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Currency Rates in Pakistan

05 May, 2015 Currency Rate in Pakistan - From a month ago, US$ Dollar strong against Pakistani rupees in open market currency rates in Pakistan. Everybody can find major currency exchange rates and its converted rates in Pakistani rupees. Moreover, find fresh and updated selling and buying rates of US$ dollar here. The following table of currency open market page shows all international major currency rates in Pakistani rupees. The currency page is keep displaying current time exchange rates of all major currencies in Pakistani rupees with currency symbols and currency real time buying and selling price such as; US$ dollar, €-Euro (EU), £-British Pound (GBP), AED-UAE Dirham, SAR-Saudi Arabian Riyal, and CAD$-Canadian Dollar. For the easiness of users of this website, the currency converter is also available on this page for converting or calculating different countries currencies. is also provides free SMS alerts services of currency rates in Pakistan for all mobile phone users in Pakistan. Read more
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Pakistan Open Market Forex Rates [May 05 2015, 8:31 PST (GMT+5)]
 U.S. DollarUSD102.65102.90
 Euro EUR114.25114.50
 British Pound GBP154.50154.75
 UAE Dirham AED27.8028.05
 Saudi RiyalSAR27.1027.35
 Kuwaiti DinarKWD337.05337.30
 Canadian Dollar CAD83.5083.75
 Australian Dollar AUD79.5079.75
 Omani RiyalOMR263.95264.20
 Japanese YenJPY0.840.88
 Malaysian RinggitMYR28.0528.30
 Qatari RiyalQAR27.6527.85
 Bahrain DinarBHD268.65268.90
 Thai BhatTHB3.083.09
 Chinese Yuan CNY16.2016.35
 Hong Kong Dollar HKD13.0013.10
 Danish Krone DKK15.0515.20
 New Zealand DollarNZD76.4076.65
 Singapore DollarSGD75.5075.75
 Norwegians KroneNOK13.2013.40
 Swedish Krona SEK11.9012.05
 Swiss Franc CHF107.00107.25
 Indian RupeeINR1.581.59
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 Currency Rates in Pakistan 

US$ Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today - Find live and fresh currency exchange rates of all major currencies at efforts to collect real time currency exchange through many reliable sources including visits to some nearby exchange companies in Karachi, and updated fresh currency rates on site daily basis. Although we try to make sure our currency exchange rates in Pakistan are correct, it is possible it may differs from market rates. Forex rates page in finance section of Pakbiz.con is designed to provide individuals or investors who specially doing online trading in forex exchange rates in Pakistan. provides fresh and up to date currency exchange prices in Pakistan of open market, inter banks and international forex currency rates. Individuals or investors of online currency trading can get exchange rates of Pakistan against world major currencies including American US$, Saudi Arabian Riyals, UAE Dirham, Kuwaiti Dinar, Euro Region major currency euro, Japanese Yen, Chinese, Yaun, British Pound Sterling in Pakistani Pkr rupees . Individuals or investors may also find currency exchange rates archives or history, and also up to date from today’s open market currency exchange rates, dollar rates, forex articles & graphs for major cities of Pakistan such as; open market currency rates in Karachi, exchange rates of Pakistan in Lahore, money exchange rates in Islamabad and foreign exchange rates in Rawalpindi respectively.

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I would like to receive PakBiz daily currency rate SMS alerts. Please send me currency open market rate and interbank dollar rate on daily basis. As I daily visited PakBiz for currency rates updates. All the currency updates are accurate and live.
Faisal Nadeem Wed 11 Mar, 2015

plz send me saudi riyal currency rate on daily basis
m.saeed Tue 10 Mar, 2015

An interesting thing for currency rates in Pakistan, It is perplexing to see the Pakistani currency in a tightly managed peg against the dollar despite the lowering of the interest rate in recent months. Indeed, as a result of the sharp shift seen in global currency dynamics, the rupee on a real effective basis (x-rate estimated after taking into account bilateral trade shares and inflation rate differentials) has appreciated by more than 17pc since December 2013. Interestingly, this sharp rupee appreciation move is even stronger than witnessed by the dollar over the same period. As such, when various emerging markets are scampering to weaken their currencies in order to generate economic growth, the rupee managed peg is transferring ‘economic growth’ to her trade partners via a stronger currency. The global context in which this is happening makes things even more perplexing. As numerous central banks around the world have moved to ease monetary policy in recent weeks (with accompanying implications for currency dynamics), the spectre of ‘currency wars’ is back in focus. With interest rates in many economies currently very low the line between foreign exchange intervention via deliberate devaluation or monetary policy has become increasingly blurred.
Wahab Wed 04 Mar, 2015

Total liquid foreign reserves of the country over the week ending on February 20, stood at dollars 15.94307 billion, said State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). SBP's weekly statement here on Thursday said the foreign reserves held by State Bank amounted to dollars 11.07409 billion and the net foreign reserves with other banks figured at $ 4.86808 billion.During the week, SBP's liquid foreign reserves decreased by $ 119 million to $ 11.075 billion compared to 11.194 billion of the previous week. Over this period, the SBP made payments of $ 161 million on account of external debt and other official payments, which included payment made to International Monetary Fund (IMF) under SBA. During the same period, SBP received $ 43 million from multilateral, bilateral and other sources. Copyright APP (Associated Press of Pakistan), 2015
Umer Jaffer Fri 27 Feb, 2015

Minister for Finance, Ishaq Dar Wednesday said the government's next target for foreign exchange reserves was US $17 billion which would be achieved with its extra ordinary efforts. "Our team has set a new target and that is to take our foreign exchange reserves to $17 billion and with the help of the Allah Almighty we shall make every possible effort to achieve this target", Ishaq Dar said in a meeting with Country Director World Bank, Rachid Benmessoud here. The two leaders discussed important matters regarding future development roadmap of the country. Benmessoud formally informed on behalf of the World Bank Management that Pakistan has again become eligible for availing the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) funding after a lapse of three years. IBRD funding facility was suspended in March 2012 because at that time Pakistan could not fulfill the required conditions regarding macro-economic stability.
Rizwan Khan Fri 27 Feb, 2015

Foreign exchange reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) decreased 1% on a weekly basis on February 20, according to data released by the central bank on Thursday. SBP’s liquid foreign exchange reserves decreased by $119 million to $11,075 million compared with $11,194 million in the preceding week. The SBP made payments of $161 million during the week on account of external debt and other official payments, which included $136 million payment to the International Monetary Fund. During the same period, the SBP received $43 million from multilateral, bilateral and other sources. The SBP had received $717 million on account of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) in the week ended on February 13. Total liquid foreign reserves held by the country, including net reserves held by banks other than the SBP, currently stand at $15,943.7 million while net foreign reserves held by banks amounted to $4,868.8 million.
Najeeb Ullah Fri 27 Feb, 2015

After a lapse of three years, Pakistan has qualified to avail the World Bank's International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) funding worth $2 billion for the next four fiscal years (2015-19), a top WB official said. “Pakistan is now maintaining foreign exchange reserves of more than 2.5 months of projected imports and has also satisfied other criteria of World Bank under the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS)," WB Country Director Rachid Benmessaoud said on Wednesday. Benmessaoud disclosed this to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar while discussing matters relating to a road map of the country's development in the coming years. An official announcement said that Benmessoud formally informed the government on behalf of the World Bank that Pakistan had again become eligible for availing the IBRD funding after a lapse of three years.
Shahzaib Ali Thu 26 Feb, 2015

Pls send me daily currencies rate
Zafar iqbal Tue 24 Feb, 2015

This is a serious matter, please read, Some elements circulating counterfeit currency: SBP Acting Governor of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Saeed Ahmad says that anti-state elements are involved in circulating counterfeit Pakistani currency in the country to undermine the national economy. “The central bank is vigilant to foil designs of these elements,” Mr Ahmad told newsmen at a conference on ‘currency management: strategies for the future,’ arranged by SBP at a hotel here on Tuesday. He said an extensive campaign would be launched to create awareness among the masses about spoiled and counterfeit notes. A documentary had been produced which would be broadcast on TV channels while a smart-phone application had been developed to help people differentiate between the genuine and fake currency, the acting governor said. The Chairman and Managing Director of Pakistan Security Printing Corporation, Mr Mis­bah Tunio, said that ‘enemy countries’ were producing Pakis­tan’s counterfeit currency which was exclusively being used for terrorist activities in the country. “These counterfeit notes of high quality are used to create law and order situation in Pakistan,” he said, adding that the same paper and ink was being used in producing fake currency but with different serial numbers which only experts could detect. The acting governor of the SBP said that many security features in the Pakistani currency could help differentiate between a genuine and fake currency notes. “These features are very hard to replicate in the fake note. However, the people at large usually do not know about these features and the awareness campaign will help them in spotting a genuine currency note,” he said. The SBP, said Mr Ahmad, was working on introducing hologram and other security features on currency notes. It is a costly plan and it is yet to be decided to which denomination it will be added. Initially, Rs5000 domination notes should have hologram that should be followed by Rs1000 notes while the rest would be considered at a later stage,” he said. To a question, Mr Ahmad said that the government’s domestic borrowing declined due to increase in remittance, IMF loans and sale of Euro Bond and Sukuk. “The government has decreased its borrowing cost by shifting reliance from local to foreign borrowings. The government has been criticised for floating both the bond and Sukuk on high rates, but in reality they have managed to save money because the rate in the local market ranges between 10 to 12 per cent while both the EU bond and Sukuk were offered at 7 per cent in the international market,” said Mr Ahmad.
Yawar Ghani Sat 21 Feb, 2015

Once again Pakistani rupees is under pressure, Dollar gained strength against rupee in money market on Friday and traded at highest rate of Rs 101.90 in cash free market. According to the details provided by the Forex Association of Pakistan, dollar traded at lowest rate of Rs 101.65 and highest rate of Rs 101.70 in inter bank while it was traded at minimum rate of Rs 101.70 and maximum rate of Rs 101.90 in cash free market.
Farhan Javaid Sat 21 Feb, 2015

I observed that, US$ dollar rates are maintained from last 5 0r 6 months. The US$ dollar rates were too high in Pakistan, but now it is bit control, I think it can be 98 again, just desired and strong policy is required by the Government. I am glad to share this news, Minor changes were seen on the money market on Wednesday in the process of trading, dealers said. The rupee held the overnight levels versus the dollar for buying and selling at Rs 101.57 and Rs 101.59 respectively, they said. INTERBANK MARKET RATES: OPEN MARKET RATES: The rupee drifted lower in relation to the dollar, losing 10-paisa for buying and selling at Rs 101.50 and Rs 101.70 respectively, they said. The local currency, however, gained 75-paisa in terms of the euro for buying and selling at Rs 115.00 and Rs 115.25, they said. In the third Asian trade, the euro skidded after a collapse in talks to secure a new debt deal for Greece kept markets guessing about the next chapter in the nerve-wracking saga as Athens tries to secure improved terms with its creditors.
Ahmed Sharif Thu 19 Feb, 2015

Why Pakistani currency is not strong against US$ dollar and some other major currencies? I want to share some bitter facts about it, read this short information Insha Allah i will share much more about it. Billions of dollars are flying out of Pakistan through unofficial channels including under-invoicing and misdeclaration every year and the government seems to be helpless to control the trend, as many politicians, senior government officials and money changers are reportedly involved in money-laundering. Hawala and hundi are the major channels being used for the purpose, besides a number of networks indulged in the illegal cross border trade of foreign exchange. Moreover, anti-investment atmosphere, inconsistency in policies, prolonged energy crisis and absence of an efficient regulatory system have also forced different industrial sectors including multinationals to wrap up their production units just in a couple of years, a serious blow to already worse economic condition of the country.
Umer Saif Wed 18 Feb, 2015

This is current report about forex reserve of Pakistan, will Pakistani stronger against US$ dollar ? The country's fx reserves have reportedly reached US$16bn subsequent to disbursement of US$700mn in CSF by the US to Pakistan. In other news, the trade deficit has widened by 18%YoY in 7MFY15 to US$13.13bn owing to a 3.7%YoY decline in exports and a 6%YoY increase in imports.
Saleem Ahmed Khan Sun 15 Feb, 2015

PLZ SEND ME FOREX RATE on 03340111099 on daily basis
Ateeq Wed 11 Feb, 2015

I would like to receive open market US$ dollar rates on (SMS) my mobile phone. Moreover, i found here many comments of users, I appreciate many of users are informed from international market trend. I am glad to know more about the major currencies future forecast in Pakistan. Thanks Malik Javaid
Mali Javaid Wed 11 Feb, 2015

China’s Yuan has become the world’s fifth most widely used payments currency with the value of cross-border deals settled in it more than doubling in 2014, data from transactions organisation SWIFT showed Wednesday. The data comes as China looks to make the Yuan used more internationally in line with its standing as the world’s second-largest economy while at the same time keeping its value tightly controlled. The Yuan, also known as the Renminbi (RMB), overtook the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar to enter the top five of world payment currencies in November, according to a SWIFT statement.
Imtiaz Rafiq Fri 06 Feb, 2015

Acting Governor of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Saeed Ahmad has said that anti-state elements are circulating counterfeit Pakistani currency in the country to undermine the national economy. "SBP is vigilant to foil designs of those elements who resort to different tactics aimed at weakening the economy through inflow of counterfeit currency notes," he said while talking to newsmen at a moot on 'Currency Management: Strategies for the Future', which was organised by State Bank of Pakistan
Shafqat Fri 06 Feb, 2015

Dear Sir, i want to purchase USD or AED kindly advice me where can i buy this rate? Your early action will be highly appreciated
Noor Javaid Wed 04 Feb, 2015

“Foreign reserves are expected to exceed $14 billion by end June FY-15 – a coverage ratio of over three months of imports,” it said. Trade reforms are focusing on simplifying tariff rates, shifting most items to a lower rate and eliminating trade statutory regulatory orders that establish special rates and non-tariff barriers,” IMF report said. Pakistan imports 80 per cent of its annual national requirements. In FY-14 it imported 19 million tonnes of petroleum products at a cost of $14.8 billion. The IMF projects Pakistan's overall import bill for all items in FY-15 will be $58.9 billion as against exports of $ 36.4 billion.
Ahsan Asif Wed 04 Feb, 2015

Currency & Pakistan Foreign Reserves: The total foreign reserves held by the country stood at US$ 15,063.9 million on January 23, 2015, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said here on Thursday. The break-up of the foreign reserves position is as under: (1) Foreign reserves held by the SBP US$ 10,248.7 million. (2) Net foreign reserves held by banks US$ 4,815.2 million. (3) Total liquid foreign reserves US$ 15,063.9 million. During the week ending 23 January 2015, SBP's liquid FX reserves decreased by US$ 82 million to US$ 10,249 million compared to US$ 10,331 million in the previous week. During the week the SBP made payments of US$143 million on account of external debt servicing and other official payments. No major inflow was recorded during the week, it added.
Usman Wazeer Mon 02 Feb, 2015

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