Prize Bond List - Prize Bond scheme is best way to earn money within short period of time. Luck plays a vital role in being a prize bond winner. Regarded as the gold investment and bearer security, Prize Bond was introduced in Pakistan back in 1960. Since then it gained immense popularity countrywide, as the easiest and lawful source to try ... Read More

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Prize Bond List Rs. 200– Prize Bonds were introduced in 1960, with the Central Directorate of National Savings acting as the owner of the scheme and the State Bank of Pakistan. Prize Bonds is gold i Read More

*For the prize bond draws to be held on or after 15th February, 2009.

List No of
Prizes Winning
Amount (Rs)
RS. 100/- 01 1st Prize 700,000
RS. 100/- 03 2nd Prize 200,000
RS. 100/- 1,199 3rd Prize 1,000
RS. 200/- 01 1st Prize 750,000
RS. 200/- 05 2nd Prize 250,000
RS. 200/- 2,394 3rd Prize 1,250
RS. 750/- 01 1st Prize 1,500,000
RS. 750/- 03 2nd Prize 500,000
RS. 750/- 1696 3rd Prize 9,300
RS. 1500/- 01 1st Prize 3,000,000
RS. 1500/- 03 2nd Prize 1,000,000
RS. 1500/- 1696 3rd Prize 18,500
RS. 7500/- 01 1st Prize 15,000,000
RS. 7500/- 03 2nd Prize 5,000,000
RS. 7500/- 1696 3rd Prize 93,000
RS. 15000/- 01 1st Prize 30,000,000
RS. 15000/- 03 2nd Prize 10,000,000
RS. 15000/- 1696 3rd Prize 185,000
RS. 25000/- 01 1st Prize 50,000,000
RS. 25000/- 03 2nd Prize 15,000,000
RS. 25000/- 1696 3rd Prize 312,000
RS. 40000/- 01 1st Prize 75,000,000
RS. 40000/- 03 2nd Prize 25,000,000
RS. 40000/- 1696 500,000 3rd Prize
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On this draw, I participated third time in Rs. 200 draw but very disheartened because I could not success to win the prize.
waseem Wed 20 Jun, 2018

In how much period we obtain prize on a winning bond
shakeel Wed 20 Jun, 2018

How do we give our number in qurandazi
King Wed 20 Jun, 2018

I have a complete serial of Rs. 200 Prize Bond which I am keeping for a year but not yet success to be win. Let see what happen on this upcoming draw of Rs. 200 Prize Bond.
farman Tue 19 Jun, 2018

How much tax is applicable to the winning prize bond amount?
Roedad khan Tue 19 Jun, 2018

Clime priat
Waseem khan Tue 12 Jun, 2018

Rs. 200 draw will be held on the mid of June, although I won one time in this draw. This time I am also expecting to win because I have a large collection of this Prize Bond.
rahim Tue 05 Jun, 2018

Investing in Prize Bond will never let you down. You can always buy a prize bond with high hopes of winning it. Thanks to this page for providing us all the relevant information about the prize bonds.
Warda Tue 05 Jun, 2018

I wish to win prize bund at this year......I always pray to God........I keep in 1 year
Punjab Kisan Fri 01 Jun, 2018

I will definitely visit on this page to get the updated list of Rs. 40000 Prize Bond. I have three Prize Bonds arrange with serial numbers, I wish that I will win the prize in this draw.
umair Fri 01 Jun, 2018

I wish that on this Eid I will win the Prize Bond in the draw of Rs. 40000 Prize Bond. Many of the prize bonds I have which I am keeping for a year.
yameen Fri 01 Jun, 2018

I like it
Abdul Razzaq Wed 30 May, 2018

I have only single Prize Bond of Rs. 40000 which I am keeping for a year, I always check my bond number in every draw from this page but could not success to win yet, let see what happen on this draw.
yasir Wed 30 May, 2018

plz tell me agar series may na ho to ek sath kaisay 15 different numbers k prize bond chek keray gay
ejaz Fri 25 May, 2018

Dear koi bata dy k ye prize Bond nikalty be ha K nahi mere pass 2003 K Rs.200 waly 58 prize bond ha abi tak koi name nikla . Kia waja ho sakta ha?
jarrar Tue 22 May, 2018

For the new date of the prize bonds announcement is mentioned here and this is so good to see the good result which is updated for their user
Danish Tue 22 May, 2018

Bhai mjhe prizebond khareed kerne hai plzz koi detail dega unke bare me ke kb khulte hai kitne dino me plzzz some one contact me 03046470751 Murtaza
Murtaza Mon 21 May, 2018

Prize Bond is certainly the best thing to ask for when you want luck to shine on you. I am glad to access the details about prize bond and other information here.
Ismail Sat 19 May, 2018

I have many bonds of 100 rupees prize bonds which I kept for a long time. Yesterday I also check my all bonds no. on this page but I couldn’t success to win the prize.
haider Sat 19 May, 2018

Koi moja bta sakta haa ka ak number ka bond kitna hota haa Ya phir ak number ka ak hi bond hota haa. Plz tell me soon
muneeb Fri 18 May, 2018