22 Nov, 2017

KSE Trade Screen Live - Pakistani stocks ended lower on Monday as political uncertainty hit investor sentiment, with the opposition calling for more account... Read More

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KSE Trade Screen LiveKSE Trade Screen is the best way of showcasing the statistical details of all the listed companies. This includes bid volume, bid price, offer price, offer volume, last rate, change, and total volume which can help the spectator in making an analysis. KSE Trade Screen Live gives you a bird’s eye view of all the trading activities happening in the country. The trade screen is updated on regular basis.

Pakistani stocks ended lower on Monday as political uncertainty hit investor sentiment, with the opposition calling for more accountability from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after a recent disclosure in the 'Panama Papers' document leak, analysts said. The benchmark 100-share index at the Pakistan Stock Exchange closed down 1.18 percent, or 401.32 points, at 33,566.22. The 'Panama Papers' leak disclosed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's three children owned offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands. The documents were leaked from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. Last week, Sharif said his family did nothing illegal and added that he would be forming a commission to investigate all allegations.

My brother is in Karachi Stock Exchange so he always tells me about its functions and policies. Well I was just to make my assignment for financial management.
Jaleel Tue 07 Nov, 2017

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Umer Mon 06 Nov, 2017

PSX Trade Screen Board is surely the best thing to ask for. I have bookmarked this trade screen on my laptop so I can checkout whenever I want to. It is really helpful for me.
Umer Mon 06 Nov, 2017

The last rate of Aisha Steel Mill is 18.12 after the fluctuation of -0.15. I think the whole month of October is not good for the point of view of Steel Mill sector, let see what happen in November.
afaq Tue 31 Oct, 2017

Pakbiz PSX Trade Screen page shares the live screen where I check the fluctuation of the position of my Park Refinery shares in which I invest. The current position of the market was better than the last week.
imran Thu 18 May, 2017

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The PSX has received letters of intent from some of the exchanges, including one from an exchange in the Middle East, according to a report in Nikkei Asian News. The source with the SSE told China Daily the acquisition attempt is still undergoing procedures and more details will be disclosed jointly by the three buyers at an “appropriate time,” if the acquisition is successful. The acquisition, if successful, would be the first by Chinese bourses of a foreign stock exchange.
Tahir Thu 08 Dec, 2016

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M.Yaseen Thu 20 Oct, 2016

“Foreign inflows and MSCI reclassification to EM status hopes played a catalyst role in bullish close at PSX,” Mehanti said. On June 14, MSCI will discuss upgrading PSX’s classification to an emerging market.
Khalil Thu 12 May, 2016

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Mukarram Thu 05 May, 2016

Govt has restored investors' confidence in Pakistan: President Mamnoon Hussain says most economic indicators are positive and this has also been acknowledged by int'l institutions.
Farhan Sheikh Tue 12 Apr, 2016

The business bank area finished the volume diagram with 16.97 million shares exchanged. The division was a mix of gainers and failures. Little top banks Samba Bank Limited (SBL +2.88%) and Silk Bank Limited (SILK +2.06%) recorded the most astounding return. MCB Bank Limited (MCB +2.06%) figured out how to acknowledge however Habib Bank Limited (HBL) and United Bank Limited (UBL) crawled around 0.16% and 0.56%.
Furqan Thu 24 Mar, 2016

The stock market saw the index entering 31,300 levels by mid-day but the interest began to wane and the index fell but still ended in the black. The gains stemmed primarily from oil stocks as international crude price surged. The Pakistan Stock Exchange’s (PSX) benchmark KSE 100-share index rose 0.38% or 116.10 points to end at 31,065.13. According to JS Global analyst Arhum Ghous, the market opened on a positive note as bullish sentiments backed by a surge in crude prices led the rally and the index made an intraday high of 374 points. However, it failed to sustain the level as crude lost value during later hours of trading. “Stocks in the exploration and production sector like Oil and Gas Development Company (+2.15%), Pakistan Oilfields (+2.2%) and Pakistan Petroleum (+1.6%) surged intraday but towards the latter half of the day came under selling pressure.”
Khalid Mon 25 Jan, 2016

Currently, there are around 250,000 investors who directly invest in the stock market, although a majority of them do not trade shares actively. Naqvi also demanded that the government should ensure a level playing field when it comes to different investing avenues. “Anyone can walk into a National Savings centre to make an investment of Rs5 million in cash merely on the basis of his identity card,” Naqvi said, adding that making a similar investment in the stock market involves tedious paperwork and procedural difficulties.
Inam Khayal Sun 17 Jan, 2016

PSX mock sessions will ensure readiness of TRE certificate holders of LSE and ISE for smooth assimilation into PSX and also commence trouble-free operations at the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited with its go-live date of Jan 11. As part of the overall arrangement for seamless integration of the stock exchanges, this will be an integral component to successfully conclude the project, officials believe.
Talha Wada Sat 09 Jan, 2016

The Pakistan Stock Exchange is going to start its operations from January 11 (Monday), unifying Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi stock exchanges into a single entity, providing level-playing field to all investors in a more transparent way and involving minimum human element. This was informed during a presentation of Pakistan Stock Exchange given by the Karachi Stock Exchange Managing Director Nadim Naqvi here on Wednesday. He apprised the participants about the arrangements made for launching ceremony of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. Nadim Naqvi said that the emergence of a single, national capital market will create a large liquidity pool, enabling scores of brokers to serve existing and prospective investors throughout the country in a better way. The concurrent provision of the Exchange's new Internet Trading Platform will enable brokerage houses to provide their clients with real-time services without the need for large IT infrastructure. The PSE will create small and medium-sized brokers that are highly focused on core business functions such as client acquisition and equity sales.
Javaid AHmed Fri 08 Jan, 2016