Company: V-Studio (S.O. Sager Int’l Division)
Model Number: Make Real
Country: Saudi Arabia
Posted On: 01 Apr 2017
Product Offer: 3D scaled models for architecture & Products
Contact Person: Sales Department
Telephone: 966-966-122068155
Mobile Number: 966-966-54993338
Product Description
3D Scaled models making A scaled model is the perfect replica of your project. In association with Make Real, V-Studio model is a perfect replica of your work and everything around it. Designed and shaped only for your project. Every scaled model making is not just a work Make Real & V-Studio do, it is a passion of ours and every project of yours is a personal project of ours. Make real & V-Studio provide a state-of-the-art 3D printing technology for architecture, engineering, manufacturing, research, medicine, art & products design.
Product Specifications
3D scale models for architectures, engineering, products or medical
Location: Saudi Arabia
Quantity Available: 10
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: 5000-100000
Payment Options: T/T
Shipping Terms: EXWORK
Related Categories: Business Services , Animation & Post Production House
Contact Person: Sales Department
Company: V-Studio (S.O. Sager Int’l Division)
Address: Level 9, Jameel Square, Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz (AL TAHLIA) & AL ANDALUS St corner, Jeddah, , Saudi Arabia
Zip/Postal: P.O. Box 40538, Jeddah 21511, Saudi Arabia
Telephone: 966-966-122068155
Fax: 966-966-6608128
Mobile Number: 966-966-54993338

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