Company: Vedard Security Electronics
Model Number: JDJD-S
Country: China
Posted On: 12 Jun 2019
Product Offer: Industry Security Alarm Siren Horn Explosion- ...
Contact Person: Karl Liang
Telephone: 86-595-22725581
Mobile Number: 86-186-50901698
Product Description
JDJD-S explosion-proof fire alarm siren (abbreviated as alarm siren) is a non-coding alarm siren. It is suitable for installing in explosive gas environment with class II C T6 temperature group. It can be used with fire alarm controller made by any manufacturer. When an accident or fire occurs on the production site, the control signal sent by the fire alarm controller starts the sound alarm circuit, sends out the sound alarm signal to complete the alarm purpose, and can also be used with the manual alarm button to trigger the sound alarm. This product meets the requirements of GB3836 series standards, and has obtained the explosion-proof certificate through the identification of the national designated testing institutions. The flute has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, reliable performance and convenient installation. It is a fire alarm device with high reliability and strong anti-interference ability.
Product Specifications
technical requirement 1. Explosion-proof form: explosion-proof type 2. Explosion-proof sign: ExdIICT6 3. Working voltage: DC12V; DC24V; AC220V 4. Alarm current: <500mA 5. Sound intensity: 100-110 dB 6. Sound form: fire fighting sound (can be designed to beep, police car sound, ambulance sound according to user's requirements) 7. Protection Level: IP65 8. Use environment: temperature: -20 +50; relative humidity: 95% non-condensation; atmospheric pressure: 80 kPa-110 kPa 9. Inlet caliber: M22x1.5 (the number and size of the inlet can be designed and manufactured according to user's requirements) 10. Net Weight: 1.6kg
Location: China
Quantity Available: 10000
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: 74
Packaging: in carton
Shipping Terms: EXW
Related Categories: Security & Protection , Arms & Ammunition
Contact Person: Karl Liang
Company: Vedard Security Electronics
Address: Qingmeng industrial zone, Quanzhou city, Acheng, Fujian , China
Zip/Postal: 362000
Telephone: 86-595-22725581
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-186-50901698

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