Model Number:
Country: Indonesia
Posted On: 04 Apr 2016
Contact Person: Tony Wijaya
Telephone: 62-62-31871358
Mobile Number: 62-0-
Product Description
Stand-alone SHA-256 Cryptocoin Mining Machine This machine is designed to generate a steady revenue of Bitcoins Includes 1 x Minion ASIC capable of 100 Ghash/second (without overclocking) Easy to use web interface, out of the box functionality, silent, low power and compact design. Ethernet connectivity, web interface allows configuration and displays graphic reports of mining activity. Note: In theory the ASIC could be overclocked up to 140 Ghash/second but requires soldering skill to overvolt. This cannot be guaranteed and would increase the power dramatically. The integrated ASIC supports internal commands for over-clocking and under-clocking. When voltage is increased, the power efficiency will drop. If the voltage is dropped the clock frequency will have to be dropped resulting in slower hashing speeds. Brand: Black Arrow Hashing Speed: 100 Ghash/second Process Node: 28nm High Performance Process Clock Frequency (Mhz): 1000 default Voltage: 100-250 AC Power Consumption (Watt): ~90 - 100 at the wall Ethernet 100Mbps
Product Specifications
Website : Payment : PayPal / Telegraphic/Transfer
Location: Indonesia
Quantity Available: 5/Unit
Minimum Order: 1/Unit
Price for Minimum Order:
Packaging: Box
Payment Options: T/T, PayPal
Shipping Terms: Silky/DHL/FedEx
Related Categories: Machinery , Machinery
Contact Person: Tony Wijaya
Address: , , , Indonesia
Telephone: 62-62-31871358
Fax: 62--
Mobile Number: 62-0-

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