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Gold & Silver Rates in Pakistan

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27 Jun, 2016 Gold Rate in Pakistan - China Goes Prospecting for World’s Gold Mines. Hunt by Chinese companies for overseas deals could make China an even bigger player in the global gold market. China is the world’s largest gold consumer and producer, but few Chinese companies have gone abroad to buy mines. Above, prospectors work at the open-pit Djoubissi gold mine, Central African Republic. Though gold prices have risen by more than 16% since hitting a six-year low in December, the metal has still been trading close to levels last seen in 2010, in a range of roughly $1,220 to $1,240 a troy ounce. China is the world’s largest gold consumer and producer, but only a few Chinese companies, such as Zijin Mining Group Co., have ventured abroad to buy mines, unlike their counterparts in industrial metals. Find live international gold bullion rates and its accurate converted prices in Pakistani rupees with different carats such as; 24K/Tola, 24K/10gm and 22K/Tola and 22K/10gm respectively. Also the association of Karachi Saraf Jeweler is manage and set gold rates for local market of Karachi, gold rates from Karachi Saraf Jewelers association are available in carat 24K/Tola, 24/10gm, and carat 22K/Tola, 22K/10gm and silver per 10/gm rates for different cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpinidi on daily basis. is a platform where thousands of visitors reach this website and get authentic and real time updated gold rates data, and also provides free gold prices SMS alerts on mobile phone for every gold subscriber through Twitter (pakbizgold). Read more
International Gold Rates:
 Gold 24K / Ounce
(26 Jun, 2016 05:22:37)

Gold Rates Pakistan

(Converted from International Rate)
(Update and associate with international Gold trading)
Karachi [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] Rs. 45,345.88
Karachi [Gold 24K per Tola]

Rs. 52,835.30

Karachi [Gold 22K per 10 Grams] Rs. 41,567.06
Karachi [Gold 22K per Tola]

Rs. 48,432.36

Pakistan Gold Rates (by: Karachi Saraf Jewelers Association)
 [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] Rs. 41,742.00
 [Gold 24K per Tola]

Rs. 48,700.00

 [Gold 22K per 10 Grams]

Rs. 38,264.00

 [Gold 22K per Tola]

Rs. 44,641.67

 [Silver per 10 Grams]

Rs. 548.57

Last Updated: Friday 24,Jun,2016 (Source:Karachi Saraf)

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Gold and Silver Rates in Pakistan

City Gold Silver
  24K 10 Grams 24K Per Tola 22K 10 Grams  10 Grams
Karachi Rs. 41,742.00 Rs. 48,700.00 Rs. 38,264.00 Rs. 548.57
Hyderabad Rs. 41,742.00 Rs. 48,700.00 Rs. 38,264.00 Rs. 548.57
Lahore Rs. 41,742.00 Rs. 48,700.00 Rs. 38,264.00 Rs. 548.57
Multan Rs. 41,742.00 Rs. 48,700.00 Rs. 38,264.00 Rs. 548.57
Islamabad Rs. 41,742.00 Rs. 48,700.00 Rs. 38,264.00 Rs. 548.57
Faisalabad Rs. 41,742.00 Rs. 48,700.00 Rs. 38,264.00 Rs. 548.57
Rawalpindi Rs. 41,742.00 Rs. 48,700.00 Rs. 38,264.00 Rs. 548.57
Quetta Rs. 41,742.00 Rs. 48,700.00 Rs. 38,264.00 Rs. 548.57
Last Updated: Friday 24,Jun,2016 (Source: Karachi Saraf Jewellers Association)

Gold Rate in Pakistan - is now become one of top gold and silver rates service provider in Pakistan. There are thousands of visitors visit daily for live gold bullion rates of 24K/Ounce US$ and its converted gold spot prices in different carats such as; 24K/Tola, 24K/10gm, 22K/Tola, 22K/10gm.

International Gold Rates 24/7

Individuals and investors of gold trading can find fresh and updated international spot price of 24K ( 24 Carat Pure Gold 99.99%) in US$, and its converted price in Pakistani rupees with different carats, such as; 24K/Tola, 24K/10gm, 22K/Tola, 22K/10gm.

Gold Rates - Karachi Saraf Jewelers

 Associations also provides gold and silver opening/closing rates issued by Karachi Saraf Jewelers Associations. All updates by KSJA updated on after 5 Pm every day for Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Quetta, Hyderabad, Multan, Faislabad, Sialkot, Rawalpindi.

Gold Rates - Technical Analysis By Experts

This is a dedicated page of gold rates where visitors give feedbacks and experts of gold also join this platform and share technical analysis and gold market situation.

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 Gold Rates Comments 
Again again again this week is very important for gold. But INSHA ALLAH gold will go towards bullish trend.
Muhammad Ali (Analyst) Tue 11 Sep, 2012

Muhammad Ali (Analyst) we like your comments we need your sell phone number to clear my some question.plzzzzzzzzz.oh you call me 03336936075
shadab ali Tue 11 Sep, 2012

markets updates as predicted earlier about markets buying sentiment the market is still having same sentiment. gold market is at 1730 $ per ounce ,silver 33.95 $ and oil at 96.50$ per berl . FOMC meeting on thursday and friday big new related QE3 Expected. gold upto in few days 1800 $ t0 1840$ Expected.
asim Tue 11 Sep, 2012

minaan Ali bhai silver itna up nai hota or common investaer ko is me profit bi na hony k brabr hota hy 1700/tola is already too much costly it takes years to get frofit of hundreds
tahira imran Tue 11 Sep, 2012

any information related gold business contact 03459458245
RAHAT Tue 11 Sep, 2012

I want 2 buy gold locket 4 my wife waited upto 2 tola.if want 2 sell thn cal me plz .m fr0m me on my phon number # 0334-4785400
Ubaid. Tue 11 Sep, 2012

Brother, can i have update on gold trend, will it rise agian or remain decline ...
Uzma Tue 11 Sep, 2012

Hamdaan jewellers Mon 10 Sep, 2012

hello any one can tell me that gold purchasing now is better or not.what is the trend of gold rates in future.
Zubair Qureshi. Mon 10 Sep, 2012

This week is very important for the the gold prices. But i think Gold will go up and may reach $1800 to $1840 in this week depending on the FED.
Muhammad Ali (Analyst) Mon 10 Sep, 2012

Gold rates decrease so frns dnt tak any tenshn bcz gold kch dar k lye down jae ga mgr zada nai
pulpul Mon 10 Sep, 2012

saadia madam one ounce is equal to 2.62 tolas if we have find how much tolas in 5 ounce then calculation is 2.62x5=13.1 tolas.
haris sheikh Mon 10 Sep, 2012

Koi mughy gold ka rate daily send kar deya kary ma nay apna gold sale karna ha.03347348506.
Maha noor Mon 10 Sep, 2012

Sir Ian feel very good because your result gold prices is ful acurate in Pakistan rupes.
Saeed Mon 10 Sep, 2012

i want to sell gold jewellery, any one interested please contact me urgently on this no. 0333-5769915 1. Set of 43.02 grams 2. Set of 17.570 grams 3. Bangles of 59.93 grams Islamabad
Bukhari Mon 10 Sep, 2012

abi market ka low 1727 hi jo k 1731 se down aya hi im Usman Mirza 03007832845 ya aur down sid pe hi
Usman Mirza Mon 10 Sep, 2012

AoA, I am Asif Asghar from Multan it is requested to you that Plese Message me Silver rate on my Cell#0336-2557334 on daily basis. Thanks.
Asif Asghar Mon 10 Sep, 2012

plz muje silver gold ka rates btae
pawan kumar Mon 10 Sep, 2012

Gold Adviser Mon 10 Sep, 2012

11.664 gram per tola
Sheraz Mon 10 Sep, 2012

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