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Pakistan Inter Bank Forex Rates

[13 Feb, 2016]
13 Feb, 2016 Interbank Currency Exchange Rate in Pakistan - Find US$ dollar interbank rate in Pakistan today, provides authentic and accurate converted value of interbank US$ dollar rates in Pakistan. The following interbank currency exchange table shows currency buying TT clean and selling TT and OD and buying OD/T.CHQ. The purpose of this is to keep inform every users by fresh changes in interbank currency exchange rates and all the major currencies rates are converted into Pakistani rupees as well. Get the real time exchange value of some main currencies like USD $ Dollar Rates, (€ -EUR) Euro Rates, (£-GBP) British Pound Rates, (AED) UAE Dirham Rates, (Riyal – SAR) Saudi Riyal Rates in Pakistan. Interbank rates are the rate of interest charged on short-term loans made between banks. Banks borrow and lend money in the interbank market in order to manage liquidity and meet the requirements placed on them. Read more
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Currency Symbol Buying TT Clean Selling TT & OD Buying OD/T.CHQ
 US Dollar USD 104.6 104.8 104.39
 UK Pound Sterling GBP 151.35 151.64 151.04
 Euro EUR 118.19 118.41 117.94
 Canadian Dollar CAD 75.28 75.43 75.09
 Swiss Franc CHF 107.33 107.53 107.04
 Australian Dollar AUD 74.5 74.64 74.3
 Swedish Korona SEK 12.48 12.51 12.45
 Japanese Yen JPY 0.9267 0.9285 0.9243
 Norwegian Krone NOK 12.21 12.24 12.18
 Singapore Dollar SGD 74.93 75.07 74.73
 Danish Krone DKK 15.83 15.86 15.79
 Saudi Riyal SAR 27.89 27.94 27.82
 Hong Kong Dollar HKD 13.43 13.45 13.39
 Chinese Yuan CNY 15.91 15.94 15.87
 Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 350.83 351.5 349.91
 Malaysian Ringgit MYR 25.11 25.16 25.05
 New Zealand Dollar NZD 69.91 70.05 69.73
 Qatar Rial QAR 28.73 28.78 28.65
 U.A.E Dirham AED 28.48 28.53 28.4
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Interbank Exchange Rate in Pakistan - You can find live and accurate interbank rate in Pakistan on The rate of interest charged on short-term loans made between banks. Banks borrow and lend money in the interbank market in order to manage liquidity and meet the requirements placed on them. The interest rate charged depends on the availability of money in the market, on prevailing rates and on the specific terms of the contract, such as term length. The interbank market is an important segment of the foreign exchange market. It is a wholesale market through which most currency transactions are channeled. It is mainly used for trading among bankers. provides interbank market top level of foreign exchanges currencies like US Dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling. Find daily fresh and up to date interbank rates in Pakistan on

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Lloyds Bank Sun 22 Nov, 2015

I have some dollar. agent tell me the rate Rs.105.20 on 4th Nov. When I hand over the dollar,he said there is scratch line in the middle, so I will give you 102 rate. Why this difference? From where I can get full rate for conversion.
Qamar Thu 05 Nov, 2015

You can check Pak inter bank rates from here
Imran520 Mon 14 Sep, 2015

the service is very good and the information for exchangers are valuable thanks to all team in interbank
Yacooq Ameen Wed 09 Sep, 2015

SBP downplays rupee’s depreciation. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said on Tuesday that the recent developments on the exchange rate regime do not pose any serious challenge to the economy as “this positioning is driven by international currency movements and not due to any weakness in the domestic economy.
Saira Shahid Tue 08 Sep, 2015

PCJCCI for devaluing currency to control diminishing exports. Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) President Shah Faisal Afridi said here Wednesday that Pakistan has to devalue its currency emulating Chinese strategy to control diminishing exports. While commenting on the current Yuan devaluation policy of China, he said that other strategies such as policy rate cuts and interest rate relaxations in Pakistan have not helped exporters because government borrowings and reliance on banks have always dominated the lending scene. He regarded currency devaluation indicated by China as valiant step in its move to a more market-determined exchange rate. "The relationship between the real exchange and the level of output is an essential and hot issue for economic growth," said Afridi. For the improvement of international trade devaluation of currency is considered a key tool for the development of economy.
Yasmeen Mirza Mon 24 Aug, 2015

It is a bit dangerous and risky when governments start reading only one side of the equation while ignoring the other side that does not suit them. Today we see such a risk being assumed by the Pak government when they talk about: a stable Pak Rupee, but not about the declining exports; higher foreign exchange reserves, but not about the corresponding or perhaps a higher growth in national debt; new generation projects like the Metro, Orange Line, etc, but not about the failing public delivery standards in education and health; and last but not the least, about its services to democracy, but not a word about its inability to assemble a competent economic team. I have time and again maintained that while it is heartening to note the recent confidence being posed in our economy by important international lenders like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), and others, and by rating agencies such as the Moody’s and Standard and Poor (S&P), but unless we can correct the underlying malaise - by now deeply embedded in our economic system - real and sustainable economic progress (small or large) may not be forthcoming. As is quite obvious by now, the recent external credit principally received from the IMF, the WB and the ADB, has failed to revitalise the economy. What Pakistan today needs is a realistic level of devaluation, both in its currency and in the price-level of its exportable surplus. Trying to lower prices and wages in absolute terms (for example, by slashing wages) would be very difficult, as it would inflict a lot of pain on the working class where already savings’ margin is non-existent.
Rasheed Gondal Wed 19 Aug, 2015

Eighth review of Extended Fund Facility: Pakistan, IMF to meet next week. Amid increasing chances for a move to bi-annual reviews – that would give more time to policymakers to deliver results under the $6.6-billion bailout programme – Pakistan and International Monetary Fund (IMF) will meet next week to hold negotiations for the release of the next loan tranche. The meetings will be held in Dubai from July 29 to August 6 to review progress on the targets agreed for the April-June period and discuss the advancement on conditions set for July-September, said a senior official of the Ministry of Finance.
Shahzad Anwar Mon 03 Aug, 2015

Pakistan gets $336m in Coalition Support Fund, foreign reserves climb to $19bn. Pakistan on Tuesday received some $336 million from the United States for its ongoing role in combating a Taliban insurgency in neighbouring Afghanistan. Th injection of cash, which comes as the Taliban steps up its annual summer offensive launched in late April, has helped Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves reach a fresh high of about $19 billion, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) officials said. Regular payments to Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) programme began in 2001 when Pakistan joined the US-led coalition in Afghanistan as a “front-line ally”.
Mahmood Nawab Wed 29 Jul, 2015

In which country the currency of EURO is now available? It is also the famous and the oldest currency which have much demand in the rupees, look at the value of it.
Ahmer Saeed Mon 27 Jul, 2015

In which country the currency of EURO is now available? It is also the famous and the oldest currency which have much demand in the rupees, look at the value of it.
Aliya Sat 25 Jul, 2015

INTER-BANK MARKET RATES: On Monday, the rupee drifted lower slightly against the dollar for buying and selling at Rs 101.80 and Rs 101.82. On Tuesday, the rupee slipped by two paisas against the dollar for buying at Rs 101.82 and it also shed one paisa for selling at Rs 101.83. On Wednesday, thee rupee gained four paisas against the dollar for buying at Rs 101.78 and Rs 101.80. On Thursday, the rupee depicted no change against the dollar for buying and selling at Rs 101.78 and Rs 101.80. On Friday, the rupee almost held the overnight levels against the dollar for buying and selling at Rs 101.78 and Rs 101.79.
Ahmed Ali Mon 29 Jun, 2015

I want to just confirm about your Interbank US$ dollar rates updates, is it real time update or based on daily basis? I need interbank currency exchange rates of US$ dollar rates real time updates. Your response highly appreciated. Thanks
Muneer Baig Tue 16 Jun, 2015

Can I get interbank US$ Dollar rates on daily basis on my mobile phone? Actually, I need to know every updates of US$ Dollar either open market currency rates or interbank US$ Dollar rates. I would be appreciate it, for your services, it is awesome.
Saleem Bin Jaffar Tue 09 Jun, 2015

Pakistan’s “macroeconomic picture is improving” steadily and the country’s GDP is projected to grow by 4.3 percent this year with further expansion in growth expected next year and in the medium-term, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Tuesday. The real GDP is projected to grow by some 4.3 percent in FY2014/15,driven mainly by the agriculture and construction sectors, the Fund said in a document, containing staff report and statement regarding sixth review of the country’s economic progress under a 36-month and over $ 6 billion lending programme agreed in September 2013. “Growth is expected to reach 4.7 percent next year (0.3 percent higher than previous projections), helped by the decline in oil prices and imports. It should rise further over the medium-term with improvements in the energy sector, public enterprises, the investment climate, and remove key bottlenecks for investment.” In a letter of intent and a memorandum of financial and economic policies, Pakistan’s Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar has said the country will achieve a 4.3 % growth rate this financial year but at the same time it continues to strive for a goal of 5.1 % growth. In the IMF document, the financial institution noted that the plunge in oil prices has reduced the import bill and improved the trade balance. But lower cotton prices have impacted exports. Meanwhile, foreign remittances flowing into Pakistan continue to increase at double-digit rates and the financial account has also improved, supported by a recent international Sukuk issue and multilateral disbursements. The Rupee has gained 1.2 percent over the last quarter against the dollar and the real effective exchange rate (REER) has appreciated 10.6 percent since the onset of the programme. Headline inflation has dropped further, to 3.9 percent in January 2015, with core inflation also easing to 7.0 percent. “Financial system indicators remain sound with robust earnings and high solvency ratios. The pre-tax profit of the system increased, mainly due to increased net interest income, lower provision charges, and higher noninterest income. Asset quality has slightly improved with a decline in the nonperformingloan (NPL) ratio to 12.3 percent.
Asif Noor Thu 07 May, 2015

Now a days the rate of dollar is very stable, I think it is good for the economy of pakistan and the business.
Eijaz Khan Wed 15 Apr, 2015

Prize Bond 750 Results 15th April: The denomination of prize bond Rs. 750 will hold at city Lahore, the draw results will be announced today in the evening time, Wednesday 15th, April 2015. According to the spokesman of National savings (Prize Bonds) of Pakistan, the winning amount of 1st prize is Rs. 1,500,000, while the three prizes are of Rs. Of 500,000 each has been reserved for 2nd position. Similarly, 3rd prizes of Rs. 9,300 will be awarded to each of 1696 winning numbers as well.
Faheem Soomro Wed 15 Apr, 2015

The euro fell for a second day, heading for a fourth straight quarter of declines, amid concerns Greece will fail to reach agreement with its European creditors to unlock bailout funds. The single currency weakened versus all except two of its 16 major counterparts as the European Central Bank buys sovereign bonds to support growth and stave off deflation. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sought to rally a consensus in parliament for his effort to secure bailout funds after his proposals to bolster the nation’s finances failed to satisfy his European creditors. “Markets are becoming more sensitive to the Greek issue,” said Shusuke Yamada, a Tokyo-based currency strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. “In addition, the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing is keeping downward pressure on the euro. Fundamentals point to euro selling.” The euro fell 0.5 percent to $1.0784 as of 7:05 a.m. in London, after sliding 0.5 percent on Monday. The single currency has weakened 11 percent this year against the dollar.
Khawar Butt Tue 31 Mar, 2015

The first Quarterly Report for the Fiscal Year 2014-15 of the Central Board of Revenue of the State Bank of Pakistan was laid before the Upper House of the Parliament on Tuesday. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmad on behalf of Finance Ministry presented the said report before the House which was required under section of 9-A(F) of the State Bank of Pakistan Act 1956. The said report comprised five chapters which cover all the aspects of the state of Pakistan’s Economy. These five chapters further cover the areas including, overview, Real Sector, Agriculture, Large-scale manufacturing and Services. The second chapter covers aspects of economy including Inflation and Monetary Policy, Overview, Money market developments and Monetary aggregates. Similarly, the third chapter relates to the topics like, Credit to private sector, Inflation, Fiscal Policy and Public Debt and Revenues while the fifth chapter is about Expenditure, Provincial fiscal operations, Public debt, External Sector, Current account, Capital and financial account, Reserves and exchange rate, Foreign trade, A review of the copy of the said report available with this scribe revealed that the government envisaged GDP growth of 5.1 percent for FY15. It is too early to conclude whether or not this target is achievable; however, preliminary estimates suggest some difficulties in the commodity producing sector. Farmers reduced the area used for sugarcane cultivation due to lower incomes last year, which caused a decline in its production. Although cotton was grown on a larger area this year, production is expected to remain below-target. The industrial sector is presenting a mixed picture. Higher cement dispatches, steel imports and strong PSDP spending, suggest a pick-up in construction activity in Q1-FY15.
Nisar Tanveer Wed 18 Mar, 2015

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