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KSE - Karachi Stock Exchange

21 Apr, 2014 KSE - Karachi Stock Exchange Limited - KSE is regulated by the SECP. KSE has 652 listed companies in 32 various category, according to May 2013, total Market Capitalization of KSE was US$ 53.3 Billion and a volume US$ 12 Billion. KSE have six different indices KSE 100 Index, KSE All Shares, KSE 30 Index, KMI 30 Index, BATi and OGTi. KSE provides live and updated immense market information for investors such as; online trade screen, market summary, market watch, top symbols, market indices, sector wise summary, daily announcements, quotations, position limit, historical data, and book building mainly.Read more

Apr 18, 2014 19:34
Market Symbols KSE100 Index AllShare Index KSE 30 Index KMI 30 Index
 KSE Market Summary  KSE Trade Screen

Journey of KSE
KSE (The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee Limited) was established on 18th September, 1947, and incorporated on 10th March, 1949. KSE was a first Stock Exchange of a Pakistan. It started with 5 companies with a paid-up-capital of Rs. 37 Million. In KSE trading was done through open-out-cry system, and the first index of KSE was KSE 50 index.

KSE Location
KSE located at Stock Exchange Building (SEB) on stock exchange road, in the heart of Karachi’s business district I.I Chundrigarh road Karachi-Sindh

KSE Today
Karachi Stock Exchange Guarantee Limited now become Pakistan’s largest and most liquid stock exchange in Pakistan and one of the oldest Stock Exchange in South Asia by Market Capitalization . As on May 28th, 2013 in KSE 651 companies have been listed with total Market Capitalization of US$ 53.3 Billion and a volume is US$ 12 Billion. KSE owned by 200 member or brokers and have 1850 trading terminals exist at broker end. KSE have 6 indices KSE 100 index, KSE all shares, KSE 30 index, KMI 30 index, BATi and OGTi.

KSE Market Information
KSE provides live and updated immense market information for investors such as; online trade screen, market summary, market watch, top symbols, symbol upper / lower cap, market indices, sector wise summary, financial announcements, daily announcements, quotations, position limit, historical data, research & reports and book building mainly.

KSE Listing & Companies
KSE aware to everyone about current listing & companies with details of listing companies, listing regulations, quarterly results, financial statements, annual reports of companies, demerged companies, suspended companies, list of liquidators, analysis report mainly.

KSE Investor Corner
Increasing investor’s confidence by enhancing market discipline through, Market Control & Surveillance Department at KSE, articles-views on news, investor awareness program, ICM program enrolments. Karachi Stock Exchange being a front line regulator promotes and ensures investor protection and directs all its efforts to provide transparent and efficient market to all its investors’. The Exchange had made efforts with respect to educating investors’ and its members’ in various functional areas of trading and had arranged number of presentations for this purpose.

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well according to my lil experience i think we should buy shares of engro ferterlzer,mari,byco,bop,shell, this shares get positive response i have got a great profit from this shares if you want to get more tips about karachi stock exchange then kindly contact into my email thank you
zohaib Fri 18 Apr, 2014 mari targated fig 400 and cosum targated fig 13 are best up up and up one new tip go for hino motor will be 600 buy now and earrn
smi Fri 18 Apr, 2014

Mr. Raja Jee, please give solid reason and don't persuade to the small investors my email id is
Muhammad Sabir Fri 18 Apr, 2014

Hubco and Kapco may seems to be on declining side as their plant renovation and profit declining.
Kaz Fri 18 Apr, 2014

I am new in this field, i read many experts opinion on this page of, it is very useful website for many updates. I want to start investment in KSE pleas suggest me which share is / are good and will have future. Thanks
Khalid Thu 17 Apr, 2014

Ali sahib I bought DFML today, I also have this tip from very good source. Pl. advice about KEL. Your comments and logic s are very strong.
Zahid Tue 01 Apr, 2014

ptcl kitnay tak jay ga?
khursheed alam Thu 20 Mar, 2014

AoA. Telecard is in attractive price to buy.
Muhammad Ishaq Wed 19 Mar, 2014

aoa. gentlemen monitery policy is about to come on on 15 march. now if is intact with investors expectations then bank will be least benefitted rather a loss as their profits will cut out. on the other hand cement as it is the most levereged sector so it will be benefitted the most. in cement maple leaf and fccl will be benefitted the most. luck and dgkc will be less as the reason is that luck and fccl are mainly exporters and as u know dollar is getting weak so their exports are being affected. this policy will give an addition of 500 points to the market. now as govt is paying circular det on 21 march so ipps and oils will be benenfitted the most and in those contest banks to some extent. but at the moment remember as seeing dollar move banks, textiles are getting harmed. banks had a reserve of 4.5 billion dollars mean they beared a loss of almost 36 billion rupees in dollar move. so the fastest and safest and easiest way for institutions was to recover the loss from stocks. dats y there is an institutional buying. and banks always go for quality and big shares so there was and still is boost in oil sector. now from 14 march game will start in cement sector becoz of monitory policy and after that the number of fertilizer then 2nd and third tiers will come. again a ralley will be seen in ipps and oils after 21 march. so keeping points of all these moves market can be expected at 28500 level. buy cement. mlcf is the best it may touch 32 in comming sessions. bop may touch 12.15 and impact of 3 g and 4 g will induct .8 billion dollars immediately and hence u will see a boost in communication sector. till mid of april u may expect ptcl at 39 and tele at 7 to 7.5. ptc will keep on moving steadily with an average growth of .25 paisa daily. keep an eye on mari as its very much easy for it to touch 230 at this is its actual level and it gets selling pressure above 243. in my view mari will get a price of almost 230 till 24 march. market support level is 26900. today bearish move was a healthy sign for the market and it was a buying opprtunity. remain away from TRG as satta is going on in it. buy lagarfe as news are that it may be merged in luck and if this happens there will be a huge boost to this chip. these are my predictions and it may be wrong. so i appriciate suno sab ki lakin dhian apna apna. regards. captain javed
javed iqbal Thu 13 Mar, 2014

aoa. today i was sitting free. so i reply ur queries one by one. malik viki alghazi for long and bafl of intraday or intraweek move. rest all i dont recommend but byco may get 1 rupee more . khan sahib HADC mean haderi construction i dont see upper move for atleast one month as this is not yet so lucrative share i will inform u when i will feel any move in it. so dont buy it for atleast one month. replace it with tspl as it may go to 3 mean can get 90 paisa in one to two weeks or may b befor that. shahnawaz shaib wtl have no link with 3 or 4 g so it will not go to 6 better to replace it with tele . Supernet Announces the Implementation of 3G Ready Satellite Backhaul Network. and remember supernet is a subsidary of tele and tele also holds 5 percent shares of ptc. so u can see tele potential. so buy mlcf, fccl, lagarfe, mari, tele, and my faverouite the most strongest PTC, regards captain javed 03004695975
javed iqbal Thu 13 Mar, 2014

Supernet Announces the Implementation of 3G Ready Satellite Backhaul Network Supernet Announces the Implementation of 3G Ready Satellite Backhaul Network Supernet, Pakistan’s leading satellite system integrator and service provider, announced today the successful migration of the entire 2G TDM satellite backhaul network to an all IP optimized backhaul solution to support current 2G/2.5G and future 3G operations of a leading Mobile Network Operator in Pakistan. The contract was awarded to Supernet after it had successfully tested and proven the technologies and processes for seamless transition to an end-to-end IP satellite network by utilizing Comtech EF Data’s award-winning and field-proven mobile backhaul solution. This migrated satellite 3G network will carry more than 500 Mbps of voice and data traffic. The migration to a 3G network will be carried out by simply enabling the optional IP Packet Processor of Comtech EF Data’s CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem with DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier®, and most importantly, without increasing the satellite bandwidth while maintaining the service quality. The CDM-625 modems were originally deployed by this operator for a 2G network. All of the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Pakistan have utilized satellite for their core backbones’ primary links and for access links to extend 2G/2.5G service coverage into rural and remote areas. Currently, the total mobile backhaul traffic carried over multiple C- and Ku-band transponders is approximately 1.5 Gbps. With the recent preparation to launch 3G services in densely populated urban areas, the traffic volume is expected to get doubled. With more than 18 years of experience, Supernet has designed, deployed, and maintained satellite based mobile networks including those for four of the largest mobile networks in the country carrying over 1 Giga Bits of mobile traffic over multiple satellites. The core technology in Supernet’s satellite mobile network is designed around Comtech EF Data’s mobile backhaul solutions, including the CDM-625 / CDM-625A DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier modems, the integrated WAN optimization processor and the CXU RAN optimization devices which have repeatedly proven to provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) without degrading service quality. In this particular case, a network upgrade and migration to a 3G-ready network was achieved without replacing the multi-million dollar 2G platform investment. “We are extremely pleased to have successfully met the challenge of retaining the performance and reliability of one of the largest satellite backhaul networks while upgrading from TDM to an all IP backhaul solution. This is yet another experience added to our existing rich portfolio of GSM Backhaul over satellite services in Pakistan.” stated Hamid Nawaz, COO of Supernet. Daniel Enns, Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development for Comtech EF Data commented, “We are very excited to partner with Supernet and to help facilitate the continual growth of mobile services in Pakistan. Our CDM-625/CDM-625A Advanced Satellite Modems and our highly efficient RAN / WAN optimization products are purpose-built for the 2G/2.5G/3G/4G mobile backhaul markets. The successful migration testing of a 2G network to 3G without increasing the required satellite bandwidth is a validation of the benefits our solutions delivers. Examples of our integrated technologies that MNOs use to reach more users while lowering overall costs are advanced modulation and forward error correction coupled with the seamless integration of DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier, RAN and WAN optimization, and PtP (Precision Time Protocol) .now decision is urs wat to do , regards captain javed
javed iqbal Thu 13 Mar, 2014

Kya JSCL 20 plus ja sakta hay ?
Fahad Mon 10 Mar, 2014

aoa.gentlemen its difficult to reply each n every query here.u can call me on cell after session closes and on weekends as monitry policy is coming on 15 march. which seems intact with investors this policy may induction 600 points more in market.cement n textile sectors will b benefitted maximum.if efoods breaks 109 next station may b 115.there is a little bit pressure on fertilizer sector due to gas n hold mlcf it will give a gud return of at least 2 rupees up.I dont see any boost in Kasb hwsm summit and wtl.these should b replaced with some other moving chip.monday session so far so good according to news is indicating a green signal at 271150.regards.captain javed
javed iqbal Fri 07 Mar, 2014

aoa.gentlemen buy bop.wait for dip in ptc.for short term humnl should b purchased below 89 and for long term its buying can b done now.if it will give results like this in coming years it may b seen above 500.mlcf may gain 50 to 80 paisa tomorrow now.bop is indicating a strong up move for some sessions.national bank can recover now.wait for tele to come at 4.95.selling pressure for time beings may b seen on communications sector.if mkt on 6 mar reaches near 26800 try to liquide ur some position as this is a crucial level.regards.captain Javed.03004695975
javed iqbal Thu 06 Mar, 2014

aoa.gentlemen now the time bop may it may cross 1150 in coming humnl if it comes below 88. dawh is weak.ptc strongest.avoid fresh buying in may come down to is in overbought position. at any moment it can get reverse gear.regards.Captain Javed.03004695975
Javed iqqbal Tue 04 Mar, 2014

aoa gentlemen. humnetwork humnl announced profit as 15percent divident and 35 percent bonus shares. now price is of humnl is almost 88. book closure is from 13 to 19 march. mean if someone purchases 1000 shares of humnl at rate of 88000 he will get 1500 rupess cash divident and 350 bonus shares. now multiply 350 shares with 90 it makes shares worth of 31500 totally free. now calculate mean one invests 87000 and gets what in next coming days in this volatile market. this share went upto 97 in previous days. now it can be seen that in coming days it may touch to atleast 97 during book closure. now decision is urs. u can check these details with ur broker. as far as see in coming days its chaneces to cross 95 are more than 90 percent. regards capt javed 03004695975
javed iqbal Wed 26 Feb, 2014

What is the last day of BOPR1, can anyone tell me please
Sajid Baig Tue 04 Feb, 2014

one tip i give you is to buy haseeb waqas sugar mill and DSIL
nida Sun 02 Feb, 2014

raja khan Sat 01 Feb, 2014

Bhayyo mera apna brokerage house hay, even i give you hundred percent hint ENGRO FERTILIZER le lo , upper lock hat gaya hay, buy ker lo 100 se ooper ki awaz hay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jaldi kero
Fawad Yousuf Sat 01 Feb, 2014

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