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PSX - Pakistan Stock Exchange

30 Apr, 2017 Live PSX - Pakistan Stock Exchange - Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) continued its record-breaking upward trajectory. PSX receives overwhelming. response to its invitation for EoIs PSX has received an overwhelming feedback from foreign as well as local investors in response to its invitation for Expression of Interests (EOIs) for acquiring equity stake in PSX. Divestment Committee of PSX, constituted by SECP towards the end of Feb 2016 in pursuance of provisions of Stock Exchanges (Corporatization, Demutualization and Integration) Regulations, 2012, was mandated to oversee and complete the process for divestment of PSX’s 40% equity stake to local and/or international investors. The whole or part of the said stake is proposed to be transferred either to a strategic investor or alternatively, a minimum of 25% equity stake may also be sold to a financial investor which opts to act as an anchor investor while the remaining part of the stake, if any, would go to other selected financial institutions where, a single financial institution is allowed to acquire up to 5% of the stake.

Integration of stock exchange - Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) with reference to the schemes of integration between the Karachi Stock Exchange Limited (KSE) and Lahore Stock Exchange Limited (LSE), and KSE and Islamabad Stock Exchange Limited (ISE) submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under section 17 of the Stock Exchanges (Corporatization, Demutualization and Integration) Act, 2012 (the "Act") read with regulation 11 of the Stock Exchanges (Corporatization, Demutualization and Integration) Regulations, 2012. Read more
 PSX Market Summary  PSX Trade Screen

PSX Stock Exchange - (Formerly KSE) PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange, on January 11, 2016, the three stock exchange of Pakistan will converge to wind up the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). There are 555 organizations recorded on these trades with an aggregate business sector capitalization of $67 billion in a matter of seconds. The financial specialists on the trades incorporate 1,886 remote institutional speculators and 883 local institutional financial specialists alongside around 0.22 million retail speculators. There are additionally around 400 financier houses which are individuals from the three stock trades and also 21 resource administration organizations. As an amalgamation of all these significant properties, the PSX speaks to a quantum jump forward for the nation's capital business sector.

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The Pakistan Stock Exchange 100-index gained more than 1,200 point soon after the Panama Papers verdict was declared by the Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday. Earlier, the Pakistan Stock Exchange climbed more than 300 points as financial institutions and some of the mutual funds took fresh positions in leading stocks. Similar to Wednesday, though the heat was bit less, the index opened on a negative note and slipped by 230 points, however, the fund houses placed fresh position in leading stocks lifting the index, surging by 320 points.
Tasneem Fri 21 Apr, 2017

Subsequent to the sale of 40 percent shares of brokers of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), previously lying in a blocked account, to a Chinese consortium, PSX has initiated disbursement from proceeds of this sale to affected investors who had outstanding complaints against defaulter brokers.
Fakhar Sat 18 Mar, 2017

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kamran Wed 18 Jan, 2017

The outgoing week ended with a major development in Pakistan’s equity market as a consortium of three major Chinese Stock Exchanges (China Financial Futures Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange) winning the bid to acquire 40 percent stake in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) at a price of $212 million. Whilst the news did little to stir equity prices in the trading session following the announcement, this marked the start of a new chapter in Pakistan’s equity market as strategic sale is expected to open new doors of growth opportunities going forward. In terms of performance, benchmark KSE-100 index ended flat on a WoW basis at 46,634pts as foreign investors continued to offload positions at high levels ($46 million) net selling recorded during the week).
Faizan Mon 26 Dec, 2016

Profit-taking continued at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Friday with the benchmark shares index closing down by around 66 points and concluding at 46,634 points. Lackluster activity prevailed in the market as the index traded between an intraday high of 127 points and intraday low of 257 points to finally close at 46,634 level. NCL (up 0.68 percent) in the textile sector continued its positive momentum on the back of textile exports numbers released by PBS, which showed YoY growth of 47.8 percent in cotton yarn export for Nov-2016. STCL (rose 3.47 percent) and CEPB (4.79 percent) gained to close in the green zone on the back of the news that NTC will resume its proceedings following LHC’s order against commercial importers of tiles and paper that practice antidumping in the country.
Zeeshan Fri 23 Dec, 2016

Profit-taking halted upward journey of PSX on Wednesday pushing share in red zone. HUBC, LUCK and UBL contributed 114 points to the fall in index. Range bound activity was witnessed at market opening, which was followed by hefty selling as the index lost to make an intraday low of 865 points. Recovery was seen in the market during the latter hours, as the index recovered to close at 46,993 point, declining 217 points or (0.46%), dealers said. Profit taking was witnessed in the Banking sector as the sector closed (down 0.83%) lower than its previous day close. UBL (lower 1.41%) and AKBL (2.47%) were major losers of the aforementioned sector. Despite selling pressure in the market there was nominal decline in the E&P sector only, as the crude oil prices surged to trade above $53.50/bl level. PPL (slump 0.62%) in the aforementioned sector declined slightly to close in the red zone. NCL (rose 1.15%) gained as numbers released by PBS showed growth in textile export of around 9.71% YoY to $1.05 billion. Cotton yarn export (47.8% YoY) contribu
Farhat Thu 22 Dec, 2016

Stocks continued their northbound journey in a volatile session on Wednesday, helped by the heavyweight banking and oil sectors. The benchmark KSE-100 index gained 327 points, or 0.7 per cent, to close at 46,185 points, setting a new record high. Overall, the volume of shares traded on Wednesday fell 6pc to 361 million while the value decreased 14pc to Rs19 billion. Foreigners made hefty selling for the second day amounting to $10.9m, which was absorbed by the local financial institutions and mutual funds. Habib Bank was up 1.82pc while Pakistan Petroleum and Pakistan Oilfields hit their upper circuits. Cumulatively, the three stocks added 190.7 points to the index. According to analysts at Intermarket Securities, the day started amid profit-taking in cements, banks, oil and gas, fertilisers, steel, glass and textile. The selling converted into a mini sell-off with leveraged holders dumping positions to bring the index down by 255.25 points.
Nadeem Thu 15 Dec, 2016

Pakistan Stocks Exchange (PSX) continued its upward trajectory on Wednesday. The 100-share index closed at fresh record high of 46,185 points after gaining 327 points. E&P sector was major index mover, as it extended its previous day’s gains to close 2.8% higher. This gain was on the back of crude oil prices as they traded comfortably above $52/bbl, on the back of major oil producing countries’ decision to limit their production going forward in their meeting in Vienna last weekend. HBL, PPL and POL led the index by contributing 250 points to the gain, stated analyst Nabeel Haroon at JS Global.
Inam Thu 15 Dec, 2016

Pakistan’s main bourse is to sell a 40 per cent stake next week, a company official said on Friday, citing Chinese and British consortia as among the prospective buyers. At least 17 entities have expressed an interest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), whose benchmark stock index was one of the best performing indices worldwide in 2016, gaining 38 per cent so far. More than 300 Pakistani brokers currently own the PSX. We are opening bidding for the 40 per cent share of the PSX on Dec 15,” said Shahzad Chamdia, chief of a PSX divestment committee.
Farhan Fri 09 Dec, 2016

Volatility prevailed in the market as the index traded between an intraday high of 346 points and intraday low of 92 points to finally close at its new high of 44,495 by rallying 295points (0.67%), dealers said. This volatility was on the back of high profile case hearing in the Supreme Court. Cement sector continued its previous day momentum, as the sector gained to close 2.50 percent higher than its previous day close. This gain was on the back of cement dispatch numbers released by APCMA which showed a YoY growth of 11 percent for the month of November 2016. MLCF (+1.12) and LUCK (+4.0%) were top performers of the aforementioned sector. ICI (+4.72%) gained, as the company on Wednesday informed that it is considering potential acquisition in relation to its Life Science Business Portfolio.
Iqbal Thu 08 Dec, 2016

Pakistan Stock Exchange witnessed another bearish session on Tuesday as continuous foreigner outflows and political uncertainty forced stock investors to trim their positions. The 100-share index lost 233.32 points and closed at 42292.67 points. Pressure was seen in heavy-weight stocks such as UBL, HBL and HUBC which contributed 83 points to the fall in index. INDU (down 2.07%) in the automobile sector continued its downward trajectory on the back of monthly auto sales number released by PAMA, which indicated a 26% YoY decline in the sales number for the month of Oct-2016. SNGPL (down 1.28%) extended its previous day’s loss, after government’s decision of no increase in gas prices was announced.
Nusrat Wed 16 Nov, 2016

The three top traded companies were K-Electric Ltd. with a volume of 14,702,000 and price per share of 9.11 (0.02), P.I.A.C.(A) with a volume 7,351,500 of price per share of 9.58 (0.10), Dewan Motors with a volume 6,519,000 of price per share of 41.23 (0.90).
Aamir Tue 25 Oct, 2016

Bearish sentiments prevailed at Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday as the 100-share index lost 181. 59 points (0. 44%). Index opened on a positive note but came under selling pressure during the latter hours as rising political tensions started to suppress the bulls. The index ultimately lost 181 points to close at 41,282. 72 points level, dealers said. ATLH (3. 24%) gained on the back of the news that motorcycle assembler is planning to increase its product line with an investment of around $150m. However, E&P sector lost value to close in the red zone, as crude prices declined post release of US oil rigs and global production data. BOP was volume leader with 49m shares traded which, after initially touching an intraday high of Rs16. 98, lost -5. 71% to close below its opening levels, stated analyst Nabeel Haroon
Fahim Tue 18 Oct, 2016

Positive sentiments prevailed at the stock market on the last trading day before the Ashura public holidays. The 100-share index gained 203. 49 points (0. 49%) to close at 41,403. 97 points. Investors’ interest was seen in the textile sector on the back of the news that federal government is expected to announce an incentives package for exporters. This package among other incentives will consist of rebate on exports and removal of regulatory duty on industrial inputs used in production. NML (up 3. 86%) and NCL (4. 39%) were top performers of the aforementioned sector. SNGPL (up 4. 56%) gained as OGRA approved increase in gas tariff, where the summary has been forwarded to Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, stated analyst Nabeel Haroon. Volumes decreased by 21. 4% to 363m shares, while value decreased by 16% to Rs12. 0b/$115m. BOP was volume leader with 33m shares traded, where the banking company gained to close on its upper circuit. PSO, SHEL, HASCOL and HTL gained between 1%-5% on the back of better sales on YoY basis. SNGPL once again remained in limelight as OGRA suggested gas prices increase. Stock gained 4. 26%. Interest was also seen in other small banks such BAHL, AKBL and FABL which gained 4. 3%, 5% and 4. 9%, brokers said.
Shahid Thu 13 Oct, 2016

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