Prize Bond Schedule 2018 - Basically, Price bond is a lottery kind of bond or can be called as a non-interest type of a security bond, which has an enormous importance worldwide as it’s issued by the minister of finance who’s an Irish Minister through the organization which is known as Price Bond Company limited as it’s re known . Moreover, ... Read More

S. No. Prize Bonds Date Day Held Cities
1 15000 02-01-2018 Monday Muzaffarabad
2 750 15-01-2018 Monday Lahore
3 25000 01-02-2018 Thursday Quetta
4 7500 01-02-2018 Thursday Peshawar
5 1500 15-02-2018 Thursday Karachi
6 100 15-02-2018 Thursday Multan
7 40000 01-03-2018 Thursday Lahore
8 200 15-03-2018 Thursday Faisalabad
9 15000 02-04-2018 Monday Multan
10 750 16-04-2018 Monday Rawalpindi
11 25000 02-05-2018 Wednesday Faisalabad
12 7500 02-05-2018 Wednesday Hyderabad
13 1500 15-05-2018 Tuesday Quetta
14 100 15-05-2018 Tuesday Karachi
15 40000 01-06-2018 Friday Peshawar
16 200 15-06-2018 Friday Muzaffarabad
17 15000 03-07-2018 Tuesday Lahore
18 750 16-07-2018 Monday Faisalabad
19 25000 01-08-2018 Wednesday Rawalpindi
20 7500 01-08-2018 Wednesday Quetta
21 1500 15-08-2018 Wednesday Karachi
22 100 15-08-2018 Wednesday Muzaffarabad
23 40000 03-09-2018 Monday Multan
24 200 17-09-2018 Monday Hyderabad
25 15000 01-10-2018 Monday Peshawar
26 750 15-10-2018 Monday Lahore
27 25000 01-11-2018 Thursday Karachi
28 7500 01-11-2018 Thursday Rawalpindi
29 1500 15-11-2018 Thursday Faisalabad
30 100 15-11-2018 Thursday Multan
31 40000 03-12-2018 Monday Quetta
32 200 17-12-2018 Monday Hyderabad
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)
Isaq dar before anoise 40 thousand ruypees prize bond every month give profit so I ask National saving center what date start please give ans
Muhammad Ramzan Tue 10 Apr, 2018

Sir, Mana 2013 ma ak price bond nekala tah mana abi tak chek nai kia h kia wo chek kr sakta h? Mon 09 Apr, 2018

Hussain Thu 29 Mar, 2018

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Javed Fri 23 Mar, 2018

prize bonds? Do you people really believe in it. I don’t. because I think they are haram money.
Ifra Wed 21 Mar, 2018

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Asad Sun 18 Mar, 2018

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