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 Petroleum Prices in Pakistan
23 Apr, 2014 Petrol Prices in Pakistan - Petroleum products summaries are proposed by the OGRA (Oil & Regularity Authority of Pakistan) to Ministry of Petroleum on every end of the month to decide petroleum products new revision prices for next month. General public can find current premium XL / petrol prices, Green XL / HSD (high speed diesel) prices, LSD (light speed diesel) prices, SKO (Kerosene oil) prices, E-10 Gasoline and HOBC (Hi-octane Blending compound) prices on Read more
Product Retail Price
HOBC      Rs. 136.57 /Ltr
Premium   Rs. 108.31 /Ltr
High Speed Diesel     Rs. 113.85 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel   Rs. 95.06 /Ltr
Kerosene Oil Rs. 101.15 /Ltr
Petroleum Products Prices in Pakistan

23 Apr, 2014 Find latest monthly revision / updated petroleum products prices in Pakistan on OGRA (Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority) of Pakistan proposed a new petroleum products prices to Ministry of Petroleum of Pakistan on every end of the month, and then ministry of petroleum & natural resources decides it new revision prices for the next month. The proposed fuel prices by OGRA are based on international market of Oil & gas and its current position of up and down. Find premium XL / petrol prices, Green XL / HSD (high speed diesel prices, LSD (light speed diesel) prices, SKO (Kerosene oil) prices, E-10 Gasoline and HOBC (Hi-octane Blending compound) prices. Petroleum prices are causes major impact on Pakistan's economy and it is directly effects on general public.

 Petroleum Prices Archive
Date HOBC Premium HS Diesel LS Diesel Kerosene
Apr 01, 2014 Rs.136.57/Ltr Rs.108.31/Ltr Rs.113.85/Ltr Rs.95.06/Ltr Rs.101.15/Ltr
Mar 01, 2014 Rs.137.73/Ltr Rs.110.03/Ltr Rs.116.75/Ltr Rs.101.24/Ltr Rs.108/Ltr
Nov 01, 2013 Rs.137.73/Ltr Rs.112.76/Ltr Rs.116.75/Ltr Rs.101.24/Ltr Rs.108/Ltr
Oct 01, 2013 Rs.140.47/Ltr Rs.113.24/Ltr Rs.116.95/Ltr Rs.101.24/Ltr Rs.108.13/Ltr
Sep 01, 2013 Rs.138.33/Ltr Rs.109.14/Ltr Rs.112.26/Ltr Rs.98.43/Ltr Rs.105.99/Ltr
Aug 01, 2013 Rs.129.16/Ltr Rs.104.5/Ltr Rs.109.76/Ltr Rs.96.12/Ltr Rs.101.28/Ltr
Jul 01, 2013 Rs.126.77/Ltr Rs.101.77/Ltr Rs.106.76/Ltr Rs.92.17/Ltr Rs.96.29/Ltr
Jun 01, 2013 Rs.121.13/Ltr Rs.99.77/Ltr Rs.104.6/Ltr Rs.89.13/Ltr Rs.93.79/Ltr
May 01, 2013 Rs.123.57/Ltr Rs.97.59/Ltr Rs.106.06/Ltr Rs.89.06/Ltr Rs.94.17/Ltr
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Ala he hafaz ha p.m ka.
Ahmad Thu 19 Dec, 2013

Pakistan Tou Bhat Ala Hai Agr Allah Pak Koi Raham Kray Goverment Per Or Wo Jis Thran Electricity Par Kabu Payia Hai Es Thran Agr Patrol Ko Kum Kr Dain Tou Pakistani Peoples Kay Lia Zindagi Ehsan Ho Jaay Gi Khudha Kay Lia Insan Ko Apnay Dora Hukamat Main Apni Awam Kay Lia Sub Say Zaida Sochna Chyia . From Khizar Hayat. 0323-8444142 - 0300 - 4662600
Malik Khizar Hayat Sun 15 Dec, 2013

ap se malomat leyni hy Petrol panmp ki jnab
naveed jarral Mon 09 Dec, 2013

jab gari lo ghi tb btao gi abhi tu sb se yhi suna uff petrol haye petrol mehnga yar kuch kum kro price ya mujhy petrol pump pe job de do lolxxxxxxxxxxxx
rafia daud Thu 05 Dec, 2013

pm shab plz kudah da wasta jay kuj tay sada khayal kro kiyaon sanoo jetay je mar rahay ho....
farooq Sun 01 Dec, 2013

sab ko acha lagta he k petrol sasta ho magar is me government ne subsidy di hui he petrol me warna is ki price mehngi he is se aur price set international market me hoti he us k according oil prices k petrol ki price set hoti he....government kaam ker rahee he aur is k liye tax se paisa humare mulk per kharch ho rahaa he karza de rahe hain wapis ab prices mehngi hon gi to government k pass tax jaye ga yeh to baat rahee sales tax ki hum aik ajeeb kom hein k tax dete poora naheen hum kya khair khuwaa ??? mulk k liye itni kurbaani na de sake koee aur khaate jayein pakistan ka pakistan ko kuch na phir kahaan se aae sab kuch
Shehzad Fri 29 Nov, 2013

(PAKISTAN)govenment is 100% corrupted.I donot have any more words..
waqas Sat 16 Nov, 2013

plz forgive us what is our mistake that these retail prices will not become lowest of low i cant understand the circumstances and opposition of government make the atmosphere and life of people in pakistan peacefil plz we are requesting you look at the pooor we are sitting in car and efford the prices but the poor people who have not money for even to buy a cycle plz think about the current situation of pakistan improve pakistan plz
sunena barbie Wed 13 Nov, 2013

First control Corruption, then every thing will be normalized
Tariq Javed Wed 13 Nov, 2013

Please price ko kum na karo,,, bulke Ghareeb ke lia, Please please please increase the minimum wages from 8000 to 16000 at once. Please please please Mr. PM, I request you. Do it as soon as possible.
Imtiaz Thu 07 Nov, 2013

petrol ki price itni he ke sare salary isi men spend ho jati he
naveed arif Sun 03 Nov, 2013

One way 2 get ride of this pblem. Try 2 minimize defence budget and increase ure human resource development. Finally dis improve ure socio-economic status.
PORAN Tue 22 Oct, 2013

Highest prices of oil in Pakistan. Pakistani nation is very patient.God bless all of us.
Ubaid ur Rehman Thu 10 Oct, 2013

khuda ka kuf khawo patrol ki pariz kam karo
huma Sat 05 Oct, 2013

if you import Oil in dollars, N your rupee is depreciating this has to happen, lot of people among us are make bates, who just exploit and do blame game to support their Parties and personal interest, See this consumer economy, everyone wants a latest cell phone, But we are not manufacturer or either exporter, this means everyone is contributing by increasing import bill and depreciating Pak rupee.. So no point scoring,, sweep before your own doors..
M faisal Fri 04 Oct, 2013

Oil Prices in Merch 2011
awais Fri 04 Oct, 2013

petrol ka rate tu international level per he rahy ga per bijli ka pr unit 06 rupees barhana tu hakomat ka kam he ye hakumat mukamil tor per nakaam ho chuki he. is hakumat ny tu greeb marr dia he eid sy pehly rate barh jayin gy mahghai ka sonami ayee ga.
RIAZ Tue 01 Oct, 2013

Nothing much can do only increasing in prices of petroleum procucts. No more increase in petroleum products.
Syed Fareed uddin Peerzada Mon 30 Sep, 2013

I Love u pakistan par pakistan ma rahna bht mushkil hai yhn hr cheaz manghgi hote ja rhe hai aam man to afod nhe kr skta jb tk ptrol ke kimat kam nhi ho ge tb tk koi be cheaz sasti nhe ho ge
Rao Tariq azeemi Thu 26 Sep, 2013

Mubarak ho sab ko 115 ka petrol.....sab say mahga tareen in history of Pakistan.....Shair a gia bai Shair,,,
Bilal Thu 26 Sep, 2013

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