Notice: 1. Working space requirement for one production line: 150~200 sq.m 2. The Air pressure turning lathe Machine need work with an air compressor, Customer can buy from the local market or request we offer. 3. This system need work with water and a water pool, water pool requirement is about 10 cubic meter for 1~3 production line. Water pool need work with water pump. or recycle DVD : Put DVD to the Dissection Machine for split up the DVD two piece. See video from youtube. Then put these split up DVD to the Feeding CD Machine, then same process for recycle CD. If the DVD with printing , also need put the printing side to the machine working site (up) for clean the printing. The DVD after pass these machine, is the basic pure PC material.
Product Specifications
This system is for recycle waste DVD. This system include: 1. One set Sorting Machine (option). It is for sorting the DVD and the CD, if they are mixture together. 2. One set Feeding CD Machine .This machine is for sending the waste CD to the Grinding CD/DVD Machine. It can made a suitable distance for each CD, for ensure the machine running well. 3. Three piece Grinding CD/DVD Machine. This machine is for separate the metallized coating and printing cover for get the pure PC disk. 4. One set Washing CD Machine. This machine is for clean the metallized coating and printing cover from the waste DVD by water and the brush. Then can get the dry and clean DVD from this machine. 5. One set Air pressure turning lathe Machine, it easy cross out the margin from the waste DVD. Cut off the margin, is easy for separate the DVD by Dissection Machine. So this step is prepare for the DVD run on Dissection Machine. Another reason for Cut off the margin for the disk is: there is some glue on the margin when DVD production. 6. One set Dissection DVD Machine, this machine is for split up the DVD two piece. 7. One set Feeding DVD Machine. This machine is a conveyer belt, for feeding the dvd from Dissection DVD Machine to Grinding CD/DVD Machine.
Location: China
Quantity Available:
Minimum Order: 1 set
Price for Minimum Order:
Packaging: Film and wood bar
Payment Options: T/T, WETERN UNION
Shipping Terms: Can discuss
Related Categories: Machinery , Grinding & Milling Machinery
Contact Person: Heidi Yip
Company: Sinline Automatic Equipment Manufactory
Address: Huangyong Industrial Area, Beijiao Town, Shunde District of Foshan City, , GuangDong, China
Zip/Postal: 528312
Telephone: 86-757-27727815
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-134-34804008

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