USD to PKR - Convert US Dollar to Pakistani Rupees

1 USD to PKR conversion rate is PKR 224.40 as per the State Bank of Pakistan. The buying and selling rates of US Dollar to Pakistani rupees differ in the interbank and open market rates or currency exchange. In Open Market, the current USD to PKR buying conversion rate is 229.70 and the US Dollar to pkr selling exchange rate for 1 US Dollar is 232.00. The currency charts below are based on the Pakistan Open Market buying and selling rates today.

1.00 USD = 224.40 Pakistani Rupees


Updated: December 07 2022

USD to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 224.5 239.9
Low 222 217.5
Average 223.39 225.3
USD TO PKR chart & Graph

USD to PKR Rate History

Date Symbol Buying Selling
07 Dec, 2022 USD To PKR 223.90 224.40
06 Dec, 2022 USD To PKR 223.75 224.25
05 Dec, 2022 USD To PKR 223.50 224.00
04 Dec, 2022 USD To PKR 223.50 224.00
03 Dec, 2022 USD To PKR 223.50 224.00
02 Dec, 2022 USD To PKR 223.50 224.00
01 Dec, 2022 USD To PKR 223.50 224.00
30 Nov, 2022 USD To PKR 223.90 224.40
29 Nov, 2022 USD To PKR 223.90 224.40
28 Nov, 2022 USD To PKR 224.00 224.50

US Dollar to Pkaistani Rupee

1 USD to PKR – The currency of United States of America USD is considered to be most powerful currency in the world. Earlier, British pound enjoyed the status of most powerful currency, but this title is clinched by USD. Many international banks are inclined to keep USD in huge quantities for various reasons. USD is used to pay off debts, making investments, making transactions and to have an impact on their local exchange rate. Considering that USD will never devalue, not there will be excessive dollar supply in markets; US Dollar is the currency of choice in many countries.

USD is compared to various currencies of the world. The main concern for Pakistani economy is the USD to PKR conversion. For Pakistan, economic growth and financial stability plays a vital role in maintaining the stability of Pakistani rupee. Therefore, in the current economic turmoil, Pakistani rupee is devalued and USD to PKR exchange rate is extremely high. USD to PKR keeps fluctuating on regular basis which leaves Pakistani economists spellbound and in trouble.

Convert USD to PKR online to get the accurate rates on regular basis. Simply insert the desired US dollar amount in the relevant box placed on the left of Pakistani Rupees and get the converted PKR amount instantly. Find 1 USD to PKR today currency exchange open market rates online. Also access the US Dollar buying and selling live rates at this platform. Online users can also get weekly base archive of 1 American US$ Dollar to Pakistani rupees currency exchange rates. In Pakistan, Imports and other international transactions are performed in US$ Dollar; therefore, you can find live and updated currency interbank rates, international forex rates, and open market currency exchange rates here.

This USD to PKR convertor is up to date with exchange rates from 07 Dec, 2022.

USD To PKR Rates - Reviews & Comments

USD is still high. Pakistan will never be able to achieve stability in USD to PKR exchange rates.

  • By: Meesha
  • on Thu 10 Nov, 2022

This week, the USD to PKR ratio seems stable. In the upcoming weeks, I hope it stays the same and the value of the rupee rises.

  • By: Farhan Ali Abbas
  • on Mon 07 Nov, 2022

The unpredictability of the exchange rate, especially for the USD to PKR, is very bad for Pakistan. This justification and the reason for our helplessness elude me.

  • By: Naheed Ahmed
  • on Thu 03 Nov, 2022

The best part of this web page is that it also provides the history of USD to PKR to we can see the fluctuation rate.

  • By: Kumail
  • on Tue 01 Nov, 2022

I want to  purchase USD because I will be visiting my family in the United States soon. The problem is that the USD to PKR exchange rate fluctuates so rapidly.

  • By: Ali Husnain
  • on Mon 31 Oct, 2022