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 LSE - Lahore Stock Exchange
26 May, 2015 Lahore Stock Exchange - Find live LSE stock exchange updates and market activity of LSE -25 index Lahore Stock Exchange. The table has top companies share details such as; company symbol, its total volume in the market, current rate and change status during trading or market activity. The (LSE) Lahore stock exchange is a 2nd largest stock exchange of Pakistan and a member of world recognized organization FEAS and SAFE. LSE is also regulated by (SECP) Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). LSE shows market activity like market highlights and UTS stats, LSE 25 Index current time market status and also scrip quote, top scrip and volume leaders. Right now LSE have 671 registered companies, according to Jan 30, 2012 the market capitalization of US$ 36.44 million, volume US$ 14.5 million and index is LSE 25. LSE offers Trading Products such as; Equity (Spot, Cash-Settled Futures), Mutual Funds, Bonds/TFCs. In Market Technology & Management such as; ULTRA TRADE: Automated Trading Platform, BrokerNet. Read more
Symbol Volume Rate Change
BOP 386,500 9.04 -0.07
NIB 100,000 1.80 -0.12
PAEL 62,500 64.75 +2.71
LPCL 41,000 16.40 +0.45
PNSC 30,000 105.72 -0.33
BYCO 26,500 13.40 +0.36
Lahore Stock Exchange

LSE Stock Exchange Live - LSE is a fully electronic and completely automated stock exchange of Pakistan. LSE is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the securities laws of the country. The affairs of the Exchange are managed by the Board of Directors having representation of the SECP nominated directors and broker directors. The Lahore Stock Exchange of Pakistan is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and a member of Exchange of Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) and South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE). LSE was the second stock exchange to be licensed in Pakistan during 1971. LSE has been in operation since 1971, and has emerged as one of the most transparent and best managed stock exchange in Pakistan. LSE is the only exchange in Pakistan to have two trading floors-one at its principal location at Lahore and the other at the thriving industrial city of the country at Faisalabad. Furthermore, LSE has the unique distinction of having a unified electronic orderbook with another domestic stock exchange in the country. LSE have 671 listings with the market capitalization of US$ 36.44 million Jan 30, 2012, volume US$ 14.5 million and index is LSE 25. Products & Services - of LSE: Lahore Stock Exchange offers Trading Products such as; Equity (Spot, Cash-Settled Futures), Mutual Funds, Bonds/TFCs. In Market Technology & Management such as; ULTRA TRADE: Automated Trading Platform, BrokerNet: Online Trading Solution For Brokers and Investors, Brokers BackOffice, Trade Reporting Platform, Securities Lending and Borrowing. In Services Lahore Stock Exchange offers Co-Location Services and Market & Technology Advisory Services, Information Security Services. LSE Main Features - The Lahore Stock Exchange of Pakistan give a comprehensive guide for valued investors to understand the trade at LSE. Glossary of Stock Market Terminology; Operations in Stock Exchanges have very specific terminology that is even different the other financial institutions. Register Complaint; On LSE valued investors can lodge complaints online or download complaint registration form. Status of Companies; investors can view status of their complaints by using the reference number provided while lodging the complaint. Disciplinary Actions; LSE being the front-line Regulator constantly watches the interest of investors by monitoring the trading activities and enforce its regulations. Order Confirmation; Investors have direct online access to their order status. Listed Companies; LSE provides trading opportunities in those Securities which are listed on the Exchange. Listing Regulations; LSE listing regulations provides the guidelines for listing, ongoing reporting & compliance issues including the Code of Corporate Governance. Financial Results and Board Meetings Schedules, LSE Updates, LSE Announcements. Markets; The Lahore Stock Exchange provide live Market activity such as; market highlights, UTS Status, Scrip Quote, Top Scrip and volume leaders in LSE. TREC Holders; TREC Holders Directory; having membership of the LSE is considered an honor. LSE TREC Holders community consists of 152 TREC Holders with a majority of corporate entities. TREC Holders Sign-in - TREC Holders login area for their data and reports. Inspection and compliance; The System Audit Regulation of the Exchange provide for a system audit of certain brokers after six months as per these Regulation to be conducted. TREC Holders Regulations; LSE has its own sets of rules and regulations to regulate TREC Holders firms, enforce compliance, monitoring of trades. Code of Conduct; Code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual or organizations and TREC Holders Helpline; The IT Support Department is managing a dedicated TREC Holders Hotline to expeditiously attend to the queries/problems of the TREC Holders.

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The Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) has decided to de-list Libaas Textile Limited from the LSE Ready Board Quotations from March 31, 2015 because of its merger with Ghani Global Glass Limited, says a circular issued by the Exchange. After the de-listing of this company the number of companies listed at LSE would reach to 432. The shareholders of Libaas Textile Ltd and Ghani Global Glass Ltd in their respective EOGMs held on December 12, 2014 approved the Scheme of Arrangement for the merger of Libaas Textile Ltd with Ghani Global Glass Ltd Lahore High Court vides its order dated January 27, 2015 has approved the Scheme of Arrangement. As per Scheme of Arrangement the shareholders of Libaas Textile Ltd allotted shares of Ghani Global Glass Ltd in a swap ratio of 2:1. The register of shareholders of Libaas Textile Ltd has been finally closed on February 26, 2015. Ghani Global Glass Ltd will be technically listed at LSE after fulfilment of necessary regulatory requirements. Further to our Notice No 0626 dated February 13, 2015, concerning suspension of trading of Libaas Textile Limited, it is hereby informed to all concerned that Libaas Textile Limited as a result of amalgamation/merger with an into Ghani Global Glass Limited shall stand de-listed from the LSE with effect from Tuesday, March 31, 2015. It is further informed that Ghani Global Glass Limited will be listed on the Exchange upon fulfilment of the relevant requirements as applicable in this behalf. LSE Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Aftab Ahmed Chaudhry congratulated the management/stakeholders of the Company on successfully completing the amalgamation/merger process with and into Ghani Global Glass Limited.
Omar Ahmed Tiwana Thu 07 May, 2015

Lahore Stock Exchange here Wednesday witnessed bullish trend by gaining 58.58 points as the LSE Index-25 opened with 5596.91 points and closed at 5655.49 points. The market's overall situation also corresponded to an upward trend as it remained at 861,500 shares to close against previous turnover of 490,200 shares, showing an upward move of 371,300 shares. While, out of the total 83 active scrips 20 moved up, 10 shed values and 53 remained equal. The top three Major Gainers of the day were Pakistan Oil Fields Limited, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, and Oil and Gas Development Company Limited by recording increase in their per share value by Rs 18.70, Rs 6.01 and Rs 5.77 respectively. Pakistan Refinery Limited, Maple Leaf Cement Factory and Pakistan International Airline Corporation lost their per share value by Rs 2.80, Re 0.83 and Re 0.24 respectively. Top three Volume Leaders of the day included The Bank of Punjab Limited with 277,500 shares, Byco Petroleum Pakistan with 101,500 shares and Sikl Bank Limited (Saudi) with 101,000 shares.
Mian Abdul Majeed Thu 07 May, 2015

I want to sell the shares of mughal iron & steel 500 physical shares only lahore people can contect me ( 03029358278)
ammar ashraf Mon 04 May, 2015

i want to sale mughal iron $ steel shares 500 physical share only lahore's people can contect my number is 03029358278
ammar ashraf Mon 04 May, 2015

I want to buy shares of Mustehkam cement. From where I can buy these. are these benificial for me. would you like to guide me about the benifit and further scope of these shares?.
Javaid Saleem Tue 28 Apr, 2015

Prize Bond 750 Results 15th April: The denomination of prize bond Rs. 750 will hold at city Lahore, the draw results will be announced today in the evening time, Wednesday 15th, April 2015. According to the spokesman of National savings (Prize Bonds) of Pakistan, the winning amount of 1st prize is Rs. 1,500,000, while the three prizes are of Rs. Of 500,000 each has been reserved for 2nd position. Similarly, 3rd prizes of Rs. 9,300 will be awarded to each of 1696 winning numbers as well.
Naseem Khan Wed 15 Apr, 2015

How I can buy and sell plz guid me
Asim sheikh Mon 13 Apr, 2015

i want to sell the bank of islamic shares are 500 share at saling rate is 25 per share but actual rate is 10 and premium rate is 15..... (10+15=25).... if anybody intrested? then contct wd me 03007871726,, 03337333784.. ryk
Bilal Wed 08 Apr, 2015

please if any one have the knowledge that how much % profit have give in 2014 year H.B.L and M.C.B and N.B P and B.O.P and A.L.B and U.B.L and P.I.A and N.I.B
Mumtaz Rana Tue 24 Mar, 2015

Pakistan’s second largest trading venue, the Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE), extended its electronic trading capabilities with the launch of a new algorithmic trading system. The new solution will enable brokers and traders to enhance liquidity and adopt new trading strategies as they aim to bolster trading activity at the exchange. The move highlights the country’s commitment on developing its domestic financial markets operating environment. The new system will allow the LSE to compete on a regional level against the Karachi Stock Exchange and Islamabad Stock Exchange. The firm’s CEO and Managing Director, Aftab Ahmed, explained during a media briefing that apart from efficiency, traders who are looking for arbitrage opportunities can benefit from the new system. Mr. Ahmed commented in a statement: “The Algo will take advantage of the price difference between the two exchanges based on the spread defined by the broker himself.” The launch of the platform coincided with an internal conference that promoted Pakistan financial markets in the world’s financial capital, London. A series of events throughout the country were concluded with a specific event that focused on the advantages of the Pakistan financial markets at the London Stock Exchange. The new algorithmic system should open the market up to institutional investors. The CEO added: “With improvement of liquidity due to recent development will attract institutional investors at the LSE and it is hoped that trading activities at LSE would increase significantly.”
Tariq Javaid Thu 19 Mar, 2015

Panic selling was seen on Wednesday in the equities due to non-stop foreign selling. At one point, 100-index was down 1,007 points (3.2 per cent). However, some pull back was seen later and market closed down 817 points or 2.6pc and closed at 31524.98 points level. KSE 100-index has now lost 10.5pc (3,300 points) from its record high of 34,826 on February 3, 2015. There were speculations in market that foreign selling will continue, as a result, locals also started selling that created more impact on share prices. Once again, ENGRO with highest traded volume fell by 4.7pc. Overall 39 stocks gained while 307 closed down. So far in 2015, foreigners have been net seller of $108m while local funds are net buyers of $84m, observed Samar Iqbal, VP Equity Sales Topline Securities. Value traded yesterday of 208m shares stood at Rs11.7b/$117m as compared to128m shares worth of Rs8b/ $81m recorded a day earlier. The market experienced a bloodbath to close at 31,525 points. The day was marked by frantic selling as at one point the market dipped by 1,006 points creating an intra- day low record. The recent trend of foreign selling continued as news came in of a sizeable foreign fund pulling its investment out of the equity market, commented analyst Arhum Ghous. All significant sectors took the blow as frantic selling was seen in the cement sector with FCCL, MLCF, DGKC, CHCC and PIOC ending 3.1pc, 4.1pc, 2.7pc, 4.4pc and 4.4pc lower significantly. PAEL was the volume leader hitting its lower circuit. The oil and gas sector saw a steep fall on the back of the drop in Brent oil as PSO, SHEL, POL, OGDC all ended 2.8pc, 4.7pc, 3.4pc and 4.2pc lower.
Umair Riyaz Thu 19 Mar, 2015

i want invest in LSE , and want buy/sell shares , plz guide me and tell me any good broker....03157289062
Najam Tue 17 Mar, 2015

SECP holds investors’ awareness seminar in Islamabad ISLAMABAD (Staff Reporter): The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to further its endeavour of protecting retail investors, raising awareness about savings and investment and building investor confidence, organised an awareness seminar at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) on Monday. The seminar was well-attended, with engaging presentations and a lively Q&A session. It was part of the SECP’s overall investor education programme, which is aimed at enhancing financial literacy and providing easy access to financial instruments through setting up of capital market hubs across major cities of Pakistan. The seminar was designed to enlighten the participants about capital markets, mutual and pension funds as investment/ savings vehicles and initiatives taken by the SECP to safeguard investor interests. The SECP has already organised seminars in Karachi and in Lahore.
Asif Baig Wed 04 Mar, 2015

The Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) has de-listed the National Saving Bonds on attaining maturity with effect from February 18. The Bonds of five-year tenure with a total issue size of Rs 62.600 million was subscribed on January 12-26, 2010 and listed at the Exchange on March 2010. These Bonds have been fully redeemed as reported by the Company, which has now been duly certified by Zonal Inspection and Accounts Office of National Savings Islamabad vide their letter dated February 04, 2015. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Lahore Stock Exchange Aftab Ahmed Chaudhry congratulated the stakeholders of the National Savings Pakistan on reaching the successful maturity of the bonds. He also highlighted the steps taken by the LSE contributing to build a mechanism that has produced more transparency in the trading of the shares as well as to secure the investment of the investors.
Manzoor Wed 04 Mar, 2015

Lahore—On behalf of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the Provincial Minister for Industries – Ch. Muhammad Shafique has inaugurated the construction of Phase-II of South Tower Project of LSE. Speaking on the occasion, Ch. Muhammad Safique applauded the efforts of LSE in achieving another milestone by providing necessary infrastructure, which was essential for a prime financial hub. He assured the governing Board of Directors of LSE that the Government of Punjab shall provide full support for the early completion of the Project. He informed that with the active participation of foreign investors the government is targeting several important themes in the development plan and the sustainable growth in the capital market is one of the prime objectives of the government. Earlier, Mr. Asif Baig Mirza, Director LSE, in his welcome speech apprised the Minister about the unique role of LSE in the development of the capital market and other strategic initiatives which the Exchange has taken to boost the business opportunities in the region. The goal of development of the securities market will facilitate the efficient allocation of resources in the economy and help broaden and deepen the financial sector, while providing alternative sources of funding to industry. It may be mentioned that LSE has the vision to provide best possible modern trading platform as well as infrastructure to its investors.
Sarfaraz Ahmed Wed 04 Mar, 2015

I want to invest in Lahore exchange please guide me about the fees charged by the broker per share or on equality . further I want to know that how much minimum funds needed to invest in exchange. is there any account needed in STOCK EXCHANGE like bank account. kindly guide me which companies I will buy to start this adventure.i want to invest Rs. 20,000/ in LSE. plz send complete & comprehensive STOCK TRADING information how to buy & sell shares ,how to open accnt ,plz sir i,m new in this field plz guide me.
Muhammad Zafar Mon 23 Feb, 2015

There is short and brief review of LSE-Lahore Stock Exchange, today on 21st Feb, CEO and MD of LSE speaks out regarding LSE updates. They observed, Lahore Stock Exchange CEO and Managing Director Aftab Ahmed Ch has observed that since 2006, with decline in stock market activities, LSE’s market share has been shifting to other exchanges partially, mainly due to low liquidity and insignificant trading volume and subsequent flight of investors from the exchange. He was addressing the launching ceremony of Algo Trading Software organized by the management of Lahore Stock Exchange, aimed at bringing back liquidity at LSE’s Order Book. He further explained that Algo aims to not only improve liquidity at the Exchange, but also benefit brokers who engage in the practice of arbitrage. Algo Trading is Software which will find arbitrage opportunities automatically on the basis of pre-defined parameters to be entered in the system by the brokers themselves. Responding to a question on the practical usage and advantage of Algo, Aftab said that Algo will take advantage of the price difference between the two exchanges based on the spread defined by the broker himself. Lastly, he also indicated that another project which is being rolled-out at LSE will be inaugurated on Monday. Aftab also quoted that with improvement of liquidity due to recent development will attract institutional investors at the LSE and it is hoped that trading activities at LSE would increase significantly. The participants much appreciated the efforts of LSE for the development of the capital market.
Umer Ismaeel Fri 20 Feb, 2015

A review of LSE, LAHORE STOCK EXCHANGE LIMITED MOVEMENTS ON 18/02/2015 In all 81 companies were active, out of which 3 companies up, 22 companies down, while rates of 56 companies remained equal.Volume for the day was 852,000 shares. THE BANK OF PUNJAB LTD. was on the top of the list with turnover of 395500 shares. LSE-25 index closed at 6027.77 showing a decrease of -31.74 points.
Anjum Fri 20 Feb, 2015

LAHORE STOCK EXCHANGE (G) LIMITED, MOVEMENTS ON 19/02/2015 In all 81 companies transacted , of which 32 improved their rates, 5 lost their worth, while rates of 44 companies remained unchanged. Total turnover/volume for the day was 1,270,100 shares. PAKISTAN INT'L.AIRLINECORP.(A) was on the top of the list with turnover of 481000 shares. LSE-25 index closed at 6075.35 showing an improvement of 54.99 points
Raheel Ahmed Fri 20 Feb, 2015

i want to make tarde in securities please tell me the complete process how to registered with CDC and start trading
fahad Thu 12 Feb, 2015

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