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KSE - Karachi Stock Exchange

28 May, 2016

KSE - Karachi Stock Exchange - Pakistan market has outperformed its Asian stock markets peers in terms of shares performance during first quarter of 2016. It outperformed Sri Lanka, which fell by 13 percent (in US$ terms) and also Vietnam and Bangladesh, which fell 2 percent (in US$ terms) and 5 percent (in US$ terms), respectively. According to experts, continuous foreign selling has kept market under pressure. Foreigners net selling in 1Q2016 was US$100. 6mn according to National Clearing Company Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) data. Foreigners have been net sellers (on monthly basis) since July 2015, however quantum in outgoing month was lowest since then. This led the KSE-100 index to rise by 5. 6 percent in March 2016, which is highest monthly increase during last 5 months. The following page shows KSE market highlights of all current data of KSE such as ; KSE 100 Index, KSE All Shares, KSE 30 Index, KMI 30 Index respectively. This page is just facilitates to all new and old visitors regarding KSE market trend. Any shareholders can get real time stock market position with all details. KSE market summary shows each company’s shares on this platform for the convenience of share holders. All the KSE market data are taken from Karachi stock exchange. Read more

May 27, 2016 19:31
Status: Closed Volume: 199,985,840 Value : 9,430,325,901.40 Trades: 73,642
Symbols KSE100 Index AllShare Index KSE 30 Index KMI 30 Index All Share Islamic Index
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KSE 100 Index Share Price - The Karachi Stocks extended gains on Thursday with the index crossing psychological barrier of 35000 ended at highest ever level on the second consecutive day of newly started fiscal year over the investors’ continued euphoria in cement and fertiliser stocks. KSE-100 index gained 342.95 points to close at 35186.56 points as compared to 34843.61 of the previous session. The KSE-30 Index added 220.52 points and closed at 22122.68 points against 21902.16 points of the last closing. As on January 4th, 2015 there are 579 companies listed in KSE and the total market capitalization is Rs. 7,439.095 billions. The listing is done on the basis of strict rules and regulations laid out by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) & Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. All the listed companies are categorized in various main business sectors. There are total 36 sectors listed on Karachi Stock Exchange. Out of these, 33 sectors contribute towards the market capitalization and all the listed companies (excluding their future contracts) are divided among these. Rests of the 3 sectors are allocated for indexes, futures bonds etc.
These non market capitalization contributing sectors are as follows:

> Bonds
> Non Equity Inv Instruments
> Stock Index Future Contracts

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After witnessing two bearish sessions, Pakistan Stock Exchange staged rebound on Thursday. The benchmark 100-share index rose by 41. 54 points (up 0. 11%) to close at 36,540. 97 points.
Tayyab Fri 27 May, 2016

here is correction due to political instability, and also kse 100 index go higher side, foreign selling is keep increasing, some rumors as well in the market becareful DCL Dewan cement.
Danish Feroz Mon 16 May, 2016

here is correction due to political instability, and also kse 100 index go higher side, foreign selling is keep increasing, some rumors as well in the market becareful DCL Dewan cement.
Danish Feroz Mon 16 May, 2016

KSE-100 Index despite a massive market volume of over 300 million shares remained almost unchanged with a mere addition of 1 point to close in green at 36,266 levels here on Wednesday. According to market analysts, any correction from current levels could be limited to 35,800-36,000 area and should be considered as an opportunity to buy, however foreign portfolio investors’ selling in select bank and fertilizer companies kept the upside in check with the KSE-100 index closing the day with a slight gain of 1 point.
Beenish Thu 12 May, 2016

it is glad, kse 100 index have been crossed psychological level of 35000 share index, now what is next??? is there any correction near??? what are blue chip item right now, which company's shares are best in terms of long term and profitable???
Raaj Thu 05 May, 2016

what about pace pakistan ?
lion Sat 30 Apr, 2016

Buy KTML,STCL,BERG,BNWM,HUBC,JGICL,UNIC,MUGHAL,CSAP,NCL,JSCL and NETSOL for earning good and handsome profit for day trading and long time profit, also it is your duty to choose one or two companies for taking shares although all gives you profit in upcoming days.
Navy Wed 27 Apr, 2016

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) ended another session flat. Asian markets jolted after drop in crude oil prices. The prices of crude oil trembled over 6% in Asian trade after the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) disappointed investors.
Nouman Tue 19 Apr, 2016

Global Research’s Day Wrap stated that prevailing political uncertainty led to weak market sentiment with regional markets posting a mixed trend for the day, even though unchanged monetary policy rate was expected to play its part but only Allied Bank, Habib Metro and Standard Chartered posted an accumulated gain of 3 points to the index with the rest of the banks ending in the red zone.
Taimoor Khalid Tue 12 Apr, 2016

I need guideline in which compnay I invest IN-2016
MOHAMMAD SAJID Mon 04 Apr, 2016

The market volumes surged further. A total of 204.10 million shares were traded on Friday, an increase of 25% from Thursday's 163.78 million. Optimistic about growth and success of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, investors resorted to buying in the cement sector. The sector volume stood at 45.92 million. Out of the 22 scripts traded, 20 ended in the green with six scripts, Dewan Cement Limited (DCL +6.02%), Pakcem Limited (PAKCEM +5.38%), Thatta Cement Company Limited (THCCL +4.77%), Cherat Cement Company Limited (CHCC +4.72%), Pioneer Cement Limited (PIOC +4.63%) and Kohat Cement Company Limited (KOHC +4.31%), rising over 5%.
Farhan Sheikh Sat 02 Apr, 2016

Very useful information
shahbaz ahmad Sat 26 Mar, 2016

Weak banking spreads and falling fertiliser prices played a catalyst role in the bearish close at the PSX amid support in leverage stocks on speculations ahead of the SBP policy rate announcements. With the market capitalisation shrinking to Rs 6.78 trillion, the foreign portfolio investment witnessed a negative trend marking net selling of $865,723. Dewan motors led volumes with 7.7 million trade. The issue, however, declined to Rs 9.89 at close. Other best performing stocks were TRG Pakistan, Fatima Fertilizers, Noon Pakistan, SNGPL, Singer Pakistan, Byco Petroleum, Bank of Punjab, Amreli Steel and Engro Foods. Futures trade skyrocketed to 64 million contracts compared to the previous day''s 48 million.
Ahmed Danish Fri 25 Mar, 2016

The car constructing agent took after where 15.16 million shares traded hands. Financial specialists kept on rearranging their portfolio post declaration of the car strategy on Friday. Top players were top failures, Pakistan Suzuki Motors Company Limited (PSMC - 5.00%) suffocated to the lower lock as Indus Motors Company Limited (INDU) deteriorated 3.66% and Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited (HCAR) laid off 2.73%. Recipient of the strategy, Ghandhara Nissan Limited (GHNL) crawled up 2.11% after two sequential upper tops. Benefit taking was found in the concrete area in spite of suspicion of a brilliant future by the business sector examiners. Just 4 out of 22 scripts figured out how to shut in the green with Javedan Corportion Limited (JVDC +4.97%) in the number one spot. Flying Cement Limited (FLYNG +3.56%) and Attock Cement Pakistan Limited (1.01%) trailed. Dera Ghazi Khan Cement Company Limited (DGKC) dealt with a slight addition of 0.22%. Fortunate Cement Limited (LUCK) disintegrated 0.43% and Pakcem Limited (PAKCEM) 1.54%.
Khalid Thu 24 Mar, 2016

The KSE-100 index collapsed 338.75 points during the day to end gap down at 31,469.70 (-203.46 points). KMI 30 index slumped 559.37 points intra-day. The index later recovered some losses to close down 301.46 points at 53,618.20. KSE All Share settled at 21,836.13 shedding 171.96 points. There were 88 advancers and 195 decliners in the session. The market volumes contracted to 124.049 million from last session's 166.743 million. The technology and communications sector with volume of 24.043 million was leader for the day.
Muhammad Hafeez Fri 19 Feb, 2016

What about sepco share trading suspension? When it will back in trading???
sikander Sun 14 Feb, 2016

Congrats! to all who act on my advice to take DSFL and took the profit , Similarly take ICIBL which is available on attractive rate will be touch 2.0 and now on 1.17 rate, Do not miss this chance to take ICIBL for good hansome profit
navy Wed 03 Feb, 2016

Weekly Review: The stock market bounced back after three consecutive weeks of decline as a surge in oil prices helped the benchmark KSE-100 index gain 349 points (1.1%) to close at 31,298 during the week ended January 29. The KSE-100 suffered a torrid start to 2016 with the index falling 2,279 points (5.7%) in the opening three weeks of the year as turmoil in regional markets coupled with plummeting crude oil prices wreaked havoc on the bourse.
Rahat Mon 01 Feb, 2016

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Nisar Mohammad Khan said on Thursday that collections on account of customs duty improved to Rs180 billion in the first six months (July-Dec) of the current fiscal year against Rs135.3bn in the same period of last year. Briefing Senate Standing Committee on Finance at the Parliament House, he said that with the additional revenue measures taken last month, the FBR collected Rs4.5bn in December last through levy of regulatory duty on luxurious items and an additional one per cent tax on imported products. However, senators were amazed to note that an increase of 32.6pc had been witnessed despite reduction in the prices and the volume of imports, especially oil.
Rustam Fri 29 Jan, 2016

Karachi—Although it was a slight gain of 27 points, yet it helped KSE-100 to close in green above 31000 levels indicating resilance of the market here on Wednesday. Different factors including global economic slow down which affected the worldwide demand of oil in the face of increasing supply created a glut in the market claiming an impact on the bourses across the world. However, the international oil prices rallied on Tuesday after the Iraqi oil minister said Saudi Arabia and Russia were showing signs of agreeing to tackle the oil glut. The gains, however, were short-lived as analysts suggested that such an agreement was unlikely. As a result, oil dropped by 3% and was last trading near US$30/bbl. On the home front the overall market volume remain dull at 119 million keeping the investors away from trading activity. TRG Pakistan was top performer in terms of volume with a trade of 7.35 million shares to their credit while Silk Bank and Fauji Cement were second and third volume leaders with a respective trade of 6.12 million and 5.71 million trade.
Sunny Thu 28 Jan, 2016

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