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 Prize Bond Schedule 2017

16 Jan, 2017 Prize Bond Schedule 2017 - Find out new prize bond draw schedule for 2017 from January to December or National Savings draw calender year 2017, On this page you can check yearly from January to December schedule list of 2017 for all worth of prize bonds such as; Rs 100 (Student Welfare Prize Bonds), Rs 200, Rs 750, Rs 1500, Rs 7500, Rs 15 000, Rs 25000 and Rs 40000 respectively. The prize bonds are the scheme for collections of funds to meet the expenditure of government. Prize bond is no interest is accumulated or paid. Prize Bond holders are always able to regains your bonds for cash. The same amount as you paid originally. Periodically, a number of prizes are distributed and every bond has an equal chance of winning a prize. You may win much or nothing. But you cannot lose your investment. Prize Bonds are bearer type of security available in seven denominations. These bonds are issued in series and each series consist of one less than 1,000,000 bonds.
S. No. Prize Bonds Date Day Held Cities
1 15000 02-01-2017 Monday Rawalpindi
2 750 16-01-2017 Monday Faisalabad
3 25000 01-02-2017 Wednesday Quetta
4 7500 01-02-2017 Wednesday Peshawar
5 1500 15-02-2017 Wednesday Hyderabad
6 100 15-02-2017 Wednesday Muzaffarabad
7 40000 01-03-2017 Wednesday Karachi
8 200 15-03-2017 Wednesday Rawalpindi
9 15000 03-04-2017 Monday Lahore
10 750 17-04-2017 Monday Peshawar
11 25000 02-05-2017 Tuesday Multan
12 7500 02-05-2017 Tuesday Faisalabad
13 1500 15-05-2017 Monday Lahore
14 100 15-05-2017 Monday Quetta
15 40000 01-06-2017 Thursday Rawalpindi
16 200 15-06-2017 Thursday Karachi
17 15000 03-07-2017 Monday Muzaffarabad
18 750 17-07-2017 Monday Lahore
19 25000 01-08-2017 Tuesday Peshawar
20 7500 01-08-2017 Tuesday Rawalpindi
21 1500 15-08-2017 Tuesday Multan
22 100 15-08-2017 Tuesday Karachi
23 40000 01-09-2017 Friday Hyderabad
24 200 15-09-2017 Friday Muzaffarabad
25 15000 02-10-2017 Monday Multan
26 750 16-10-2017 Monday Hyderabad
27 25000 01-11-2017 Wednesday Karachi
28 7500 01-11-2017 Wednesday Quetta
29 1500 15-11-2017 Wednesday Peshawar
30 100 15-11-2017 Wednesday Hyderabad
31 40000 01-12-2017 Friday Faisalabad
32 200 15-12-2017 Friday Lahore
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)
 Prize Bond Comments 
National Savings was serving more than seven million accounts all over Pakistan by offering a variety of savings schemes, which target all segments of the society. The finance minister expressed the hope that National Savings would take further steps to ensure effective utilisation of technology, in order to enhance financial inclusion. He urged National Savings to undertake all necessary measures to ensure smooth service delivery and a convenient customer experience to the people of Pakistan.
Admin Sun 15 Jan, 2017

Plz anyone give me the bonds included 40000 bond
68829 Fri 13 Jan, 2017

Prizebond qura andazi hony say kitni dar pely lay salty hain Plz tell me
Mohsin raza Fri 13 Jan, 2017

Please send list 15000 inami bond list 2017
Abdul Sattar Tue 10 Jan, 2017

Plllzzzz draw Nmbr sent karo mhrbani hogi. Jis ko pata ho
ronaldo Sat 07 Jan, 2017

Investment is not good in different National Saving Scheme, Due to Low Profits. In Prize Bonds even People Intreast is decreasing due to 20% ClaimsTax. Also in Filer And Non Filer Claims. It Should be Same 10% for All.
Muhammad Gulzar Ahmed Thu 05 Jan, 2017

From where I can purchase prize bond ?? From any bank or from Nation Savings branches ??? Kindly inform me about details ???
Tayyab Thu 05 Jan, 2017

haseeb Tue 03 Jan, 2017

i have heard that RS 40000 BOND WILL BE STOPPED FOREVER
MAJID Mon 02 Jan, 2017

I have a querey since i am new who buy prize bonds, since i am based in Karachi and i have purchased bonds from Karachi, shall i have to check my numbers in draw of other cities as well?
Mirza Tufail Sun 01 Jan, 2017

Please send prize bond schedule list 2017 via email. Thanks
Fasih Sun 01 Jan, 2017

Plz send me in my inbox
Muhammad yaseen Sat 31 Dec, 2016

Thanks for sharing prize bond schedule list 2017.
Sabir Sat 31 Dec, 2016

A joke in pakistan tax policies. PRIZE Bonds tax 20%. On Prize Claims. Investment will Definately increase If limit of tax may be 10%.
Muhammad Gulzar Ahmed Thu 29 Dec, 2016

Dear Yasir, Please note ; Rs. 15000 prize bond draw result will be announced on Monday 02-01-2017 held in Rawalpindi city.
Admin Thu 29 Dec, 2016

1500 waly ki next qurandazi kab hai kis month mein hai rawalpindi ki koi bhai bta skta hau
yasir Thu 29 Dec, 2016

Please send me this prize bond schedule 2017, i want to also get update upcoming draw of Rs. 15000 result. Thanks
Ameen Wed 28 Dec, 2016

Thanks for updating prize bond draw schedule list 2017, i was waiting for that updates, Please do one thing, when announced 1st and 2nd prize of Rs. 15000 prize bond so please send it. Thanks
Assif Tue 27 Dec, 2016

Please email this prize bond schedule list 2017.
Asad Sun 25 Dec, 2016

15000 02-01-2017 Monday Rawalpindi
javed akhter Sat 24 Dec, 2016

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