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KSE Trade Screen

22 Dec, 2014 KSE Trade Screen Exchange Statistics - The electronic trade screen of KSE shows listed companies share profiles and information, and also its online bid volume, bid price, offer price, offer volume, last rates, changes in rate and total volume. KSE online trade screen have various data such as; exchange statistics, market statistics, indices, tradable indices and companies live bid volume, bid price, offer price, offer volume, last rates, change in rates, Change in Volume, and total volume of special company on this screen. KSE trade screen also shows current Stock market quotes and prices. provides online and live updated list of KSE trade screen information with current companies share status. Read more

Symbol Bid Vol. Bid Price Offer Price Offer Vol. Last Rate Change Total Vol.

KSE Trade Screen: Get updated from KSE Trade Screen on KSE online trade screen have multiple data such as; exchange statistics, market statistics, indices, tradable indices and companies live bid volume, bid price, offer price, offer volume, last rates, change in rates, and total volume. Find refresh trade screen data of KSE on

Shsml and Gael go v.up
Ehsaan Awan Thu 18 Dec, 2014

AOA, Muhammad Umar Sahib, you can Contact @ Pearl Securities Limited, Contact No 042-357818111-12, office is at Suite No 218, 2nd Floor, Siddique Trade Center, Lahore.
AAMIR DAR Thu 11 Dec, 2014

Sir I am holding a large quantity of K Electric,since it was pravitises @ 9 per share. After about 7 years it is close to my buying. Any suggestion,hold or run
Saved Wed 10 Dec, 2014

I want to start share trading. can anyone tell me best broker who is reliable.
Muhammad Umar Wed 12 Nov, 2014

Ssom going up BCz branches open in Dubai. Bother textile p satta ho ra h. Or mftm rezlt 51.26.
Ehsaan Awan Wed 12 Nov, 2014

Please tell me about pso.which buying price
HAJI TARIQ Thu 06 Nov, 2014

Mehboob Fri 03 Oct, 2014

need live trade screen
adnan khan Sat 27 Sep, 2014

Please tpl ka bary m k comments hain
m.siddique shaikh hyderabad Fri 22 Aug, 2014

Assalamo alaikum. Brother I want to get updates of kse live trade screen. Thanks
Prof. Mehmood Fri 15 Aug, 2014

Salam Bhai kindly apna expert dehan rozana mail kr dia kren
adnan Tue 12 Aug, 2014

mr 10percent in market for evey profit you earn on dividend also loss is yours and profit is her always so how can you earn anything
Khalid Shah Thu 07 Aug, 2014

Please send me Oil and chemical shares live updates and KSE Trade Screen Live. Thanks for your updates. I appreciate you services both.
Babar Sabir Tue 05 Aug, 2014

Yes, bad day for KSE, Please send me latest changes in KSE trade screen specially Oil sector shares. Thanks
Fahim Mon 28 Jul, 2014

KSE trade screen live market position. It is good to know I visit many times a day for this updates. It is update on time, and easy to access here.
Farooq Fahd Wed 23 Jul, 2014

I want to get update of KSE Live Trade Screen, please send me. The KSE trade screen is very clear cut view.
Junaid Mon 14 Jul, 2014

I want to know the every oil shares KSE tradescreen highlights. Please send me all details. I like oil sectors shares they are bit expensive then others but have in profit.
Iqbal Thu 03 Jul, 2014

is nib giving any dividend or not?
javeria Mon 30 Jun, 2014

I am keep visiting for KSE Trade Screen Live, I want to receive KSE trade screen summary on daily basis. Please send me also kSE trade screen live rates. I want to get top volume share in KSE 100 Index every day. Thanks
Furqan Wed 25 Jun, 2014

On 12june I advice you be careful Hascol I don't know I bought at 68 sell at 88 I my self out now I bought AICL stronge company if market go in Red Zone I don't have to worried so take out from all new company back to AICL.
Bilal Wed 18 Jun, 2014

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