Currency Exchange Rates In Saudi Arabia - The purpose of this is to keep inform currency exchange rates in Saudi Arabia. This page refers to the currency exchange rates in Saudi Arabia and shows the 1$ USD dollar is equal to Saudi Arabian Riyal SAR (Buying 3.7535 & Selling 3.6554) and different currencies. Moreover, all the major currencies are updated on time on this page. Find live currency exchange rates in Saudi Arabia SAR. Also find fresh and updated converted value of USD$ in various currency values.

How to invest in forex in soudi Arabia
Hussnain Thu 20 Jul, 2017

I need daily exchange rates of Saudi rayal as will as pak rr up pies.
Romman Mon 30 Jan, 2017

I am working in an outlet in Riadh, this is a capital city of saudi arabia but my whole family are settled in pakistan for this i calculate the currency rate in saudi arabia for weekly basis. This site really helps me for this purpose.
hamza Tue 14 Oct, 2014

I am glad to discuss here that, all the international currecies rates are converted into Saudi Arabian Rilas SAR, it is easy to understand how the other currency is equal to Saudi Riyals. Thanks PakBiz for this kind of work.
Abu Faiq - Riyadh Thu 07 Aug, 2014

This website is far better than other sources that are facilitating us in the same way. I have been searching other website but unsatisfactory results. Now i am satisfied with this page because here pakbiz providing us many other facilities. I found currency converter also on other pages
Abdul Ahad Tue 07 Jan, 2014

I love to visit, it is very informative website for such a fresh updates of currency rate, gold rates and international energy prices. I have been facing problem when I converted Saudi Arabian Riyals into some major international currencies, but I glad to say that, not any more because solve this for me and I sure for others as well. Thanks for this convenience.
Farhan Ahmad Tue 17 Dec, 2013