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04 Jul, 2015 KSE Live - Karachi Stock Exchange - KSE 100 index bullish trend continued and KSE crossed psychological barrier of 35000 which is highest ever level of KSE. After federal budget and fiscal year bulls entered the market and dominated the index as CPI numbers clocked in below market expectations, currently cement and fertilizers sector lead KSE-100 above record-high 35,000. provides KSE 100 index live details and experts’ opinion on this page. Moreover, many KSE stock investors are submit their valuable tips and stock research reports as well. The following page shows KSE market highlights of all current data of KSE such as ; KSE 100 Index, KSE All Shares, KSE 30 Index, KMI 30 Index respectively. This page is just facilitates to all new and old visitors regarding KSE market trend. Any shareholders can get real time stock market position with all details. KSE market summary shows each company’s shares on this platform for the convenience of share holders. All the KSE market data are taken from Karachi stock exchange. Read more

Jul 03, 2015 19:34
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KSE 100 Index Live - The Karachi Stocks extended gains on Thursday with the index crossing psychological barrier of 35000 ended at highest ever level on the second consecutive day of newly started fiscal year over the investors’ continued euphoria in cement and fertiliser stocks. KSE-100 index gained 342.95 points to close at 35186.56 points as compared to 34843.61 of the previous session. The KSE-30 Index added 220.52 points and closed at 22122.68 points against 21902.16 points of the last closing. As on January 4th, 2015 there are 579 companies listed in KSE and the total market capitalization is Rs. 7,439.095 billions. The listing is done on the basis of strict rules and regulations laid out by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) & Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. All the listed companies are categorized in various main business sectors. There are total 36 sectors listed on Karachi Stock Exchange. Out of these, 33 sectors contribute towards the market capitalization and all the listed companies (excluding their future contracts) are divided among these. Rests of the 3 sectors are allocated for indexes, futures bonds etc.
These non market capitalization contributing sectors are as follows:

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The Karachi Stocks extended gains on Thursday with the index crossing psychological barrier of 35000 ended at highest ever level on the second consecutive day of newly started fiscal year over the investors’ continued euphoria in cement and fertiliser stocks. KSE-100 index gained 342.95 points to close at 35186.56 points as compared to 34843.61 of the previous session. The KSE-30 Index added 220.52 points and closed at 22122.68 points against 21902.16 points of the last closing. Elixir Securities’ analyst Faisal Bilwani said Pakistan equities ended Thursday at record high above 35,000 for the first time as lower than expected inflation reading brought positives on macros in limelight while deferral of gas price hike rumour continued to fuel excitement. Fresh buying in new fiscal year both from local and foreign institutions was well supported by retail and prop book activity as turnover crossed $125 million mark.
Faisal Bilwani Fri 03 Jul, 2015

BRIndex30 opened at 21,482.51 points and remained positive throughout the trading session. It touched an intraday high of 21,902.39 points and an intraday low of 21,668.13 points and closed at 21,858.96 points which was 376.45 points or 1.75 percent higher than previous close. Total volume was 228,416,000, which was 56.28 percent of KSE All share volume and 132.78 percent of KSE 100 volume. The KSE All Share volume was 405,858,790 and KSE 100 volume was 172,031,570. BR Commercial Banks Index closed at 7,212.00 with a net positive change of 29.97 points or a percentage change of 0.42 and a total turnover of 56,200,000 shares. BR Cement Index closed at 5,362.02 points with a net positive change of 140.38 points or a percentage change of 2.69 and a total turnover of 75,975,100 shares. BR Oil and Gas Index closed at 3,603.34 points with a net positive change of 7.99 points or a percentage change of 0.22 and a total turnover of 10,664,300 shares. BR Tech & Comm Index closed at 1,248.34 points with a net positive change of 18.65 points or a percentage change of 1.52 and a total turnover of 54,500,500 shares. BR Power Generation and Distribution Index closed at 6,831.67 points with a net positive change of 56.43 points or a percentage change of 0.83 and a total turnover of 37,199,000 shares.
Viqas Gondal Fri 03 Jul, 2015

Bulls entered the market on Wednesday, tossing the KSE-100 index up by 444.75 points or 1.29 per cent to close 34,843.61 points. Bulls dominated the index as CPI numbers clocked in below market expectations at 3.16pc. Consequently, strong investor interest was witnessed in cement sector with DGKC, FCCL and MLCF all ending 1.5pc, 3.2pc and 2.2pc higher. Leveraged scrips across in the index saw positivity through the day’s trade. With expectations in the market of government imposing gas tariff hikes, SNGP and SSGC remained strong with particular investor interest, ending 4.9pc and 4.8pc higher. Possible delay in implementation of GIDC translated into a positive impact amongst fertilizer scripts as Engro, FFBL and EFERT all ended 3.8pc, 4.2pc and 1.4pc higher. BYCO continued its rally ending at Rs23.60. The market continued its recent trend with sideboards remaining in the limelight as JPGL, PTC, PIBTL and TELE all ending 8.7pc, 1.7pc, 2.0pc and 0.9pc higher, commented analyst Umair Hasan at JS Global. Volume increased by 8pc to 376m shares worth of Rs.12.9b/ $126m. Samar Iqbal at Topline Securities stated index heavy weight MCB, Engro, HUBC and OGDC contributed 210 points to the index gain of 1.3pc. HUBC rallied by 2.6pc after Supreme Court dismissed petition filed by FBR, and maintained its decision in favour of HUBC. SSGC and SNGP closed at 5pc upper limit amid rumours of change in UFG (Unaccounted for Gas) formula. Ahsan Mehanti said bullish sentiments remained at KSE amid record close led by second and third tier stocks on strong valuations. Speculations ahead of year end results led the institutional interest in selected oil, banking and fertilizer stocks. FBR withdrawals on regulatory duties on POL products, recovery in global stocks and commodities on hopes for Greek deal and higher banking spreads played a catalyst role in bullish activity at KSE
Sagheer Sandooqwala Fri 03 Jul, 2015

Why KSE continued to up grade rhythm, Bullish spree continued on Tuesday at local bourse where index at the benchmark remained on upward trajectory witnessing significant volumes traded. The Karachi stocks opened negative on Monday over foreign selling fears, however last moments institutional buying helped the market to recover early losses as the index closed in green zone reclaiming 34000 level. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100 index gained 305.31 points to close at 34398.86 points as compared to 34093.55 of the previous session. The KSE-30 Index added 230.33 points and closed at 21573.42 points against 21343.09 points of last closing. Despite prevailing bearish sentiments in international markets, local stocks attracted investors retailer investors were active where majority of the volumes were restricted in penny stocks, said Habib Metropolitan Financial Services’ analyst Kumail Chevelwalla. “We see index to remain volatile with relatively high inflation numbers expected today due to Ramadan which may result in temporary selling”, said Chevelwalla. The KSE-100 Index continued its bullish momentum while an overnight decline in the global oil prices kept oil sector under pressure, said JS Research’s analyst Arhum Ghous. “After Consumer Price Index number we expect a rally in banking sector”, said Ms Ghous. The market volume increased to 347.150 million shares as compared to 293.698 million shares traded in previous session. The overall market capitalisation rose to Rs 7.421 trillion as compared to Rs 7.357 trillion of previous session. Trading value at local bourse swelled to Rs 12.577 billion against Rs 8.051 billion of previous session. Out of 352 scrips, 205 scrips advanced, 116 scrips declined while the value of 31 scrips remained unchanged. The KMI-30 index jacked up by 440.30 points to close at 57271.34 points as compared to 56831.04 points of the previous session. The KSE all-share index went 209.87 points up to close at 24036.72 points as compared to 23826.85 points of the previous session. K-Electric Limited was the volume leader in the market with 30.433 million shares as it closed at Rs 8.42 followed by Byco Petroleum with trading of 30.288 million shares and closed at Rs 23.14. Pace (pak) Limited traded 28.006 million shares and closed at Rs 7.29.
Inayat Shaikh Wed 01 Jul, 2015

The Karachi stocks opened negative on Monday over foreign selling fears, however last moments institutional buying helped the market to recover early losses as the index closed in green zone reclaiming 34000 level. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100 index gained 208.42 points to close at 34093.55 points as compared to 33885.13 of the previous session. The KSE-30 Index added 137.19 points and closed at 21343.09 points against 21205.90 points of last closing. The market behaved erratically during the trading day with no clear direction before closing after a sudden interest in the last half an hour, said Habib Metropolitan Financial Services’ analyst Saba Mahmood. K-Electric swayed like a pendulum in the intraday as speculation was rife over the future of the company following the furore in the wake of Karachi heat wave. After the announcement of Pak Elektron conversion of National Bank of Pakistan loan into shares, scrip was in the lime light as it gained some lost ground, she added. “We continue to advise investors to stay on the sidelines and wait out the current political uncertainty”, said Ms Mahmood. Pakistan equities ended first day of the week positive on gains in index heavy banks and materials. Stocks traded volatile and tested a low of 33,800 in early trade, tracking regional markets as investors feared trickle down selling from foreigners however institutional buying and end of the fiscal year window dressing helped cover early losses, said Elixir Securities’ analyst Faisal Bilwani. “We see domestic politics to remain a dampener while institutional buying will keep interest in wider market alive with benchmark trading in a range of 300-500 points”, said Bilwani. The market volume decreased to 293.698 million shares as compared to 400.887 million shares traded in previous session. The overall market capitalisation rose to Rs 7.357 trillion as compared to Rs 7.322 trillion of previous session. Trading value at local bourse swelled to Rs 8.051 billion against Rs 12.610 billion of previous session. Out of 354 scrips, 225 scrips advanced, 113 scrips declined while the value of 16 scrips remained unchanged. The KMI-30 index jacked up by 388.17 points to close at 56831.04 points as compared to 56442.87 points of the previous session. The KSE all-share index went 114.63 points up to close at 23826.85 points as compared to 23712.22 points of the previous session. Dewan Cement was the volume leader in the market with 30.023 million shares as it closed at Rs 13.83 followed by K-Electric Limited with trading of 25.915 million shares and closed at Rs 8.27. Byco Petroleum traded 19.345 million shares and closed at Rs 22.88.
Salahuddin Shaikh Tue 30 Jun, 2015

South Asia’s first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has been listed on Friday at the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) which had already been oversubscribed with the book runner receiving bids for Rs 7.14 billion against the offer of Rs 4.17 billion in initial public offer held on June 08-09. Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management Limited is a joint venture between the Arif Habib Group and the Dolmen Group. SECP Chairman M Zafar-ul-Haq Hijazi as a chief guest initiated the listing of REIT at the event rang the Gong at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). On the occasion, the SECP chairman SECP said: “Dolmen City REIT is the first REIT in South Asia and its listing calls for the accreditation of a new sector ‘Real Estate Investment Trust’ in KSE’s sector classification which is an achievement for everyone involved. He said the addition of this new sector allows investors a fresh avenue of safe investment which is also accessible to smaller investors. He congratulated Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management Limited and the Karachi Stock Exchange on this momentous occasion. He also added that the SECP would continue to play an effective role for the development of Pakistan’s capital markets and encourage innovative products which will broaden investment opportunities. The SECP will also enforce strict regulations to safeguard the public interest. Dolmen City REIT is a closed-ended, Listed Shariah compliant Rental REIT which offers investors to become unit holders of two component of the Dolmen City project, Dolmen Mall Clifton and The Harbor Front. Book building portion of the IPO took place on the 8th and 9th of June and was heavily oversubscribed with the book runner receiving bids for Rs 7.14 billion against the offer of Rs 4.17 billion. The general public participated in the IPO on the 12th of June. The properties will generate rental income that will be distributed by the REIT scheme among unit holders in the shape of dividends. Any possible appreciation in the value of the property will be an added benefit. Also present at the ceremony were Nauman K Dar, President & CEO, Habib Bank Limited, Syed Ahmed Iqbal Ashraf, President, National Bank of Pakistan, Irfan Siddiqui, President & CEO, Meezan Bank Limited, Hasan A Bilgrami, President & CEO, BankIslami Pakistan Limited and executives of numerous banks
Arif Habib Khan Mon 29 Jun, 2015

The Karachi share market ended lower Thursday as investors stayed cautious days before the end of the new fiscal year. The KSE-100 index declined by 254 points to 34,077.92 compared to 34,331.94 of the previous trading session. The trading volume moved northward to close higher at 549 million shares against 392 million of Wednesday. The traded value remained higher at Rs 13 billion compared to the previous Rs 12 billion. Of the total 363 scrips traded, 124 posted gains, 216 lost their worth while 23 stayed unchanged. The market capitalisation slid to Rs 7.359 trillion from Rs 7.40 trillion. Foreign investors kept selling portfolios and ended the day with a net selling of $1.824 million. Pace Pakistan dominated the volume with 42 million shares. The scrip opened the day with Rs 6.85 and closed at Rs 7.35. Other nine best performers were Byco Petroleum 41 million, WorldCall Telecom 35 million, K-Electric 33 million, Dewan Salman 30 million, Dewan Cement 24 million, Power Cement 21.8 million, Pervez Ahmed 19.9 million, Telecard Limited 19.8 million and Media Times 19 million shares. Trade on the futures market was recorded lower at 57 million contracts from 62 million of last session. "Investor booked profits ahead of year-end close in overbought scrips across the board," said Ahsan Mehanti of Arif Habib Corp.
Ahmed Ali Fri 26 Jun, 2015

Plz guide me about humnl.. sell or hold
shahid Wed 24 Jun, 2015

The proposed budget, which calls for enhanced taxation on the capital market, seems to have created a rift between the brokers and the board of directors at the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). “Many brokers believe board members have failed to effectively convey their concerns to the Ministry of Finance with regard to the proposed budget proposals. it said the CGT rate, which the government has proposed to increase up to 15%, should not be more than 5% for 10 years to inspire confidence among investors. According to National Clearing Company of Pakistan (NCCPL) CEO Muhammad Lukman, the number of currently active unique identification numbers (UINs) is 236,226 only. Market analysts believe it is a pitiful number for a stock market with a capitalisation of around Rs7.4 trillion. Proposed hikes in the CGT rates will only push away investors from the stock market, they believe.
Idrees Saeed Thu 18 Jun, 2015

Karachi—Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL) organizes an Islamic Banking session at the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) to highlight the importance of capital markets, Shari’a permissibility of Business in capital market and to offer the latest Shari’a compliant solutions to the brokerage houses and other KSE stakeholders. The lecture was presented by Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem, Head of Shari’a DIBPL. Mr. Nadeem Naqvi, MD of KSE, Mr. Junaid Ahmed, CEO of DIBPL, Mr. Aqeel Karim Dedhi, MD of AKD Securities, Mr. Arif Habib, MD Arif Habib Securities, Mr. Khawaja Asif, Head of Consumer Banking DIBPL, other prominent businessmen and senior management of KSE & DIBPL were also present at the occasion. Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem is the Country Head of Shari’a of Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan (DIBPL). He has also been appointed a member of the Bank’s Shari’a Board by the Board of Directors of DIBPL. DIBPL has an endeavor to provide innovative Islamic financial products and services to its customer to experience World Class Banking. The Bank has 222 Locations (175 Branches and 47 Branchless Booths) in 51 cities. The Bank enjoys a short-term credit rating of ‘A-1’ and long-term credit rating of ‘A+’, indicating the Bank’s robust position in the industry. The Bank continues to reaffirm its commitment to Pakistan with new branches and absolutely Halal & Shari’a compliant new products and services.
Syed Aziz Thu 18 Jun, 2015

What about the Byco Petroleum (Byco Group)? is there any news after the inauguration ceremony by Prime Minister nawaz Sharif, now shares of Byco Petroleum on up gear and seems it will be covers some best miles? What about buying? is it right time?
Yasir Jiwani Wed 17 Jun, 2015

June 17 KSE Market Updates: Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and UBL Fund Managers Limited (UBL Funds) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to launch Pakistan's first Co-Branded Bond Market Index 'KSE UBL Funds Government Bond Index' to its family of indices. According to a statement on Tuesday, the MoU was signed by Managing Director, KSE, Nadeem Naqvi and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), UBL Funds, Mir Muhammad Ali. The UBL Funds will provide its Bond Index expertise by defining the methodology, structure and guidelines for the Bond Index. KSE will provide maintenance and dissemination support for the index. Bond Market Index will comprise all the Sovereign Bonds issued by Government of Pakistan. Therefore, the KSE and UBL Fund Managers Limited Bond Market Index will provide investors a suitable benchmark for performance on their Bonds investments. In addition, it will help create awareness amongst investors about the Government bonds as an investment avenue. On the occasion, MD KSE highlighted the importance of the bond market index and stated that with the launch of that index it was hoped that both domestic and foreign institutional investors would look at Pakistan's sovereign paper in a new light and this would create much needed exposure for the country's fixed income market where globally, institutional investors have positions of over one trillion dollars in emerging debt market. The CEO, UBL Fund Managers Limited, said UBL funds had a rich history of launching innovative investment products. The co-branded bond market index is another effort by UBL funds to introduce new investment ideas in Pakistan's capital markets.
Tariq M Jamal Wed 17 Jun, 2015

16 June KSE Market Updates: A two-member delegation of Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) visited the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Monday. The delegation comprised QSE's Director Listing Abdulaziz N Al-Emadi and Director Product and Market Development Mohsin Mujtaba. KSE Managing Director Nadeem Naqvi, Deputy Managing Director Haroon Askari and Board members Abid Ali Habib and Shahzad Chamdia welcomed the guests where they performed the opening bell ceremony. The purpose of his visit, Al-Emadi said, was to explore co-operation between QSE and KSE on a range of mutually beneficial areas including cross-listing, raising of long-term capital by Pakistani companies in QSE, development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) market segment and introduction of derivative products including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Al-Emadi said the governments of Qatar and Pakistan had longstanding cordial relations and Qatari people had very warm feelings for Pakistani people. Qatar has enjoyed significant economic growth with real GDP increasing by 10.7 percent per annum since 2008, and it is now one of the richest nations in the world with GDP per capita exceeding $100,000. As on 31 December 2014, Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) has 43 listed companies with equity market capitalisation in excess of $187 billion and average daily value traded of $221 million in the spot equity market. In 2014, the value of new equity issues is $3.4 billion. Regarding Qatar's project of hosting 2022 soccer World Cup and the arrangements being made in that regard, the Qatari delegation said that Pakistani companies can participate in many infrastructure and service projects in which skilled labour force would also be needed. During their visit the delegation met with members of KSE's Board of Directors, KSE's Demutualization Committee, leading asset management companies, brokerage houses and some major Pakistani companies listed on KSE. The delegation also visited CDC House to discuss various products/services offered by the Central Depository Company. KSE MD Nadeem Naqvi said QSE's visit was confirmation of the trend that international investors were looking at Pakistan as a growth story. He reiterated KSE's resolve to become a regional player in tune with global trend of closer relationship amongst stock exchanges. He was hopeful that closer engagement between QSE and KSE would open up opportunities for mutually beneficial projects and long-term strategic alliance.
Fiza Shaikh Tue 16 Jun, 2015

The Karachi Capital Market managed to close week in green as the bullish trend continues on Friday following the positive developments for Pakistan announced by international rating agencies. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100 index gained 56.59 points to close at 34651.29 points as compared to 34594.70 of the previous session. The KSE-30 Index shed 5.33 points and closed at 21878.73 points against 21884.06 points of last closing. Elixir Securities’ analyst M Sibtain Mustafa said Equities traded in a thin range ahead of the weekend as new buyers emerge post development on MSCI EM status and Moodys rating upgrade.
Faakhir Josh Fri 12 Jun, 2015

The German State Secretary, Federal Foreign Office Stephan Steinlein has visited Karachi Stock Exchange on Friday with a delegation of senior officials of German Foreign Office and representatives of major business groups including, Volkswagen, Bombardier Transportation, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Siemens, Voith Hydro, German Investment and Development Corp and others. German Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Cyrill Nunn and Consul General of Germany in Karachi, Dr. Tilo Klinner accompanied Stephen Steinlein. After initiating the trading session at KSE with the opening bell ceremony Steinlein spoke with the Press. He highlighted the improved economic situation of Pakistan and expressed the hope that if the overall environment in the country improves and becomes business friendly, there is enormous potential to attract German investment into Pakistan. He highlighted that several major German Companies are involved in Pakistan such as Siemans and Voith Hydro and more have put Pakistan on their radar screen. Responding to a question regarding his visit to the Karachi Stock Exchange, Stephan Steinlein stated that financial sector development including the capital markets is a major indicator of economic development. In this regard, he was impressed by the reforms in Pakistan‘s capital market and particularly the stellar performance of Karachi Stock Exchange in the last few years. He appreciated KSE management’s efforts in developing the country’s premier capital market and thanked them for highlighting achievements of the Apex Regulator, SECP and the Stock Exchange for bringing transparency, efficiency in the stock market which would help both more companies to list and attract greater number of investors to capital market. Managing Director, KSE, Nadeem Naqvi, welcomed the encouraging remarks of the German State Secretary and thanked him for his interest in the Karachi Stock Exchange and Pakistan’s socio-economic development. Naqvi highlighted key developments at KSE including demutualisation, new product development, plans for SME counter, investor awareness campaign and improved outlook for listing of new companies.
Syed Salahuddin Fri 12 Jun, 2015

Buy berg @ rs.100 target 140 in 2months
Muhammad adnan Fri 12 Jun, 2015

Al Shaheer Corporation Limited has finally announced its IPO of 25 million ordinary shares that will initially take place on June 10 and 11, 2015. Al Shaheer Corporation Limited will be placed under “Food and Personal Care products” section of Karachi Stock Exchange. Other prominent companies in this section comprises of Engro Foods, Nestle Pakistan, Rafhan Maize and Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited.
Tassudduq Ahmed Fri 12 Jun, 2015

In a latest development, Moody’s has upgraded Pakistan’s sovereign rating to B3 from Caa1, and assigned a Stable outlook. The upgrade was largely expected following many positive developments on the macro front in the past two years and changes in the rating outlook in Mar-15 by the rating agency. We believe the latest rating upgrade is not the end of favorable news on rating. S&P’s, which has rated Pakistan sovereign at B- since Aug-2009, upgraded country’s rating outlook to Positive from Neutral last month. (1) Smooth approval of Budget 2015-16 by the Parliament, (2) approval of eighth tranche by the IMF Board in late Jun-15, and (3) clarity on decision by Judicial Commission on election rigging charges – are important developments which can prompt a rating action by S&P’s. From the market’s perspective, the rating upgrade adds to a slew of positive developments and reinforces our view on rerating of equity market multiple from current 8.7x to 9.5x. Our top picks are ENGRO, EFERT, Fatima, POL, PPL, ICI, Lucky, DGKC, UBL and NRL. Outside our coverage, we like PAEL & NML.
Kamal Ahmed Pasha Fri 12 Jun, 2015

Elixir Securities’ analyst Faisal Bilwani said Pakistan equities closed fourth consecutive positive session with index heavy oil and banks pushing benchmark KSE100 index to settle near 34,600. Fertilizers also attracted attention with Fauji Fertilizer (plus 3.6 percent) closing at record high on reported foreign buying while Engro Corporation (plus 1 percent) closed with trimmed gains. Oil & Gas Development Company (plus 3.5 percent) closed at three month high on rumours of positive developments on exploration from a key field while MSCI reclassification news also brings this index heavy name in limelight. “We see volatile market testing 35000 with profit taking likely however financials are likely to see interest as most names continue to lag market gains post recent changes in tax measures for banks”, said Bilwani.
Samina Sahabzadi Fri 12 Jun, 2015

Al Shaheer Corporation Limited fully diluted annualized earnings on a recurring basis are likely to clock around PKR1.43/sh in FY15 which means at the floor price (PKR43/sh) the stock is trading at a P/E of 30.1x. While the scrip appears fairly valued, we believe potential growth in volumetric sales emanating from an increased retail network and commissioning of poultry facility are likely to lead to a trickle down impact on earnings, going forward. Subscribe at offer price of PKR43/sh. Al Shaheer Book Through Building Subscribed by 2.9x at a Strike Price of Rs 95/- Per Share
Salamat Ullah Fri 12 Jun, 2015

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