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Head rotor 7180-965L DPA
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Model Number: 7180-965L
Country: China
Posted On: 15 Dec 2016
Contact Person: vivian
Telephone: 86-594-2650550
Mobile Number: 86-137-99690614
Product Description
1) As the specialist in the diesel injection parts, China Balin Power Co.,Ltd mainly produce head rotor, injector nozzle, diesel plunger, repair kits, Gasket kits, deliver valve, cam disk, feed pump, Drive Shaft, and so on. 2) Advantages: * Excellent quality and standards of product * Fast shipping system * EXW price * Huge stock support "7139-360U 7180-560U" 189U "7139-709W 7180-611W" 708W 7139-92Y 91Y 7180-759W 344W 7180-600L 800L 7180-645L 344L 7180-655L 36L 7180-700L 800L 7180-727L 36L 7180-728L 800L 7180-965L 895L 7180-973L 976L 7180-650S 708S 7180-668S 344S 7180-977S 981S 7180-647U 344U 7180-668U 344U "7180-698U " 344U 7180-722U 248U 7180-819U 820U 7180-613W 708W 7180-668W 344W 7180-572Y 91Y 7183-121K 527K 7183-128K 528K 7183-129K 043K 7183-136K 466K 7183-113L 436L 7183-125L 528L 7183-156L 878L 7183-165L 528L 7185-023L 511L 7185-101L 256L 7185-114L 314L 7185-187L 943L 7185-196L 481L 7185-197L 482L
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Location: China
Quantity Available:
Minimum Order: 10pcs
Price for Minimum Order:
Packaging: as you want
Payment Options: WETERN UNION, T/T
Related Categories: Automobiles & Motorcycles , Auto Accessories
Contact Person: vivian
Address: hualin industrial zone, Putian, fujian, China
Zip/Postal: 351100
Telephone: 86-594-2650550
Fax: 86-594-2660550
Mobile Number: 86-137-99690614
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