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KSE Trade Screen

01 Jul, 2015 KSE Trade Screen Live - KSE trade screen shows total trade of current time, the KSE online trade screen inform to all from KSE exchange statistics, KSE market statistics, KSE indices, KSE tradable indices and major companies live shares stats. The live screen board of KSE shows listed companies share profiles and information, and also its online bid volume, bid price, offer price, offer volume, last rates, changes in rate and total volume. KSE online trade screen have various data such as; exchange statistics, market statistics, indices, tradable indices and companies live bid volume, bid price, offer price, offer volume, last rates, change in rates, Change in Volume, and total volume of special company on this screen. KSE trade screen also shows current Stock market quotes and prices. provides online and live updated list of KSE trade screen information with current companies share status. Read more

Symbol Bid Vol. Bid Price Offer Price Offer Vol. Last Rate Change Total Vol.

KSE Trade Screen Get updated from KSE Trade Screen on KSE online trade screen have multiple data such as; exchange statistics, market statistics, indices, tradable indices and companies live bid volume, bid price, offer price, offer volume, last rates, change in rates, and total volume. Find refresh trade screen data of KSE on

Stocks on Monday closed bullish ahead of year end close after IMF release of $506m tranche amid satisfactory marking of 7th review of Extended Fund Facility. As the market shook off 1.9pc last week, the bulls reappeared to close the index up by 208 points to close at 34,094 pints levels, with supporting volumes of over 293 million shares. Although due to declining global oil prices the index’s heaviest weight remained depressed but changed its outlook in the last half an hour as most major scrips ended in green as PSO, POL and NRL all ended 0.1pc, 1.1pc and 1.3pc higher respectively. Following PM’s approval of allocating Rs32.5 billion from unused PSDP to three redundant power plants (probably SEPCO (+21pc) and JPGL (+18pc), lead the sectors rally closing most scripts positively. Post Punjab and Sindh’s tractor friendly budgets and continuous rally, profit-taking was witnessed in tractor manufacturing scripts. Market rumor of Rs0.20 price increase kept the sector upbeat with all scrips except for LPCL closing in green, observed analyst Ahmed Saeed Khan at JS Global. Analyst Ahsan Mehanti stated, higher banking spreads data for May’15, recent Moody’s upgrade on deposit ratings of 5 Pakistan banks and falling borrowing costs played a catalyst role in positive sentiments at KSE ignoring concerns for Aptma decisions on voluntary shutdown of textile industry on energy issues.
Moeen Akhlaq Tue 30 Jun, 2015

urse under pressure in the outgoing week, dealers said. As a result, the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) -100 index during the outgoing week fell by 642 points, settling in slightly lower than widely considered psychological barrier of 34000 at 33,885 points. Shajar Capital Securities’ analyst said the market sentiment reflects incessant pressure which has been consorted by foreign selling. Despite, positive economic advancements including the impending receipt of $ 506 million tranche from International; Monetary Fund under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and Pakistan’s treaty with the World Bank worth $ 500 million for economic uplift, the market seemed bearish owing to portfolio adjustment at the end of fiscal year, followed by the future roll-over week. In the same breadth, trading activities majorly skewed towards side boards which has helped index to sustain investors’ interest. However, profit taking has been observed in key blue chips as political noise remains high. “We expect market to remain under pressure as the index has closed below the psychological level of 34,000 points amid lack of triggers”, said the analyst. JS Research’s analyst Raheel Ashraf said the futures rollover week kept liquidity low in the market, while domestic politics too kept investors a bit jittery. Oil and Gas sector posted steep correction during the week owing to subdued international oil price with the sector declining by 5.9% (308 points). Chemical sector continued with its bearish trend owing to possible gas tariff hike from 1st July which is expected to negatively affect earnings of the sector. Activity nose-dived during the week with average daily trading volume at 166 million shares, down 37% Week on Week (WoW) with K-Electric remaining the volume leader. Foreigners remained net sellers during the first four days of week selling 10.60 million worth of shares. Foreigners too remained net sellers worth $ 16 million during the outgoing week. Elixir Securities’ analyst said rising political noise in the Sindh province can keep a lid of market buoyancy in the short term.” Next week will be a test of nerves for the government in terms of whether it goes ahead during Ramazan with the proposed gas tariff hike or again defers it”, he added.
Hafiz Ahmed Noman Mon 29 Jun, 2015

The impact of the measures taken in the Federal Budget for FY16 on cement sector. Measures Massive PSDP allocation of Rs 1,514 billion Reduction in corporate tax rate by 1% to 32% Import duty of 20% on imported cement Export Refinance Scheme rate decline to 4.5% Introduction of Super tax Higher import duty on coal prices Massive PSDP allocation of Rs 1,514 billion FY16 budget remain productive for cement sector as Government announced a total Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of Rs 1,514 billion showing an increase of 29%. The overall size of the federal PSDP stands at Rs 700 billion whereas Rs 814 billion will be spent by provinces. PSDP surge by 29% to Rs 700 billion in FY16 against Rs 542 billion in FY15. Government allocated Rs 185 billion for Road, highways and bridges against last year of Rs 112 billion. We expect this would be good for the cement sector and annual demand to increase.
Shaista Afandi Fri 12 Jun, 2015

Habib Metropolitan Financial Services’ analyst Saba Mahmood said, “Bulls were seen active on the market with no respite in sight as punters were out in full force as 8 out of 10 top volume scrips were penny items as Jehangir Siddique led on the front foot churning out 29.7 million and closing at its upper limit. As auto sector posted volumetric sales growth for the month of May 2015, majority of the stocks closed higher. The current bullish sentiment in the market is sounding alarms in the minds of prudent investor whom we advise to stay on side with cash in hand to take advantage of any market correction, she added. The market volume increased to 381.257 million shares as compared to 332.511 million shares traded in previous session. The overall market capitalisation rose to Rs 7.449 trillion as compared to Rs 7.387 trillion of previous session. Trading value at local bourse jacked up to Rs 16.124 billion against Rs 15.085 billion of previous session. Out of 385 scrips, 232 scrips advanced, 136 scrips declined while the value of 17 scrips remained unchanged. The KMI-30 index gained 531.19 points to close at 58509.49 points as compared to 57978.30 points of the previous session. The KSE all-share index went 203.32 points up to close at 24183.96 points as compared to 23980.64 points of the previous session. Jah.Sid.Co. was the volume leader in the market with 29.741 million shares as it closed at Rs 20.66 followed by Lotte Chemical with trading of 22.615 million shares and closed at Rs 7.01. Pak Int.Bulk traded 19.773 million shares and closed at Rs 37.70.
Faizan Rashed Dar Fri 12 Jun, 2015

Post Budget bullish euphoria continued at local bourse on Thursday as the index benchmark escalated further on investors’ revived interest in financials and energy scrips. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100 index gained 270.86 points to close at 34594.70 points as compared to 34323.84 of the previous session. The KSE-30 Index added 208.07 points and closed at 21884.06 points against 21675.99 points of last closing.
Hanif Memon Fri 12 Jun, 2015

will market go up in the week next? what are post budget effects on KSE? now we are facing zig zag in shares trade. I am interested to know prime categories in KSE for upcoming 3 months. Thanks
Rehan Fayzan Wed 10 Jun, 2015

The budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16 (FY16) is being seen as analysts as largely negative for the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). The government has hiked Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rate to 15.0 percent from 12.5 percent on holdings less than one year and to 12.5 percent from 10 percent on holdings greater than one year but less than two years. It has also introduced a new tax slab, where CGT of 7.5 percent will be charged on holdings greater than two years but less than four years. Moreover, the government has also proposed to increase tax on dividends to 12.5 percent from 10 percent for filers and to 17.5 percent from 15 percent for non-filers (5 percent shall continue to remain adjustable). For Mutual Funds the existing rate of 10 percent shall continue. Syed Atif Zafar, an analyst at JS Research, said on the positive front though, it has been proposed to impose tax on companies not distributing dividends. Other than a scheduled bank or a modaraba, companies which do not distribute cash dividends within six months at the end of the said income year or distributes dividends to such an extent that its reserves, after such distribution, are in excess of hundred percent of its paid up capital, the excess amount may be taxed at the rate of 10 percent. “We believe, this will either raise cash payouts of such companies or speed up expansion plans. That said it can turn counterproductive as companies may prefer to take a tax hit than payout higher cash dividends”, said Zafar. Moreover, in line with expectations government cut corporate tax rate by 1 percent to 32 percent. Sector specifically, heavy-weight banking sector is likely to take a significant hit. It has been proposed all sources of income of the banking companies will be charged a flat tax rate of 35 percent versus various different tax rates applicable presently, he added.
Hamid Saleem Mon 08 Jun, 2015

A Doji candle appeared after four consecutive down-sessions can allow a minute recovery up to 32,821 level. However, the technical picture continues to appear restrictive below the 21-day average (33,291) with the 14-day RSI momentum resistance intact at 65 reading. To mitigate any downside towards 32,370 — 32,082 levels the bulls need to regain footing above 33,050 level. On a higher degree, a top marked at 34,020 level keeps possibility for weakness towards 31,572 — 31,350 levels. 13-day Leaders: IDYM, JDWS, PAKT, SHEZ, ABOT, KOHE, PSEL, SCBPL, TRG & SHEL 13-day Laggards: IBFL, ENGRO, JSCL, SRVI, DGKC, HCAR, HUMNL, LUCK, NCL & EFOODS
Sarfaraz Syed Tue 26 May, 2015

Ehsan sb tell me about KSE?
HABIB UR REHMAN Sat 16 May, 2015

I want to know how to invest in KSE?
HABIB UR REHMAN Mon 11 May, 2015

Short-Term: A bullish continuation attempt above the tweezers top resistance at 33,970 level was aborted through a reactive candle yesterday. This can induce immediate weakness towards 33,548 — 33,484 levels with a resistance clustered within 33,804 — 33,909 levels seen blocking any bullish attempt. Inability to hold the above mentioned support would expose deeper supports around 33,153 and 32,618 levels. A closing break above the 34,000 psychological level is needed to refresh the bullish momentum. Despite a deep and steep recovery beyond the 80% retracement of Feb’15 to March’15 fall (35,055 to 28,648) over the last five weeks, we continue to prefer a corrective Elliot wave count (Zig Zag) viewing ensuing recovery as wave B. A relapse below 32,826 level would confirm that upwards move is done and market has entered the wave C fall. 13-day Leaders: EFUL, INDU, BOP, NCPL, HCAR, FABL, EFOODS, DGKC, IBFL & ENGRO 13-day Laggards: ARPL, NATF, ATLH, TRG, COLG, NCL, ATBA, NESTLE, ARM & BNWM
Rahat Ali Thu 07 May, 2015

A small tweezers top resistance remains in place at 33,970 level which can induce further weakness towards 33,283 level. Any immediate recovery through 33,540 level today would counter internal resistance around 33,708 — 33,808 levels. A break above 33,970 level is required to reset the upwards momentum. Despite a deep and steep recovery beyond the 80% retracement of Feb’15 to March’15 fall (35,055 to 28,648) over the last five weeks, we continue to prefer a corrective Elliot wave count (Zig Zag) viewing ensuing recovery as wave B. A relapse below 32,826 level would confirm that upwards move is done and market has entered the wave C fall. 13-day Leaders: BOP, EFUL, FABL, NCPL, ATRL, IBFL, EFOODS, AKBL, HCAR & INDU 13-day Laggards: CHCC, ARPL, NATF, BNWM, SHEZ, PAKT, NCL, ARM, ATBA & HUMNL
Fahim Ansari Thu 30 Apr, 2015

Immediate trend remains bullish above 32,826 level possibility stretching towards 34,143 level. Nearby supports reside around 33,469 and 32,927 levels. A relapse below 32,826 level is needed to interrupt the bullish progression. So far, we continue to prefer the corrective Elliot wave count viewing recent recovery from 28,648 level as wave B. Investors are advised to avail this relief as an opportunity to reduce exposure awaiting a fall in wave C to re-enter. 13-day Leaders: TRG, UBL, BOP, BAFL, SNBL, BATA, POL, AKBL, FABL & PPL 13-day Laggards: PAKT, MUREB, NCL, SHEZ, PTC, COLG, SSGC, RMPL, CHCC & ATBA
Iqbal Soldier Wed 29 Apr, 2015

The bullish attempt was aborted through a tweezers top formation around 33,970 level yesterday. Inability to clear the aforementioned resistance is likely to invite pressure towards 33,283 level. Need a break above 33,970 level to reset the upwards momentum towards 34,143 and 34,415 levels. Despite a deep and steep recovery beyond the 80% retracement of Feb’15 to March’15 fall (35,055 to 28,648) over the last twenty one trading sessions, we continue to prefer a corrective Elliot wave count (Zig Zag) viewing ensuing recovery as wave B in final stages. A relapse below 32,826 level would confirm that upwards move is done and market has entered the wave C fall. 13-day Leaders: BOP, LPCL, ATRL, BATA, NCPL, EFUL, BAFL, UBL, AKBL & PAEL 13-day Laggards: PAKT, MUREB, COLG, NATF, SHEZ, CHCC, ARPL, NCL, ARM & HUMNL
Faysal Kapadia Wed 29 Apr, 2015

Prize Bond 750 Results 15th April: The denomination of prize bond Rs. 750 will hold at city Lahore, the draw results will be announced today in the evening time, Wednesday 15th, April 2015. According to the spokesman of National savings (Prize Bonds) of Pakistan, the winning amount of 1st prize is Rs. 1,500,000, while the three prizes are of Rs. Of 500,000 each has been reserved for 2nd position. Similarly, 3rd prizes of Rs. 9,300 will be awarded to each of 1696 winning numbers as well.
Moeen Butt Wed 15 Apr, 2015

Resistance around 32,892 level snapped a three-day recovery on Monday and forced the index down to register a lower low yesterday. In the process, the 14-day RSI (30.26) failed to mark a lower low, plotting a positive divergence at daily oversold readings. We expect exhaustion in ensuing first leg of correction (wave A) as the index approaches a support within 31,615 — 31,555 levels. Any recovery from the aforementioned support area can allow a relief towards 32,892 level. However, intermediate theme would still remain bearish, sighting possibility for much deeper correction in wave C after such a short-term recovery. 13-day Leaders: PSEL, FATIMA, TRG, CHCC, HUBC, SSGC, FABL, INDU, AHCL & NCPL 13-day Laggards: JSCL, ABOT, PAKT, BATA, SHEZ, MCB, AVN, AICL, DAWH & GATM
Sajjad Gilani Thu 19 Mar, 2015

dear ARS. This is better to change your share with HUMNL. this is dividend paying share. you will get 1.75 RS per share dividend if you hold HUMNL till 30 march. long term this is solid share.
Sarfaraz Khan Thu 12 Mar, 2015

The Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue, Tuesday, unanimously adopted the Securities Bill 2015 to consolidate law for the regulation of the securities industry and protection of investors. The new approved law would strengthen the regulator (SECP) to take action against malpractices in the securities market. The objective of the Securities Bill 2015 is to remove the major shortcomings in Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969, because SEO 69 has no provision for system audit of stock exchanges; Commission intervention powers for investor protection and regulation for clearing houses etc The committee also decided to take the final decision, either to adopt or reject, the Privatization Commission Amendment Bill 2014 today (Wednesday). However, committee decided to finalize discussion on the Anti Money Laundering Amendment Bill 2014 on next Wednesday March 11, the last day of the tenure of retiring 52 Senators. The Senate Finance Committee met here with Chairperson Nasreen Jalil to discuss the Securities Bill 2015, Privatization Commission Amendment Bill 2014 and Anti Money Laundering Amendment Bill 2014. Nasreen Jalil chairing the meeting said that new legislation was need of the hour and the new law needs to be passed. She said that after judiciary, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) was the most important institution in the country.
Aleem Ali Wed 04 Mar, 2015

KARACHI As the investors preferred to book profits, high volatility continued at the Karachi Stock Exchange during initial trading on Friday, as the 100 index further declined to 33734.84 with a negative change of 27.96 points or 0.08 percent. Similarly the market remained volatile to close at 33,763 levels down by 82.50 points or 0.24pc on Thursday. In banking sector, NBP remained in the limelight as the bank announced its year- end result, EPS of Rs7.06 and dividend of Rs5.5/share, in line with the expectations. Meanwhile, future contracts rollover and weaker earnings outlook in oil, banking and cement sector on falling international oil prices, lower banking spreads and thin cement makers margins were witnessed. An expert said that sentiments remained weak amid consolidation in blue chip stocks and institutional support in blue chip banking stocks after strong results and record cash payout announced by National Bank. However, the High and Low were 33829.20 and 33734.26 while the total volume traded in the market was 25,784,370.
Younus Butt Fri 27 Feb, 2015

Buy indus motor touch nxt weak 1100. Buy cyan limited 2 weak cap p rhe ga. Or buy punjab oil and sale nxt weak 150*.
Ehsaan Awan Wed 25 Feb, 2015

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