Currency Exchange Rates in America Today - This is a dedicated page of currency rates in America/ USA. This page refers to the currency exchange rates in America/USA and shows the 1$ USD dollar is equal to the other different currencies. Moreover, all the major currencies are updated on time on this page. Find live currency exchange rates in America/USA. Also find fresh and updated converted value of USD$ in various currency values.

Assalam o Alayeekum : I am from Pakistan. Happy Eid and 14th August to all Muslims and Pakistanis. I would like receive daily open market rates of different major currencies converted into USD $ Dollar. Thanks
Ali Noman - Texas Fri 08 Aug, 2014

I want to bookmark this website specially for the exchange rates because they update time to time and there is a verity of currencies shown at a time. I thanks to developers for such a great idea you have had helped many people around the world.Keep helping us
Adnan Adeel Tue 07 Jan, 2014

Wow ! ! ! Amazing effort by the, and I appreciate it, all the currencies are in US $ dollar, simply converted in USA currency. It is very useful for many persons who need such a fresh updates. Thanks once again for sharing and reduce are confusion regarding currency updates.
Ilyas - California Tue 17 Dec, 2013