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 Petroleum Prices in Pakistan
31 Jul, 2015 Petrol Prices in Pakistan- Oil price drops over Iran market fears, as sanctions on the country with the fourth-largest reserves are set to be lifted, there are concerns it will saturate the market. US crude oil slipped below $50 a barrel , touching the lowest level since April, as a persistent supply glut and expectations for higher interest rates from the Federal Reserve before the end of the year, kept West Texas Intermediate on track for its biggest monthly slide in 2015. The international market of oil prices has been decrease after deal between Iran and West, now WTI Crude Oil US$47.39 per barrel change ▼-0.75 -1.58% and 1 year forecast of Crude Oil by is US$54 per barrel, while Brent Crude Oil US$53.47 per barrel change ▼-1.15 -2.15% for global trade. Hence, now it is expected that the petroleum prices in Pakistan would also decrease for the 0f month of August 2015. The petroleum products prices are revised on every month by the Government (Ministry of Finance) and petroleum prices are suggested by the OGRA (Oil & Regularity Authority of Pakistan) on every end of the month to decide new petroleum products prices for the next month and on wards. The main objective of this information page is to keep inform all visitors for the current and fresh petroleum products prices in Pakistan. Petroleum products monthly price revisions are proposed by the OGRA (Oil & Regularity Authority of Pakistan) to Ministry of Petroleum. General public of Pakistan can find updates prices of premium XL / petrol prices, Green XL / HSD (high speed diesel) prices, LSD (light speed diesel) prices, SKO (Kerosene oil) prices, E-10 Gasoline and HOBC (Hi-octane Blending compound) prices on Read more
Product Retail Price
HOBC      Rs. 83.8 /Ltr
Premium   Rs. 77.79 /Ltr
High Speed Diesel     Rs. 87.11 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel   Rs. 61.51 /Ltr
Kerosene Oil Rs. 64.94 /Ltr

31 Jul, 2015 Petrol Price in Karachi - Find latest monthly revision / updated petroleum products prices in Pakistan on OGRA (Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority) of Pakistan proposed a new petroleum products prices to Ministry of Petroleum of Pakistan on every end of the month, and then ministry of petroleum & natural resources decides it new revision prices for the next month. The proposed fuel prices by OGRA are based on international market of Oil & gas and its current position of up and down. Find premium XL / petrol prices, Green XL / HSD (high speed diesel prices, LSD (light speed diesel) prices, SKO (Kerosene oil) prices, E-10 Gasoline and HOBC (Hi-octane Blending compound) prices. Petroleum prices are causes major impact on Pakistan's economy and it is directly effects on general public.

 Petroleum Prices Archive
Date HOBC Premium HS Diesel LS Diesel Kerosene
Jul 01, 2015 Rs.83.8/Ltr Rs.77.79/Ltr Rs.87.11/Ltr Rs.61.51/Ltr Rs.64.94/Ltr
Jun 01, 2015 Rs.83.8/Ltr Rs.77.79/Ltr Rs.87.12/Ltr Rs.61.51/Ltr Rs.64.94/Ltr
Apr 01, 2015 Rs.80.18/Ltr Rs.74.29/Ltr Rs.83.61/Ltr Rs.57.94/Ltr Rs.61.44/Ltr
Jan 31, 2015 Rs.80.18/Ltr Rs.70.29/Ltr Rs.80.61/Ltr Rs.57.94/Ltr Rs.61.44/Ltr
Jan 01, 2015 Rs.92/Ltr Rs.78.28/Ltr Rs.86.23/Ltr Rs.67.5/Ltr Rs.71.92/Ltr
Dec 01, 2014 Rs.106.27/Ltr Rs.84.53/Ltr Rs.94.09/Ltr Rs.77.98/Ltr Rs.83.18/Ltr
Nov 01, 2014 Rs.116.45/Ltr Rs.94.19/Ltr Rs.101.21/Ltr Rs.83.42/Ltr Rs.87.52/Ltr
Oct 01, 2014 Rs.131.13/Ltr Rs.103.62/Ltr Rs.107.39/Ltr Rs.91.46/Ltr Rs.95.6/Ltr
Sep 01, 2014 Rs.129.64/Ltr Rs.106.56/Ltr Rs.108.34/Ltr Rs.92.08/Ltr Rs.97.05/Ltr
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Ziaurhman oil buyer in Pakistan and Afghanistan
ziaurhman Fri 22 May, 2015

rat kam ho ga to pakistan taraqi kary ga
malikbilal Tue 19 May, 2015

It is simple economics - reduce the prices and demand will rise. That is what has happened in the case of fuel consumption in Pakistan when the impact of fall in international price was passed on to the consumers. From January-April 15, the sale of Mogas (petrol) has increased by 36 percent year-on-year. The average price of Mogas during the period was down by 34 percent year-on-year. In case of HSD, the consumption during 4MCY15 increased by 28 percent year-on-year, as the average prices reduced by 29 percent in the same period. Its a windfall for OMC marketing companies and dealers as their margins are fixed in rupees per liter sales. More they sell, higher is the profit. Not all of the increase in sales is due to sheer increase in demand at lower prices though. Part of is attributed to substitution from CNG to Petrol/diesel as the price gap between the fuels has narrowed down significantly to induce people to opt for easily accessible petrol in case of private vehicles and diesel for the use of public transport. The data of CNG is not readily available to show exact numbers. The substitution is good. BR research is a staunch opponent of using CNG as a transportation fuel especially in case of private vehicles. The premise is simple - the country is facing severe shortage of gas and the scarce indigenous resource must be used judiciously. This column has long argued for the use of pricing tool to set the priorities right. However, what happened in the past few years was exactly the opposite. The price distortions were in favour of vehicle users, incentivizing them to switch on the readily available cheaper alternate fuel that is the CNG. In June 2014, CNG prices were 46 percent of petrol equivalent while the government levied some tax to marginally reduce the discount to 50 percent in July 14. The gap was more than enough for marginal consumer to install a CNG kit and wait in the long CNG queues. Today, the CNG discount to petrol is shushed to 27 percent. Make no mistake as it is still lucrative for some to consume CNG but for others, the price of long queues and potential damage to vehicles is higher than the price differential. In absence of CNG consumption numbers, substitution hypothesis cannot be validated. The higher consumption led to unprecedented petrol crises in up-north in the winters. And now the government is ensuring higher imports, but in the process, import bill might keep on increasing to nullify the impact of drop in oil prices. The government realized that fully passing on the impact of fuel prices down to consumers could be counterproductive in January when it increased the GST from 17 percent to 22 percent on Mogas and HSD. One reason for the bold step was that the Dharna had ended and the government was facing the wrath of people due to acute shortage in North. But the government was unable to reverse the price cycle once it had passed the impact to consumers and is now trying to manage the price at current levels. In April, although international oil prices increased but the government decided against increasing retail prices and slashed the sales tax to earlier levels. Pakistan would do well to make the most of the opportunity provided by lower oil prices. Yes, the consumers deserve relief, but economic realities too deserve a look.
Ghulam Saeed Thu 07 May, 2015

Just the difference of 0.70 in the price buying and selling price of american dollar, I want to sale a hundred dollar in pakistani rupees.
Ahmed Shakeel Mon 27 Apr, 2015

Global oil prices at CYTD high, with Brent for delivery at US$65.13/bbl closing at US$64.86/bbl on the back of Saudi-led airstrikes continuing, with oil buyers anticipating a dip in US crude supply (due to falling rig counts and cuts in exploration expenditures) and the weak dollar also supporting dollar denominated commodities.
Shakir Javaid Fri 24 Apr, 2015

ECC has decided to approve the treatment of RLNG as a petroleum product for price fixing purposes, whereby prices would be fixed on a monthly basis by OGRA under an amendment to the Petroleum Products Ordinance 1961. In related news, FBR has issued a circular exempting Elengy Pvt. Ltd's FRSU from sales tax and 5% customs duty.
Ilyas Shah Fri 24 Apr, 2015

We need a large quantity of light speed diesel for our machinery but the price of it is such an expensive.
Nizam Liaqat Wed 15 Apr, 2015

Prize Bond 750 Results 15th April: The denomination of prize bond Rs. 750 will hold at city Lahore, the draw results will be announced today in the evening time, Wednesday 15th, April 2015. According to the spokesman of National savings (Prize Bonds) of Pakistan, the winning amount of 1st prize is Rs. 1,500,000, while the three prizes are of Rs. Of 500,000 each has been reserved for 2nd position. Similarly, 3rd prizes of Rs. 9,300 will be awarded to each of 1696 winning numbers as well.
Salman Zahri Wed 15 Apr, 2015

Saudi Arabia has revved up crude production to its highest rate on record, feeding unexpectedly strong demand from foreign refiners and increased capacity at home. The oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, said on Tuesday the country produced 10.3m barrels per day (bpd) of crude in March, a figure that would eclipse its previous recent peak of 10.2m bpd in August 2013, according to records going back to the early 1980s. A few weeks ago Naimi pegged production at about 10m bdp, 350,000 bpd above what Saudi Arabia said it pumped in February. The kingdom produces more than 10% of the world’s crude. Naimi did not say why production had increased last month. He said in the speech in Riyadh that the kingdom’s output would probably remain at about 10m bpd. The increase in output reaffirms Saudi Arabia’s vow not to cede market share to higher-cost producers such as US shale drillers or Russian giants. The kingdom and others in the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) have refused to cut production to shore up fallen oil prices. It also highlights the surprising strength of end-user fuel demand, which has helped lift global refinery profit margins to their highest levels in years. Oil prices rallied on Tuesday after Naimi made separate comments about working with other big producers to stabilise the market – something most analysts see as unlikely in the near future – but it was the production figure that raised eyebrows. “While April and May could see a small pullback, overall it is clear that Saudi Arabia has reacted to stronger demand for their crude, despite being in an oversupplied market,” the Energy Aspects chief analyst, Amrita Sen, wrote in a note.
Faizan Japanwala Thu 09 Apr, 2015

The most volatile oil market in three years was hit with another sharp swing on Wednesday, as a huge buildup in crude supplies sent U.S. prices to their biggest loss in two months. Crude oil for May delivery slid 6.6%, a day after rising 3.5% to set a high for the year. Prices have moved more than 2% up or down on 42 trading days this year, more than the total number of such moves in any of the past three years. Wednesday slide was triggered by a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showing the nation’s crude stockpiles soared to a new record last week, posting the biggest increase in 14 years as oil production rose.
Moeen Saleem Thu 09 Apr, 2015

Brent declines to US$56.25/bbl due to high US crude stock and Saudi Arabia’s production for March’15 at 10.3bpd.
Jimmy Khan Thu 09 Apr, 2015

Oil jumped about 5% yesterday, for the second consecutive day, after Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Allies started air strikes in Yemen.
Fayzan Kareem Tue 31 Mar, 2015

ISLAMABAD: (Dunya News) – Summary suggesting increase in petrol prices has on Monday been sent to the Ministry of Petroleum. An increase of Rs. 7.66 has been suggested in the petroleum products’ prices but the GST adjustment has been suggested to be kept the same, reported Dunya News. According to the summary, petroleum products’ prices will be increased by Rs. 7.66 per liter. The summary says that the price of the petrol should be increased by Rs. 4.40, High Octane price will be increased by Rs. 7.66, High Speed Diesel by Rs. 6.25 and Light Diesel by Rs. 2.56. Price of kerosene oil has been suggested to be raise by Rs. 1.56. Sources claim that the GST adjustment charges will be retained, according to the summary.
Noman Saeed Tue 31 Mar, 2015

Islamabad – The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Monday sent a summery to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources suggesting hike in price of petroleum products by Rs5.79 per litre. According to sources, Ministry of Petroleum and Finance Division officials are expected to approve the summery following the approval of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the new prices will take effect from March 1. Sources said that OGRA has recommended increase of Rs4.40 per litre in the price of petrol, Rs7.66 per litre in High Octane Blending Component (HOBC), 6.25 per litre in High Speed Diesel (HSD), 2.54 per liter in Light Diesel Oil (LDO) and kerosene oil by Rs1.5 per litre. If prices rise as recommended by regulatory authority, the petrol prices will increase to Rs74.69 per litre, HSD to Rs86.86 per litre, LDO to Rs60.50 per litre, HOBC to Rs87.84 per litre and kerosene oil by Rs62.94 per litre. OGRA sources said that the prices of crude oil in the international market recorded a slight increase following Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes against Hauthi rebels in Yemen because of which hike has been proposed in prices of petroleum products.
Sarfaraz Siddiqui Tue 31 Mar, 2015

lubricants walon ki to lottry nikal aai hai PM sb un rates kon sa dept.decide kerta hai, ya phr wo ap ki apni companies hein
muhammad shujaa Mon 30 Mar, 2015

Now Brent Crude Oil $55.91 and WTI Crude Oil $44.66 per barrel are trading in the international oil market, it seems to have by the end of March, the petroleum prices might slightly be increased, i want to share some data please read. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has projected record consumption of petrol and High Speed Diesel (HSD) during March 2015 with petrol consumption estimated at 0.5 million tons and HSD at 0.6 million ton due to sharp reduction in prices. According to petroleum ministry officials, following a significant reduction in prices of petrol and diesel, there had been record consumption of the fuel in January and February. Countrywide petrol sales are expected to remain high as the country has planned to import 390,000 tons of petrol in March against February''s import of 355,000 tons. In January 2015, the country imported 320,922 tons of petrol. Petrol sales in February jumped to 451,888 tons from around 400,000 tons in January 2015. Out of total imports of 355,000 tons in February, the share of Pakistan State Oil (PSO) was around 200,000 tons while the share of other oil marketing companies (OMCs) was 150,000 tons. From July 2014 to February 2015 petrol consumption remained at 2.92 million tons which is 17 percent higher against the preceding year. HSD consumption remained 4.63 million tons during the period under review which is six percent high, while furnace oil consumption remained 5.9 million tons which registered a decline of four percent over the preceding year. According to petroleum ministry data, following major reduction in petroleum products prices, at present per day sale of petrol has reached 15,000 tons against 12,000 tons in December 2014 and of High Speed Diesel (HSD) 25,000 tons against 20,000 tons. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has advised all the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to ensure minimum 5,000 litres stocks at the retail outlets, and the ministry in collaboration with district administration is monitoring the situation.
Minhas Shah Thu 19 Mar, 2015

Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar on Friday has said that the petroleum products’ prices would sustain through the next month upon the directives of Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif. He said that upon the directives of PM Nawaz the people of the country would enjoy the reduced petroleum prices through March also. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had appealed the government to increase the petrol price by at least Rs 5.59 and kerosene oil by Rs 7.32 while reduce diesel price by at least Rs 5.49. The sales tax over diesel is being increased from 27 percent to at least 36 percent whereas it is being reduced on petrol from 27 percent to at least 18 percent. He said that the government has reduced the petroleum products’ prices by at least Rs 30 to Rs 50. Dar said that Pakistan has achieved white position according to the international standards whereas at least three years earlier it was holding grey position. The Financial Task Force has declared Pakistan’s economy white, he added. He also said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) does not hold a 2/3 majority in the Senate. He said that at least 68 votes are required for the Amendment.
Liaqat Soldier Wed 04 Mar, 2015

aslamalikum Nawaz sharif sir please pertol ki price matt bhara please 70 hi rahany daya.
ALI Sun 01 Mar, 2015

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has sent a summary to the federal government, asking for a raise in the price of petroleum products by up to Rs12.62 per litre from March 1 in the wake of the additional imposition of General Sales Tax (GST). The regulator has recommended to the government to increase the prices of petroleum products by up to Rs12.62 per litre except the price of high speed diesel. The regulator asked the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources to hike the price of petrol (motor gasoline) by Rs5.59 per litre, HOBC by Rs12.62 and kerosene oil by Rs7.32. Ogra has also suggested to the ministry to jack up the price of light diesel oil (LDO) by Rs5.50 per litre, asking for lowering the price of high speed diesel by Rs5.49 per litre. In case the government does not reduce the GST on petroleum products that stands at 27 percent, then the new price of petrol to be effective from March 1 will stand at Rs75.88 per litre, HOBC Rs92.93 and kerosene oil Rs68.76. The government increased the GST on petroleum products from 17 percent to 22 percent and then it further jacked the GST up to 27 percent, fearing a shortfall in tax revenue on petroleum products by Rs60 billion in the ongoing financial year. The Finance Ministry raised the GST by 10 percent to reduce the volume of huge loss in revenue because of a decrease in petroleum products prices. Likewise, the new price of light diesel oil (LDO) will surge to Rs63.44 per litre and the new price of high speed diesel will plunge to Rs75.12 per litre from Rs80.61 per litre. The official sources said that in case the government decides to reduce the GST, then the price of petroleum products will come down. They said the prime minister is going to approve tomorrow (February 28) the new prices of petroleum products to be effective from March 1, 2015.
Imtiaz Pasha Fri 27 Feb, 2015

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Thursday forwarded a summary report in which it has proposed the Finance Ministry to increase prices of petroleum products, thesenlive reported. According to details, OGRA had forwarded the proposed summary to the Finance Ministry, in which it has recommended the government to bring an increase of Rs.5.59 in petrol prices, Rs.12.62 in HOBC per litre and Rs.7.62 in kerosene. An increase of Rs.5 and Rs.5.49 has been recommended in both light speed diesel and high speed diesel respectively.The result of the proposition will come from Finance Ministry on February 28, after the approval of Prime Minister. The price hike may be seen from March 1, 2015. It is also expected that PM may not approve the raise in petroleum prices and may direct the authorities to maintain the prices for at least a month or so.
Usama Rizwan Fri 27 Feb, 2015

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