25 Jun, 2018 PSX Trade Screen Live - President Mamnoon Hussain says foreign investors are showing keen interest in making investments in Pakistan due to government's prudent economic policies. He was talking to a delegation of Pakistan Stock Exchange in Islamabad. The President called upon foreign investors to benefit from the liberal investment policy... Read More

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PSX Trade Screen Board - (Formerly KSE) PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange (psx.com.pk), Live trade screen board shows all share updates and screen board for all related information.

Dost steel our byco ka kia karain.
mshoaib Wed 06 Jun, 2018

Long list of companies here, How i can make specific list of companies to see live trading??? Can anyone help...
Yasir Wed 04 Apr, 2018

During the year 1994 to 2003 I have purchased 27,000 shares of NIB Now the mian Mansh have Merged in MCB and alloted only 187 shares. I astonished that SEC department have not taken any action. SEC have not aanouced the assets o NIB -2). simerly LTV, Tri Star Shipping, Kohinoor Looms, these companies have de listed. I have these shares of no vale. What action have taken by SEC management and SEC.
Shamshad Baig Mirza Tue 20 Mar, 2018

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soha Sat 24 Feb, 2018

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hashim Sat 24 Feb, 2018

Can any experienced candidate of KSE guide me about what is the best way to purchase the shares of Aisha Steel Mill and what will be the best time?
bilal Tue 20 Feb, 2018

This PSX Trade Screen Live is very easy to check the status of your shares because here the top market companies shares are available which are hot in market, it is also highlighted with red green.
zahid Tue 20 Feb, 2018

PakBiz KSE Trade Screen page helps me to check the updates of market condition on daily basis. Currently I am also concerning about currency rates page of PakBiz.
imran Sun 18 Feb, 2018

PakBiz PSX Trade Screen page helps me to check the updates of market condition on daily basis. Currently I am also concerning about currency rates page of PakBiz.
tariq Sun 18 Feb, 2018

For those who are interesting to invest in Stock Exchange, this PSX is the major page where he get the information about market index and the companies share. I always browse PakBiz PSX page.
rehan Thu 15 Feb, 2018

After a long time I can see the share face of Aisha Steel Mill in negative in this KSE trade screen, this KSE is a great source for the investors of stock market.
shujah Tue 09 Jan, 2018

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Ajmal Wed 27 Dec, 2017

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Taha Wed 27 Dec, 2017

In the live screen of KSE Trade I am focusing on Dewan Cement in which I have shares. Obviously this screen I remain open sometimes to check the current updates of Stock market.
rameez Fri 15 Dec, 2017

To check the current statistics of Fauji Foods Ltd. I always open the page of Pakbiz PSX Trade Screen where all the changes are clearly mention with highlighted. Currently it shows that the position of my share is stable.
raja Fri 15 Dec, 2017

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hassan Mon 11 Dec, 2017

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danial Mon 11 Dec, 2017

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Warda Sat 09 Dec, 2017

Giving you a bird's eye view about the live updates and related information about key performers of the stock exchange is only possible with PSX Trade Screen
Raheel Sat 09 Dec, 2017

Thanking you to share the KSE Trade Screen Live where I can check the complete fluctuation and changes of any share, I have different shares but currently I am focusing on Aisha Steel Mill.
tahir Sat 09 Dec, 2017