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Currency Converter in Pakistan

Currency Converter or Currency Calculator in Pakistan - A currency converter or calculator is a software that is designed to convert one currency into another in order to check its value. makes it easy to every visitors of website who wants to convert Pakistan open market currency, interbank currency exchange rates, and international currency exchange rates into desired foreign currency. Read more

28 Jul, 2014 Currency Converter in Pakistan - Currency Converter converts your currency with any currency of the World. US Dollar to Pak Rupee, Euro to USD, Riyal to Pound, Australian dollar, Pound, Kuwaiti dinar, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee and other all major world currencies. Here you can calculate accurate up to date currency and foreign exchange rates with buying and selling options.

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I like your tool currency coverter Pakistan, it is working fine and I always use this calculator for foreign exchange conversion rates.
Babar Mon 28 Jul, 2014

It is simple and easy to use Currency Calculator in Pakistan. I use this calculator mostly for US dollar and and UAE Dirham and Saudi Riyals conversion rates in Pakistan.
Waqar Wed 23 Jul, 2014

It is good to know that, provide both currency exchange rates and its calculator as well. I like Currency Exchange Calculator or Currency Converter.
ehtesham Tue 08 Jul, 2014

It is working fine, glad to find here currency calculators, I keep visiting for financial daily updates. Thanks for your services
Kamal Thu 03 Jul, 2014

Plz sir muy
ranjeet kumar Wed 02 Jul, 2014

I was searching on Google Currency Converter in Pakistan, resultant find your page, the currency calculator is working fine. I used here currency converter usd to pkr find result accurately. Moreover, I want to found here like; currency converter formula, currency converter in Pakistan, currency converter in Pakistan, currency converter in Pakistan, currency converter Pakistan to Dubai. Thanks
Faisal Wed 25 Jun, 2014

The Currency Exchange Calculator of is ok, I usually use this calculator to find accurate prices of current foreign exchange rates. Keep It Up !!!
Khalid Mon 16 Jun, 2014

It is very good website ( for getting fresh and authentic updates of all these. Thanks Hamid
Hamid Thu 29 May, 2014

Good Converter, I usually use this currency calculator / Converter.
Asif Sat 19 Apr, 2014

I like this website it is full of information which I usually required, last day I need to know the converted value of some foreign currencies like British Pound, Euro, UAE Dirham, Saudi Riyal, US$ Dollar, Australian Dollar into Pakistan rupees, the currency converter or currency calculator on this website helps me a lot and I save my time. Thanks for sharing such a nice information through this platform.
Shah Nawaz Mon 03 Mar, 2014

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