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KSE Market Summary

24 Apr, 2014 KSE Market Summary - KSE market summary refers to companies live shares value in the market, and shares data continuously refresh after every 5 minutes with company symbols, LDCP (Last day closing price), its open value, shares high value, low value, shares current position in the market, and how much shares value change during trading and its total volume respectively. Read more

Market Summary

Apr 24, 2014 09:20
Market Symbols KSE100 Index AllShare Index KSE 30 Index KMI 30 Index
Data refreshes in 5 minutes
* LDCP represents Last Day Close Price
Record Not Found!


KSE Market Summary - KSE Market Summary KSE provides live and updated market information for investors such as; online trade screen, market summary, market watch, top symbols, symbol upper / lower cap, market indices, sector wise summary, financial announcements, daily announcements, quotations, position limit, historical data, research & reports and book building mainly. Find out KSE market highlights & market summary along with daily updated of KSE Share Prices, KSE Data, Stocks details summary and complete market watch on

AOA , Can any body give me any tip on how pell is going to perform in the upcoming days?
Shoaib Wed 23 Apr, 2014

salam dears ! market kuch points nichy ay gi so be carefull. AND good news for engro shares engro shares again touch 90. so if u want to buy 90 is best price.allah hafiz
aaqib Wed 23 Apr, 2014

Avancian ltd ma invest kero........
chaudri Tue 22 Apr, 2014

Bankof punjab is me invest kero yaar 100 ka ho jai ga
Asif Tue 22 Apr, 2014

Hii guys, any tip b/w below rs 15 shares..
humee Sat 19 Apr, 2014

oye ye hai kaun jis ne captain sir ki shan mai kuch bola .... auqaat kia hai un logo ki .... kahan ki bat ko kahan se mila rhy ho .... jab sir javed ne humnl ki prediction di the tab humnl ne results diye thay .... and rest ptc etc wali batpe sir abhi b qaim hain k ye acha result day ga .... captn sir plz ignore ap kuch mat bolain hum hain ap ki taraf se jawab dene k lie .. ab banda meethi kheer bana k kisi janwar k agay rakh day to iska kia faida.....
captain Irfan Fri 18 Apr, 2014

mr.ahmad aap pls mr.javed iqbal ko blame na kre. aus jab ptc ka kaha tha, aus time ye below 30 tha. ab ex honay ke baad dekh le kya price hai aur ye kaha tak gaya hai. tele. javed sb ne jab javed sb ne recommend kya 5,25 par tha ye aus ke 5,18 par be gaya tha. aur 3 days before iss ne 5.89 touch kya hai. agar aap ye calculate kre. tu pata chal jaye ga ke kitna faida sirf iss share se logon ko puhncha hoga. ptc aur tele may be mazeed 3g and 4g se barh sakte hai. javed sb ka kaa m tip dena hai. baqi kaam har bande ka apna hai kab lena aur kab bejna hai. ahmad sb time mila tu kafi example jo de sakta hn. q k mujhay zati toor par faida huwa hai. aur sara credit javed sb k jata hai.
suhail Fri 18 Apr, 2014

a. abbas,shahbaz, tariq etc, i dont care, ki koyee mujh si advoice lita hay ya nahi,,agar javid kisi ki maan ka yaar hay, to us ko mobarik ho, but us ni mujhay and mujh jaisy bahout si logon ko noqsan deya hay, iss leyee,mi ni us ka moonn band karney k liyee likha hay,mujhay aaj tak kisi ni ye nahi kaha,na mi ni kisi ko kaha, k buy/sell this,, kia mi ni kabhi kisi k barey mi naam lay kar kuch likha??? aakhir mujhay us si kia dushmani hay, us ko koyee haq nahi, k kisi ko phone karey,our ghalat guide karey, yahan jis ki jo marzi ho likhay. main jo sahi samjhta hun likhta hun, aap log apni marzi karein,
ahmed Fri 18 Apr, 2014

AOA, thanks mr Ahmed, u showed the mirror of javid gave me many times loss, He told sell jsil at 11.50,and buy ptc/tele,Humnl etc. all r sattey baaz here, u showing greatness and advising nice to innocent people. plz continue ur comments, inshAllah Allah will give u return,cuz u trying to save the money of public,I challenged all here,,Any1 here who worked in this market since last 5/10 years, and got profit? for God sake,plz avoid this market,its a game. regard , COL Nadeem
col Nadeem Fri 18 Apr, 2014

You are all advised to sell maple leaf because this script is going to down
Tahir Fri 18 Apr, 2014

its a good page,with nice persons,plz tell me about DGKC i bought it 800 shares in 2008 @ 117 and 119 rupees,any one advise me when i sale its,and also have 1500 shares of lafrage cement at 10>50 and 13.50.plz also advise me when i sale its.
tariq mehmood Fri 18 Apr, 2014

asslam o alaikum mr ahmed i have seen one thing. app say kabhee kisi nay koi mashwara nahee manga kay kaya karna chahiyay kon sa share lena ya sell karna hai . app har waqt shout kartay rahtay hian magar app ki baat koi nahee sunta kiu kay app ki kisi baat mai koi wazan nahee hota sab bullshit hote hain and regarding captan javed sb bohat loog on say poochtay hain aur dhian letay hian and on ka kaha 99 % sahee hota hia . magar app mujhay fazool admee lagtay hain . sir javed sahab shukria app ka appp ka dhian bhoat useful hai hamaray leay . app plz likhtay raha karian. mr ahmed sahab is forum ko app jasay loogoon ki zaroorat nahee hia so app kahin aoor ja kay shor machain app ki maharbani ho gee aur hamay hamaray haal pay chor dain . app ki advice aur tip ki hamay koi zaroorat nahee hia . shukria. a. abbas
a. abbas Fri 18 Apr, 2014

aoa mr captain sahib on behalf of this stupid person mr ahmed we are sorry . ypu plz keep on writing as ur all advises .are very very much accurate. on ur tip in feb i bought dgkc at 84 and now it is on broker told me to buy bopr1 at 2.45 but you stopped and now the time proves that u were always right sir app ka shukria app nay mujhay efert 43 pay buy ka signal diya tha and ALHAMADOLILLAH ya ajj 70 pay hai. what a shot and u gave me the target price of 70 what a dhian . salute u sir . sir this person mr ahmad does not know anything about stock so we r with you dont worry . olz keep on writing on this site as many people are giving u dua and are happpy from your termendous dhian . shukria sir javed FROM SHAHBAZ TARIQ
shahbaz tariq Fri 18 Apr, 2014

aoa mr ahmed i think that you are a shameless person and i respect you sir captain javed. at least by your advice i dont not take pange in bopr1 and you told the people not to buy bop right shares and i avoided huge loss.and thanks sir u also told me to buy fccl at 15.75 with a target price of rupees 18 in two months and by u wise advise i have earned . i have observed many many time that many time when u write about market it moves according to your estimations. i remember that when it was near 26800 u advised to quit and wait for a correction of 1500 points and what a great analysis that it came down after that at 25300.u told us to buy bop at 10.3 with a target price of 11.5 and excately same thing happened as bop went on 11.5 and then came back . i dont know how u analyse but i really admire as ur analyses is really termendous and amazing. in have not seen any one to give such like accurate dhean. u told us to remain away from trg as satta is going on in it and excately same thing happened. many times u have told about ptc and i have seen that ur dhean is dead accurate . y i m writing this all becoz that its only you who have saved my heavy losses and by ur dhian i m in profits. thanks sir mr captain sahib . u r really doing a great job. tahir usmani
tahir usmani Fri 18 Apr, 2014

captain javed sir thanku very much for guiding me .u were the only one who told me to take exit from jsil when it was on 14.5 and i booked my profits .then on your advice i bought humnl at 84.5 and sold it at 95 before ex bouns. then again purchase at 89 and took the bonuse. and now again when it opened after ex bonus at 68.7 i purchased it and again sold it at 73. wow , u r a great person . now on your advise i have purchased on monday mcb at 268 and its giving me again 12 rupees , salute to you sir . i really appriciate ur you should not take care of persons like mr. ahmed because i think he is an agent or some broker, who always try to be over smart and the persons who do not know any thing normally they try to become over smart. regards and salam , umar farooq
umar farooq Fri 18 Apr, 2014

mr ahmed how much money have been given to you by js group to promote js group shares,,,, :) wow what a joke from your side and amazing to listen ptc share as a kachra share who gives dividends. thank u sir javed i on your advise bought tele at 4.90 and sold it at 5.8 and bought ptc at 27.8 two months back and sold it at 33.1 . salute to u captain javed. samirah rahman
samirah rahman Fri 18 Apr, 2014

mr ahmed people like u come in my office take tips from me and then bark outside . i know how much capable captain javed .
javed iqbal Fri 18 Apr, 2014

Aoa, Buy Silk and summit bank SMBL, v good news in both banks, silk bank Board Meeting at wednesday April 23, will give good result inshAllah,,,,
Ali Fri 18 Apr, 2014

Aoa, dears dont worried about correction, if correction comes after 30,000/ so it will come in scrips which has gone up with market, for example oil sector,and big banks in banking sector,AVN,PAEL,PTC ,LUCK etc, correction will not affect the scrips which did't go up with index,. and 2nd result season started,so no chanse of huge correction. its just my view to buy small banks silk,SMBL etc, cuz their much chanses of increase, as u watching huge volumes in small banks,it means people buying it at this level, ..ALI
Ali Thu 17 Apr, 2014

friend i need some guidance about hascol share how far its go after draw? specialyy from captain jawaid
Manzar Jafri Thu 17 Apr, 2014

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