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 Schedule of Prize Bonds Draw From Jan 2016 To Dec 2016
03 May, 2016 Prize Bond Schedule For 2016 - Are you still searching for accurate and authentic yearly prize bond schedule list for 2016? So, you can find it here on this Page of This is a proper page of yearly schedule list of 2016 for all worth of prize bonds such as; Rs.100 (Student Welfare Prize Bonds), Rs.200, Rs.750, Rs.1, 500, Rs.7, 500, Rs.15, 000, Rs.25, 000 and Rs.40, 000 respectively. The prize bonds are the scheme for collections of funds to meet the expenditure of government. Prize bond is no interest is accumulated or paid. Prize Bond holders are always able to regains your bonds for cash. The same amount as you paid originally. Periodically, a number of prizes are distributed and every bond has an equal chance of winning a prize. You may win much or nothing. But you cannot lose your investment. Prize Bonds are bearer type of security available in seven denominations. These bonds are issued in series and each series consist of one less than 1,000,000 bonds.
S. No. Prize Bonds Date Day Held Cities
1 Rs. 200 /- 15-12-2015 Tuesday Faisalabad
2 Rs. 15,000 /- 04-01-2016 Monday Karachi
3 Rs. 750 /- 15-01-2016 Friday Rawalpindi
4 Rs. 25,000 /- 01-02-2016 Monday Lahore
5 Rs. 7,500 /- 01-02-2016 Monday Multan
6 Rs. 1500 /- 15-02-2016 Monday Peshawar
7 Rs. 100 /- 15-02-2016 Monday Faisalabad
8 Rs. 40,000 /- 01-03-2016 Tuesday Quetta
9 Rs. 200 /- 15-03-2016 Tuesday Muzaffarabad
10 Rs. 15,000 /- 01-04-2016 Friday Hyderabad
11 Rs. 750 /- 15-04-2016 Friday Karachi
12 Rs. 25,000 /- 02-05-2016 Monday Rawalpindi
13 Rs. 7,500 /- 02-05-2016 Monday Lahore
14 Rs. 1500 /- 16-05-2016 Monday Multan
15 Rs. 100 /- 16-05-2016 Monday Peshawar
16 Rs. 40,000 /- 01-06-2016 Wednesday Lahore
17 Rs. 200 /- 15-06-2016 Wednesday Faisalabad
18 Rs. 15,000 /- 04-07-2016 Monday Quetta
19 Rs. 750 /- 15-07-2016 Friday Muzaffarabad
20 Rs. 25,000 /- 01-08-2016 Monday Hyderabad
21 Rs. 7,500 /- 01-08-2016 Monday Karachi
22 Rs. 1500 /- 15-08-2016 Monday Rawalpindi
23 Rs. 100 /- 15-08-2016 Monday Lahore
24 Rs. 40,000 /- 01-09-2016 Thursday Multan
25 Rs. 200 /- 15-09-2016 Thursday Peshawar
26 Rs. 15,000 /- 03-10-2016 Monday Faisalabad
27 Rs. 750 /- 17-10-2016 Monday Quetta
28 Rs. 25,000 /- 01-11-2016 Tuesday Muzaffarabad
29 Rs. 7,500 /- 01-11-2016 Tuesday Hyderabad
30 Rs. 1500 /- 15-11-2016 Tuesday Karachi
31 Rs. 100 /- 15-11-2016 Tuesday Rawalpindi
32 Rs. 40,000 /- 01-12-2016 Thursday Peshawar
33 Rs. 200 15-12-2016 Thursday Multan
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday(s) the draw will be held on the following working days
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 Prize Bond Comments 
good to have all prize bond schedule list 2016.
Javaid Tue 03 May, 2016

here I am always find the prize bond schedule list 2016, thanks pakbiz for providing every draw schedule list.
Haroon Mon 02 May, 2016

Prize Bond List 7500 - The upcoming prize bond worth Rs.7500/- each will be held at Lahore city, and prize bond draw # 66 result will be announced on Monday, 02 May, 2016 in the evening. By the reference of CDNS - Central Directorate of National Savings (Prize Bond) of Pakistan, the winning amount of 1st prize is Rs.15,000,000/-(1.5 Crore) while the three prizes of Rs.5,000,000/- (50 Lakhs) each has been reserved for 2nd position. Moreover, 3rd prizes of Rs.93,000/- will be awarded to each of 1696 winning numbers as well. Mon 02 May, 2016

i have registered so many bonds in pak prize bond,previously it was working alright but now a days the reasult is not given for registerd bond, even sign in page is also missing so it becomes diffecult rather not posible to check the result, for exampleprize bond draw of 750 ruppees prize bond held on 15 april is still not given by pak prize bonds,
riaz Mon 02 May, 2016

prize bond schedule 2016, draw list Rs.7500/- Draw # 66 Lahore city, and prize bond Rs. 25000/- Draw # 17 Rawalpindi city will be held on Monday 2 May, 2016.
Junaid Sat 30 Apr, 2016

Aray yar ye prize bond nikalte bhi ya nahi
Farhan Fri 29 Apr, 2016

prize bond
Waqas Fri 29 Apr, 2016

Just waiting for the complete result of prize bond 750 today, my numbers are not in 1st prize and 2nd prize as well, as it is happened, so waiting and hoping in 3rd prizes .....
Sohail Sabir Fri 15 Apr, 2016

Thanks for providing prize bond draw schedule list 2016 for Rs. 750 /- draw 66 karachi.
Fayyaz Thu 14 Apr, 2016

Thanks for providing whole year prize bond schedule list 2016, i want to update with each upcoming draw, please update me how can i this? Plz also confirm when prize bond Rs.750/- draw # 66 Karachi will be announced on 15th April?
Tabassum Wed 13 Apr, 2016

Here is the detail of Rs. 750 prize bond draw - The most awaited next prize bond worth Rs.750/- each will be held at Karachi city, and prize bond draw # 66 result will be announced on Friday, 15 April, 2016 in the evening. By the reference of CDNS - Central Directorate of National Savings (Prize Bond) of Pakistan, the winning amount of 1st prize is Rs.1,500,000/-(15 Lakhs) while the three prizes of Rs.500,000/- (5 Lakhs) each has been reserved for 2nd position. Moreover, 3rd prizes of Rs.9,300/- will be awarded to each of 1696 winning numbers as well.
Erum Naz Tue 12 Apr, 2016

Allah kary mra prize bond lag jy
babar khan Mon 11 Apr, 2016

I like this apps
rukham Wed 06 Apr, 2016

Allah kary sub ki tamana pori hooo
Ahtsham Tue 05 Apr, 2016

Registered Prize Bonds is a type of bond whose purchaser or owner is registered with the bond’s issuer (National Savings). The purchaser’s details (name and contact information) will be recorded and kept on a special file with the National Savings, allowing the National Savings to pay the bond’s coupon payment to the appropriate person (purchases or owner).
Kumar Fri 01 Apr, 2016

The Ministry of Finance has approved launching of Registered Prize Bonds by the National Savings. In addition to providing cash prizes by normal draw, the holders will also be able to earn the profit on a quarterly basis. Telling about the Registered Prize Bonds, the official of National Savings has stated that these bonds will be registered on the name of the purchasers and no other holder will be allowed to claim the holdings instead of the registered purchasers. This will further enhance the security of bond in case of theft or lost.
Fareed Fri 01 Apr, 2016

Price bond numbr ktnay arsa tk check ke jah sakti ha.
Sabar raj Thu 31 Mar, 2016

mujse pucho main btao ga bond ke bare main
zeeshan shaikh Mon 21 Mar, 2016

Please confirm when complete result of prize bond Rs. 200 will be announced? I am waiting, and also waiting for prize money, again trying, I hope this time. Please also confirm the draw # number of Rs. 200 and city name as well
Nazish Mon 14 Mar, 2016

kisi bi prize bond ka online result kaise check krte hai and prize bond dealer se kaise mile ga plz tell me thankssss
UMAR Sat 12 Mar, 2016

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