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KSE - Karachi Stock Exchange

28 May, 2015 KSE Live - Karachi Stock Exchange - Currently, trading in KSE 100 index shows resistant and weak line from past few days. Experts are observed, market has possibly entered the wave C fall which could drag the index down to much deeper levels. On the upside, a breakout above 34,000 levels is required to mitigate the Zig Zag corrective count and consider an alternate scenario. provides KSE 100 index live details and experts’ opinion on this page. Moreover, many KSE stock investors are submit their valuable tips and stock research reports as well. The following page shows KSE market highlights of all current data of KSE such as ; KSE 100 Index, KSE All Shares, KSE 30 Index, KMI 30 Index respectively. This page is just facilitates to all new and old visitors regarding KSE market trend. Any shareholders can get real time stock market position with all details. KSE market summary shows each company’s shares on this platform for the convenience of share holders. All the KSE market data are taken from Karachi stock exchange. Read more

May 28, 2015 19:34
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 KSE Market Summary  KSE Trade Screen

KSE 100 Index Live - As on January 4th, 2015 there are 579 companies listed in KSE and the total market capitalization is Rs. 7,439.095 billions. The listing is done on the basis of strict rules and regulations laid out by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) & Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. All the listed companies are categorized in various main business sectors. There are total 36 sectors listed on Karachi Stock Exchange. Out of these, 33 sectors contribute towards the market capitalization and all the listed companies (excluding their future contracts) are divided among these. Rests of the 3 sectors are allocated for indexes, futures bonds etc.
These non market capitalization contributing sectors are as follows:

> Bonds
> Non Equity Inv Instruments
> Stock Index Future Contracts

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Textile secter up after budget Insha Allah.
Ehsaan Awan Thu 28 May, 2015

A tug of war continues between the bulls and the bears with neither party being able to wrest a dominant control. Any upside is seen checked by a resistance clustered around 33,000 — 33,133 levels. Firm footing above the 21-day average (33,213) would further be required to challenge the tentative resistance line developed by joining Feb’15 and this month’s peaks. On the downside, a relapse below yesterday’s low (32,477) can refresh the downwards momentum towards 31,903 level. General outlook remains restrictive below the tentative resistance line, keeping the corrective count in place for weakness towards 31,572 — 31,350 levels. A breakout above 34,143 level is required to mitigate the Zig Zag corrective count and consider an alternate scenario. 13-day Leaders: IDYM, JDWS, SHEZ, KOHE, ABOT, PSEL, MLCF, GLAXO, PAEL & SEARL 13-day Laggards: IBFL, HCAR, JSCL, BAFL, SRVI, ABL, NCL, UBL, HUMNL & ACPL
Faryal Fahim Tue 26 May, 2015

Term: Amid lackluster trade, the benchmark KSE settled 0.46% lower yesterday. Technical picture remains restrictive below the 21-day average (33,369) with the 14-day RSI momentum resistance intact at 65 reading. Immediate weakness below 32,826 level can induce pressure towards 32,370 level with a resistance around 33,134 level seen blocking any recovery attempt. On a higher degree, a top marked at 34,020 level keeps possibility for weakness towards 31,572 — 31,350 levels. According to our count, market has possibly entered the wave C fall which may drag the index down to much deeper levels. On the upside, a breakout above 34,143 level is required to mitigate the Zig Zag corrective count and consider an alternate corrective scenario. 13-day Leaders: IDYM, PAKT, JDWS, EFUL, ABOT, SHFA, AHCL, JGICL, PSEL & SHEZ 13-day Laggards: JSCL, THALL, DGKC, SRVI, ATLH, HMB, KOHC, ENGRO, ICI & COLG
Ahsan Ahmed Khan Tue 19 May, 2015

Danish Ghafoor Fri 15 May, 2015

Shocking many complacent bulls, the benchmark KSE breached its minor averages through an extremely weak line yesterday to settle around the 55-day average (32,590). Immediate support placed within 32,370 — 32,164 levels may allow a temporary relief with limited upside up to 33,000 level. However, the short-term profile would remain bearish, sighting possibility for weakness towards 31,572 — 31,350 levels. According to our observation, market has possibly entered the wave C fall which could drag the index down to much deeper levels. On the upside, a breakout above 34,000 level is required to mitigate the Zig Zag corrective count and consider an alternate scenario. 13-day Leaders: EFUL, INDU, HCAR, AHCL, SHFA, ABOT, NESTLE, JGICL, PSEL & PSMC 13-day Laggards: GATM, JSCL, HMB, NATF, KOHC, BATA, BNWM, SNBL, KTML & PUNO
Asad Ahmed Omer Wed 13 May, 2015

Restriction continues around the 34,000 psychological level. Immediate weakness below 33,688 can expose pressure towards 33,390 and 33,000 levels. On the upside, strength above 34,020 is required to allow minute continuation towards 34,143 level. Despite a deep and steep recovery beyond the 80% retracement of Feb’15 to March’15 fall (35,055 to 28,648) over the last five weeks, we continue to prefer a corrective Elliot wave count (Zig Zag) viewing ensuing recovery as wave B. A relapse below 32,826 level would confirm that upwards move is done and market has entered the wave C fall. 13-day Leaders: EFUL, INDU, ABOT, HCAR, SHFA, AHCL, GHGL, HBL, IGIIL & JGICL 13-day Laggards: GATM, ATLH, BNWM, NATF, MUREB, IBFL, JSCL, SNBL, OLPL & PAKT
Ndeem Farooq Mon 11 May, 2015

I had purchased shares of Kasab Bank Limited, but this was suspended and now I come now that Kasab Bank has been merged with Bank Islami. I want know that faith of Shares of Kassam Bank Please inform me. Thanks.
Iqbal Tola Sat 09 May, 2015

Energy sector on rebounding global oil prices pulled Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) in green on Wednesday. KSE-100 index gained 305.64 points to close at 33,839.28 points as compared to 33,533.64 of the previous session. The KSE-30 Index advanced by 235.56 points and closed at 21,786.69 points against 21,553.13 points of last closing. Elixir Securities’ analyst Faisal Bilwani said Pakistan equities closed positive as sharp gains in oil stocks offset wider market weakness. Oil names led by index heavy Exploration and Productions opened gap up after surge in global crude with Oil and Gas Developed Company (plus 5 percent) hitting upper price limit and gaining most on a day in last six month. Pakistan Oil Fields (plus 5 percent) and Pakistan Petroleum (plus 3.5 percent) followed suit while Engro Corporation (minus 0.8 percent) ended lower on third consecutive day. Cement traded mixed and broader market struggled to find direction as locals continue to be very selective ahead of budget announcement (due first week June), which is expected to tighten grip on tax collection, he added. We see benchmark to test 34,000 with profit taking likely near 34,200 while oil stocks may see upside of another 2-3 percent from current levels. Cement and Fertilizer are likely to see interest in days ahead however locals will remain cautious and track political developments as tribunals hear allegations on 2013 elections, said Bilwani. Habib Metropolitan Financial Services Saba Mahmood said, “Following profit booking by investors in the last two trading sessions, positive sentiment was prevalent on the local bourse once again in light of Standard and Poor’s upgrading its outlook, with index closing at 33,839 points”. With international crude oil prices climbing up to $69, index heavy weights oil sector pulled market upward with all stocks trading in green zone. The market is expected to remain tumultuous with volumes expected to dry out slowly, she added. The market volume increased to 214.624 million shares traded as compared to 172.649 million shares traded in previous session. The overall market capitalisation rose to Rs 7.354 trillion as compared to Rs 7.244 trillion of previous session. Trading value at local bourse swelled to Rs 11.909 billion against Rs 10.535 billion of previous session. Out of 362 scrips, 191 scrips advanced, 152 scrips declined while the value of 19 scrips remained unchanged. The KMI-30 index rose by 538.11 points to close at 55,703.66 points as compared to 55,165.55 points of the previous session. The KSE all-share index went 302.98 points up to close at 23,699.44 points as compared to 23,396.46 points of the previous session. Pak Elektron was volume leader in market with 23.578 million shares as it closed at Rs 63.13 followed by Byco Petroleum with trading of 15.214 million shares and closed at Rs 12.42. Karachi Electric Limited traded 13.959 million shares and closed at Rs 7.76.
Ahmed Durrani Thu 07 May, 2015

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Managing Director Nadeem Naqvi has said the exchange has written a letter to ACE Securities, asking its management to immediately meet investors’ demands for share transfers and cash withdrawals. Speaking to The Express Tribune on Friday, Naqvi confirmed that many investors have approached the KSE with regard to ACE Securities whose management has not been acting upon their requests for withdrawal from their cash books. The stock market has been abuzz with reports of at least one brokerage house failing to honour investors’ requests following the alleged escape of their owners from the country. Naqvi added the amount involved is around the Rs40-million mark. “We’ll leave no stone unturned to protect investors’ money. It’s unfortunate that we’ve received such complaints about a broker,” he said.
Uzair Shah Thu 07 May, 2015

For the past five decades, the Business Recorder newspaper has been the voice of the economy. It has chronicled the achievements, opportunities and challenges confronted by the country's businesses. From the fields, farms and mines, to the assembly lines and factories; from shop floors to the floor of the Parliament; this publication has kept those that drive the nation's economic prowess informed about the world around them, and also taken their voice to the chambers which decide and implement policies that shape our economy. Business Recorder has continued to evolve and develop as an objective and analytical newspaper with arguably the best investment and business research capability amongst major publications in Pakistan. Page Two has become a must read for busy professionals, investors and business persons akin to the LexColumn in the Financial Times. The Business Recorder Op-ed page provides readers with independent and well-articulated views on current affairs, economic and regulatory policies as well as aspects of the political economy. To summarise, Business Recorder provides its reads with a broad spectrum of news and views enabling them to make informed decisions.
Nadeem Thu 07 May, 2015

Farida sahiba , i can guide you about buying shares . you can contact me on face book .
Nisar Ahmed Wed 06 May, 2015

I need some advices about buying shares in kse.plz guide me.thanks
Farida Arif Wed 06 May, 2015

What is the future of kel?
shakeel Ahmed Tue 05 May, 2015

Stocks on Monday closed bullish led by selected scrips across the board on strong valuations. Bulls dominated the session today. However after initial gains of 196 points, the market closed only up 69 points at 33,844 level with volumes of over 263m shares. After the government’s announcement of reducing the PSDP by Rs58b, the cement sector witnessed pressure as investors chose to book gains. Resultantly, most of the scripts including FCCL down 1.7pc, PIOC 1.1pc, CHCC 1.0pc) and KOHC 0.5pc remained in red. As Arab Light trades above $60/bbl, ATRL rose 5pc, SHEL 2.6pc and NRL 1.1pc respectively rallied, making the oil sector favourable in short term. A correction in the market is due; consolidation at around 33,500 level is expected, observed analyst Ahmed Saeed Khan. Investors booked profit in FCCL and PSO after below expectation results. PSO announced March quarter loss while interim dividend of Rs.6/share was a surprise. FCCL earnings also fell below analysts’ estimations. Stock closed 1.8pc down. Engro remained in the limelight with 8.9m shares traded worth of Rs.2.75b ahead of EFERT secondary offering this week, commented Samar Iqbal at brokerage house Topline Securities. Trade remained high led by second and third tier stocks. Post results consolidation in cement, oil and banking stocks invited late session profit taking. Speculations ahead of SBP policy rate announcements due next month, strong earnings outlook in selected auto, fertilizer and cement stocks led the bullish activity at KSE, stated analyst Ahsan Mehanti.
Faysal Shah Wed 29 Apr, 2015

Short-Term: Immediate trend remains bullish above 32,826 level possibility stretching towards 34,143 level. Nearby supports reside around 33,469 and 32,927 levels. A relapse below 32,826 level is needed to interrupt the bullish progression. So far, we continue to prefer the corrective Elliot wave count viewing recent recovery from 28,648 level as wave B. Investors are advised to avail this relief as an opportunity to reduce exposure awaiting a fall in wave C to re-enter. 13-day Leaders: TRG, UBL, BOP, BAFL, SNBL, BATA, POL, AKBL, FABL & PPL 13-day Laggards: PAKT, MUREB, NCL, SHEZ, PTC, COLG, SSGC, RMPL, CHCC & ATBA
Omair Jahanzaib Mon 27 Apr, 2015

The GoP is gearing up to give firm commitments with respect to capping power sector subsidies (capping circular debt at PkR250bn) and broadening the tax base to the IMF in the upcoming 7th review talks.
Babar Siddiqui Fri 24 Apr, 2015

Short-Term: Some signs of exhaustion have started to surface near the 78.6% retracement of last decent (35,055 to 28,648) at 33,684 level. A relapse below yesterday’s low (32,826) is required to perpetuate selling towards 32,382 level where such weakness would confirm an immediate top. Any recovery attempt is likely to counter resistance around 33,335 — 33,365 levels. So far, we continue to prefer the corrective Elliot wave count viewing recent recovery as wave B. Increased volatility and momentum at resistance readings remain a concern for sustained upside ahead. Investors are advised to avail this relief as an opportunity to reduce exposure awaiting a fall in wave C to re-enter. 13-day Leaders: EFOODS, TRG, PUNO, PAEL, KOHC, ATRL, KTML, JSCL, MLCF & PPL 13-day Laggards: MUREB, SHEZ, RMPL, HUMNL, IDYM, SHFA, SSGC, NCL, NESTLE & NATF
Tanveer Fri 24 Apr, 2015

Any news anout POL
shoaib siddiqui Fri 24 Apr, 2015

Saleem Zaki Tue 21 Apr, 2015

what is fate of akzo and hinoon after payout.please guide
Zeeshan Mon 20 Apr, 2015

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