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 Corrosion inhibitor
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Company: JAYDINESH Chemicals
Model Number: Corrosion inhibitor
Country: India
Posted On: 24 Aug 2015
Contact Person: Mr. Brijesh Patel
Telephone: 91-79-26608664
Mobile Number: 91-91-98250306
Product Description
Corrosion inhibitor. is oil soluble and water dispersible film forming concentrated oil line corrosion inhibitor. It is imadazoline based corrosion inhibition concentrate. The product is designed to control corrosion in oil well drilling and production systems. It is dispersible in sea water, brine and soluble in common aromatic solvent. The pipelines through which oil is transported in oilfield are highly prone to corrosion. Meltreat Meltreat MZ CCI forms a very persistent corrosion inhibitor film on down hole equipment, flow lines and most other oil handling equipment. The product acts on the chemical substances in crude oil to inhibit the corrosive nature of the oil. Thus, it helps to inhibit corrosion caused by oilfield brines, organic acids, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Features Efficient at very low dosages. Sufficiently inert i.e. does not alter the physico-chemical properties of oil. Safe and assured performance. Saves up the costs appreciably by reducing the downtime as well as material used for repairing and replacement due to corrosion in oilfields. Technical Data Appearance………Clear brown or amber semi-solid Specific gravity at 25 ± 2 °C ………..0.89- 0.95 Solubility……Oil soluble and water dispersible Uses Corrosion inhibitor. is used as oil line corrosion inhibitor in crude production and transportation lines. It can also be used as an additive for tailor made corrosion inhibitors. Dosage The quantity of corrosion inhibitor. required to control corrosion is dependent on the oil characteristics, dissolved gases and production quantum. It is recommended to carry the laboratory testing prior to use in the field to determine the optimum concentration of corrosion inhibitor. Handling Meltreat MZ CCI should be handled carefully using protective clothing, facemask, safety goggles, shoes and gloves. Observe all normal procedures for handling industrial chemicals. All technical data, recommendations and services are accurate to the best of our knowledge and are based on current information. Seller assumes no responsibility for the results obtained or damages incurred from their use by the Buyer in whole or in part, no warranty, including those merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is expressed or implied, since the method of handling, application and use of this product is beyond our control. There are no warranties, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.
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Related Categories: Chemicals , Organic Chemical Materials
Contact Person: Mr. Brijesh Patel
Company: JAYDINESH Chemicals
Address: 303, Murlidhar Complex, Paldi, Ahmedabad, Abad, Gujarat, India
Zip/Postal: 380007
Telephone: 91-79-26608664
Fax: 91-0-
Mobile Number: 91-91-98250306
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