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Gold Rates United Kingdom (Converted from International Rate)
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The recent changing in the gold rates is available there in this website you can find out the authentic information about the gold rates of any country in this website
aRSAHD Tue 11 Jul, 2017

Will you please tell me that why there is sudden decrease in the price of gold in United Kingdom whereas no such change has been seen in any other country of this world?
Aroosha Mon 22 May, 2017

A change of price in gold (London bullion market) in 2014 of 0.60% would have lead to a 2.2% in the earnings, if production and costs were constant over the period. This higher multiplier has a higher operating leverage in earnings. But ABX decreased production by 13% in 2014 and all-in sustaining cash costs per ounce, along with a higher average grade of proven reserves, 1.63 g Au/t in 2014 (1.41, 1.39 and 1.41 g Au/t respectively in 2013, 2012 and 2011).
John Wright Thu 11 Feb, 2016

Hi everybody, I was tryin to find international spot prices gold rates of 24K/Ounce in US$ dollar and its converted rates into British Pound. I just found it here. It is very good platform for discussing the gold and silver current sitauation and future planing. Thanks PakBiz
James Blake Fri 08 Aug, 2014

Can any body give me the idea about the investment of gold? I want to know that which is the right month to invest and to sale as a business point of view? I recently start this part time business but i dont have much information about that, give me an opportunity to learn it.
aslam shah Thu 26 Jun, 2014

Please add email alert service for your daily visitors to get latest updates about Gold and other rates such as Forex rates and Index rates. it will become more easy and convenient for visitors through out the world.
Ehtisham Thu 23 Jan, 2014

I also need technical analysis of Gold because right I observe many calculated risks in online trading of a gold. What will happened after the next meeting and further more. @Pakbiz Please send me daily gold rates Gold 24K/Ounce, 22K/10gm and British Pound Sterling converted rates. Thanks for cooperation.
Muhammad Ahsan Alam Mon 21 Oct, 2013

Please send me daily gold prices / rates (Gold Bullion Rates) of United Kingdom in International and converted gold rates in British Pound (£). It seems to me that Gold Prices will further down. It has been observed that, since 15 days Gold Rates are almost fix between Us$ 1300 to 1350 / Ounce. Last meeting of FOMC was helpful to understand gold prices situation. I want to have some more technical analysis and experts advice about Gold Rates. Thanks @Pakbiz
Imran Ahmad Malik Wed 09 Oct, 2013

Please keep me update of gold rates of United Kingdom. Because I am doing online business of gold it is good for me to know that.
Sohail Sat 31 Aug, 2013

I like it, when gold prices is going down, any way i like this website too, because it is updated me on time in international gold rates and in UK pound..Please update me daily..Mr. Blake London
Blake Tue 16 Jul, 2013

Carat Gold price per gram in U.S Dollar (USD) 24K Gram 52.96 USD 22K Gram 48.57 USD 21K Gram 46.34 USD 18K Gram 39.72 USD 14K Gram 30.88 USD 10K Gram 22.09 USD
Alex Tue 08 Jan, 2013

Gold turned defensive on Thursday, as relief over the last minute fiscal cliff deal waned, prompting corrective pressures. Stocks eased as well as the dollar rebounded on tempered risk appetite. While much of yesterday's strong gains in the yellow metal were retraced, action remains confined to Wednesday's range.
Jimmy Tue 08 Jan, 2013

What will be the maximum highest price of gold in next 2 or 3 months??
Blak Tue 08 Jan, 2013

I wish to receive the updated price of gold rates United Kingdom @ my email. Thanks.....
Sean Tue 08 Jan, 2013

Please suggest me for the investment in Gold and silver or stock market, I am really worried about their rates and time of investment. I do not have any idea about market condition.
Usman Tahir Thu 22 Nov, 2012

Can u please give me the daily gold and silver rates on my cell no.
Kashif Wed 17 Oct, 2012

Should I invest to purchase the gold if it is expected to raise the rate in coming month
Nasir Fri 05 Oct, 2012