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Product Name: Crude Jatropha Oil
Model: 1
Company: Wahum Edible Oils Sdn Bhd
Posted on: 15 Nov 2016
Expired on: 15 Mar 2025

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Oil that is produced from the seeds of jatropha plant that grows in all the common and marginal lands is called as Jatropha oil. The species of plant that is used for oil extraction is known as Jatropha Curcas. Since jatropha crucas is very toxic they are not consumed by humans and other living things. The main goal of cultivating jatropha all over the world is to extract oil from the seeds which is used as an alternative energy source. Jatropha oil extraction methods have also gained the same importance like jatropha cultivation. Since the oil extracted from jatropha seeds is the primary source for bio-fuel, the process of extraction methods have also become significant. The oil extracted from the seeds is processed to prepare high quality bio-fuel an alternative source that can be used in diesel car. While the residue that remains after extracting oil is also processed and used a biomass feedstock to produce electricity and is also used as a fertilizer. Jatropha oil is non edible and is also poisonous. Jatropha has to be made with two process to get a better yield of 92% otherwise a yield of less the 85% only will be got.
Quantity: 100000 MT
Price: $400 USD
Packaging: Flexi Tank
Location: Malaysia
Minimum Order: 100MT
Price for Minimum Order: $400 USD
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