23 Oct, 2018

KSE Trade Screen Live - Pakistani stocks ended lower on Monday as political uncertainty hit investor sentiment, with the opposition calling for more account... Read More

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KSE Trade Screen LiveKSE Trade Screen is the best way of showcasing the statistical details of all the listed companies. This includes bid volume, bid price, offer price, offer volume, last rate, change, and total volume which can help the spectator in making an analysis. KSE Trade Screen Live gives you a bird’s eye view of all the trading activities happening in the country. The trade screen is updated on regular basis.

Pakistani stocks ended lower on Monday as political uncertainty hit investor sentiment, with the opposition calling for more accountability from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after a recent disclosure in the 'Panama Papers' document leak, analysts said. The benchmark 100-share index at the Pakistan Stock Exchange closed down 1.18 percent, or 401.32 points, at 33,566.22. The 'Panama Papers' leak disclosed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's three children owned offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands. The documents were leaked from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. Last week, Sharif said his family did nothing illegal and added that he would be forming a commission to investigate all allegations.

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Iqra Sun 14 Oct, 2018

The stock market is really unstable right now. I have had this site open on my cell phone to give me live updates of the Pakistan Stock Exchange trade
Ramisha Wed 10 Oct, 2018

This is a very complete website with all information related to Pakistan Stock Exchange. The trade screen is updated daily
Javeria Wed 10 Oct, 2018

Aisha Steel Mills Limited. was just decreased with -0.21 changing rate at the end of the week but the share volume is still better as compare to the other mills, let see what improvement it happen on the upcoming week.
kabeer Mon 01 Oct, 2018

After a long time we see the green indication of Sui Southern Gas Co Ltd. volume, the total volume is also increase due to this changes which shows in the PSX live screen.
laraib Mon 17 Sep, 2018

When I want to get the correct information about PSX current market status on PSX Trade page to check the live status of all the companies, I am also the share holder.
hassan Thu 06 Sep, 2018

Visiting this PSX page to check BYCO Petroleum Pak Ltd. latest changes, any expert please guide what we have to do for this shares, can it breaks the lock?
jahangir Mon 03 Sep, 2018

To check the live updates of PSX Trade Screen I always prefer this page where I get the summary of Company shares within no time, my concern with Aisha Steel Mills Limited. shares.
umair Wed 29 Aug, 2018

Checking out the total volume of Dost Steels Ltd. on this PSX page where I can get the current face of Dost Steels Ltd. this page is good to get the information.
yameen Wed 18 Jul, 2018

This page of KSE Trade Screen shows that Siddiqsons Tin Plate Ltd. is going to decrease but the situation of market is quite stable as compare to the last month summary.
tahir Wed 18 Jul, 2018

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Parvez Tue 17 Jul, 2018

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Osman Tue 17 Jul, 2018

Dost steel our byco ka kia karain.
mshoaib Wed 06 Jun, 2018

Long list of companies here, How i can make specific list of companies to see live trading??? Can anyone help...
Yasir Wed 04 Apr, 2018

During the year 1994 to 2003 I have purchased 27,000 shares of NIB Now the mian Mansh have Merged in MCB and alloted only 187 shares. I astonished that SEC department have not taken any action. SEC have not aanouced the assets o NIB -2). simerly LTV, Tri Star Shipping, Kohinoor Looms, these companies have de listed. I have these shares of no vale. What action have taken by SEC management and SEC.
Shamshad Baig Mirza Tue 20 Mar, 2018

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soha Sat 24 Feb, 2018

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hashim Sat 24 Feb, 2018

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bilal Tue 20 Feb, 2018

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zahid Tue 20 Feb, 2018

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imran Sun 18 Feb, 2018