USD to PKR - Convert US Dollar to Pakistani Rupees

1 USD to PKR conversion rate is PKR 288.75 as per the State Bank of Pakistan. The buying and selling rates of US Dollar to Pakistani rupees differ in the interbank and open market rates or currency exchange. In Open Market, the current USD to PKR buying conversion rate is 286.15 and the US Dollar to pkr selling exchange rate for 1 US Dollar is 289.00. The currency charts below are based on the Pakistan Open Market buying and selling rates today.

1.00 USD = 288.75 Pakistani Rupees


Updated: September 28 2023

USD to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 307.1 307.1
Low 288.75 276.46
Average 299.2 291.54
USD TO PKR chart & Graph

USD to PKR Rate History

Date Symbol Buying Selling
28 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 288.25 288.75
27 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 289.70 290.20
26 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 290.36 290.86
25 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 291.26 291.76
24 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 291.26 291.76
23 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 291.26 291.76
22 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 292.28 292.78
21 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 292.80 293.50
20 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 294.40 294.90
19 Sep, 2023 USD To PKR 295.45 295.95

US Dollar to PKR Rate Today

Today 28 September, 2023 1 US Dollar to PKR rate is 288.75. Looking at the past 30 days, the monthly performance of USD to PKR was characterized by fluctuations. The highest value during this period US Dollar to PKR was 307.1 and the lowest was PKR 288.75.

Over the course of a week, the USD to PKR exchange rate exhibited a rise in value, resulting in a 1.032% increased or PKR 3.01 rise in the Pakistani Rupee.

USD to PKR Open Market

USD to PKR open market is the exchange rate between the US dollar (USD) and Pakistani rupee (PKR) that is determined by the supply and demand of the currencies in the open market. The open market rate for a currency exchange is generally higher than the interbank rate due to the costs and risks associated with buying and selling currency in the open market.

USD to PKR Interbank

USD to PKR interbank is the exchange rate between the US dollar (USD) and Pakistani rupee (PKR) that is set by banks and financial institutions in Pakistan. This rate is used for interbank transactions, which are transactions that occur between banks and other financial institutions and the interbank exchange rate is typically more favorable for large transactions.

How much is 1 USD to 1 Pakistani Rupee today?

1 USD to PKR is 288.75 rupees today. Over the past 30 days, the US Dollar has increased.

What is USD to PKR Open Market today?

USD to PKR open market rate today is Rs. 289.00. However, the exchange rate is subject to fluctuations on a daily basis and can be affected by various global and local events.

What is the USD buying rate today?

USD buying rate in Pakistan is Rs. 288.25 today. The USD buying rate refers to the rate at which an individual can purchase US Dollar (USD) using their local currency.

What is the USD selling rate today?

Today USD to PKR selling rate is Rs. 288.75. The selling rate is set by financial institutions such as banks and money exchange dealers.

This USD to PKR convertor is up to date with exchange rates from 28 Sep, 2023.

USD To PKR Rates - Reviews & Comments

USD is still high. Pakistan will never be able to achieve stability in USD to PKR exchange rates.

  • By: Meesha
  • on Thu 10 Nov, 2022

This week, the USD to PKR ratio seems stable. In the upcoming weeks, I hope it stays the same and the value of the rupee rises.

  • By: Farhan Ali Abbas
  • on Mon 07 Nov, 2022

The unpredictability of the exchange rate, especially for the USD to PKR, is very bad for Pakistan. This justification and the reason for our helplessness elude me.

  • By: Naheed Ahmed
  • on Thu 03 Nov, 2022

The best part of this web page is that it also provides the history of USD to PKR to we can see the fluctuation rate.

  • By: Kumail
  • on Tue 01 Nov, 2022

I want to  purchase USD because I will be visiting my family in the United States soon. The problem is that the USD to PKR exchange rate fluctuates so rapidly.

  • By: Ali Husnain
  • on Mon 31 Oct, 2022