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 LSE - Lahore Stock Exchange
31 Jan, 2015 Live LSE Lahore Stock Market Summary - The following table and graph shows live and updated market activity of LSE -25 index Lahore Stock Exchange. The table has top companies share details such as; company symbol, its total volume in the market, current rate and change status during trading or market activity. The (LSE) Lahore stock exchange is a 2nd largest stock exchange of Pakistan and a member of world recognized organization FEAS and SAFE. LSE is also regulated by (SECP) Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). LSE shows market activity like market highlights and UTS stats, LSE 25 Index current time market status and also scrip quote, top scrip and volume leaders. Right now LSE have 671 registered companies, according to Jan 30, 2012 the market capitalization of US$ 36.44 million, volume US$ 14.5 million and index is LSE 25. LSE offers Trading Products such as; Equity (Spot, Cash-Settled Futures), Mutual Funds, Bonds/TFCs. In Market Technology & Management such as; ULTRA TRADE: Automated Trading Platform, BrokerNet. Read more
Symbol Volume Rate Change
BOP 166,500 10.78 +0.02
FFBL 164,000 52.50 +2.38
LPCL 116,000 17.94 +0.02
IGIBL 105,000 2.24 -0.06
FATIMA 86,000 38.70 +0.68
PIAA 57,000 8.95 -0.05
Lahore Stock Exchange

The Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited: LSE is a fully electronic and completely automated stock exchange of Pakistan. LSE is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the securities laws of the country. The affairs of the Exchange are managed by the Board of Directors having representation of the SECP nominated directors and broker directors. The Lahore Stock Exchange of Pakistan is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and a member of Exchange of Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) and South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE). LSE was the second stock exchange to be licensed in Pakistan during 1971. LSE has been in operation since 1971, and has emerged as one of the most transparent and best managed stock exchange in Pakistan. LSE is the only exchange in Pakistan to have two trading floors-one at its principal location at Lahore and the other at the thriving industrial city of the country at Faisalabad. Furthermore, LSE has the unique distinction of having a unified electronic orderbook with another domestic stock exchange in the country. LSE have 671 listings with the market capitalization of US$ 36.44 million Jan 30, 2012, volume US$ 14.5 million and index is LSE 25. Products & Services of LSE: Lahore Stock Exchange offers Trading Products such as; Equity (Spot, Cash-Settled Futures), Mutual Funds, Bonds/TFCs. In Market Technology & Management such as; ULTRA TRADE: Automated Trading Platform, BrokerNet: Online Trading Solution For Brokers and Investors, Brokers BackOffice, Trade Reporting Platform, Securities Lending and Borrowing. In Services Lahore Stock Exchange offers Co-Location Services and Market & Technology Advisory Services, Information Security Services. LSE Main Features: The Lahore Stock Exchange of Pakistan give a comprehensive guide for valued investors to understand the trade at LSE. Glossary of Stock Market Terminology; Operations in Stock Exchanges have very specific terminology that is even different the other financial institutions. Register Complaint; On LSE valued investors can lodge complaints online or download complaint registration form. Status of Companies; investors can view status of their complaints by using the reference number provided while lodging the complaint. Disciplinary Actions; LSE being the front-line Regulator constantly watches the interest of investors by monitoring the trading activities and enforce its regulations. Order Confirmation; Investors have direct online access to their order status. Listed Companies; LSE provides trading opportunities in those Securities which are listed on the Exchange. Listing Regulations; LSE listing regulations provides the guidelines for listing, ongoing reporting & compliance issues including the Code of Corporate Governance. Financial Results and Board Meetings Schedules, LSE Updates, LSE Announcements. Markets; The Lahore Stock Exchange provide live Market activity such as; market highlights, UTS Status, Scrip Quote, Top Scrip and volume leaders in LSE. TREC Holders; TREC Holders Directory; having membership of the LSE is considered an honor. LSE TREC Holders community consists of 152 TREC Holders with a majority of corporate entities. TREC Holders Sign-in; TREC Holders login area for their data and reports. Inspection and compliance; The System Audit Regulation of the Exchange provide for a system audit of certain brokers after six months as per these Regulation to be conducted. TREC Holders Regulations; LSE has its own sets of rules and regulations to regulate TREC Holders firms, enforce compliance, monitoring of trades. Code of Conduct; Code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual or organizations and TREC Holders Helpline; The IT Support Department is managing a dedicated TREC Holders Hotline to expeditiously attend to the queries/problems of the TREC Holders.

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I wan to receive the Twitter SMS alert of LSE-Lahore stock exchange, as you deliver KSE already. All the updates of LSE are on time that is the main reason i want to have it. I want to gran the attention of LSE experts, please suggest me about the shares. Thanks
Basheer Rana Fri 23 Jan, 2015

I am new Please guide me how can i open account? I want to invest in Lahore exchange please guide me about the fees charged by the broker per share or on equality . contact number of broker which is nice guy. thanks
Reham Fri 09 Jan, 2015

minimum investment in LSE is 100,000/-.
unknown Wed 24 Dec, 2014

i want to buy shares in Islamabad stock exchange. I can invest Rs. 10,000/- pls guide me for account opening, buying of share of financial sound company/institution/organization having good share price.
Jamshaid Fri 19 Dec, 2014

I want to invest in Lahore exchange please guide me about the fees charged by the broker per share or on equality . further I want to know that how much minimum funds needed to invest in exchange. is there any account needed in STOCK EXCHANGE like bank account. kindly guide me which companies I will buy to start this adventure.i want to invest Rs. 20,000/ in LSE. plz send complete & comprehensive STOCK TRADING information how to buy & sell shares ,how to open accnt ,plz sir i,m new in this field plz guide me.
Sana Shahid Mon 15 Dec, 2014

I want to buy and sell shares of different companies on LSE. Can some one guide me?????????? regards
Sharif Mon 15 Dec, 2014

What price generally per share
bilal Mon 08 Dec, 2014

i wana buy and invest money in lahore stock exchange i am new here how i can buy the share i wana start wuth 2lac
Farid Thu 27 Nov, 2014

How to invest in Pakistan Stock exchange? Is it worth doing it? What are the procedures for overseas Pakistanis? Have you had any experience? any good broker? Thanks
Muhammad Umar Mon 27 Oct, 2014

Hi everybody, glad to see here many users of this web are sharing their point of you, and they are really useful for new comers, such as me, I need to know further information of LSE Stock market. It is good services by to give us this platform and discussion forum. Thanks
Shumaeel Fri 24 Oct, 2014

i want to know how to purchase and sale the shares? how can we know the future plan of the companies.
usman javaid Thu 23 Oct, 2014

We want some more list of BYCO index rate in lahore stock market live because we want to see the volume for the last three days. This site really help us to give a correct rate information live that is why i only prefer this site for my all types of business.
faraz Sun 12 Oct, 2014

asslam o alaikum! sir i am new here please give me information about stock exchange...... my cellphone# 03206280101
Hamid Mon 25 Aug, 2014

Aoa, Sir i am new here and i want to know that how people buy and sell their shares and what is the procedure to get membership of LSE.
Jawwad Thu 21 Aug, 2014

Fahim Wed 20 Aug, 2014

sir plz tell me the procedure of buying n selling of share in lse N#03224377112
Furqan Wed 20 Aug, 2014

Please tell me about the stock exchange and how the shares buy and sale & open the acunt
muhammad afzal Wed 13 Aug, 2014

I am new comers in this field, and want to learn and understand LSE Live – Lahore Stock Exchange. I also learn, terms and conditions and shares process and all that. Please anybody want to advice me accordingly.
Jamal Malik Tue 05 Aug, 2014

Yes the KSE toatlly going to down today, but I have no idea about LSE Live – Lahore Stock Exchange, is it going to same her ?
Raheel Mon 28 Jul, 2014

LSE Lohare Live – Lahore Stock Exchange, It is a market summary above displayed, please enhance it, for more information as KSE. I need LSE live updates.
Shaheen Wed 23 Jul, 2014

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