Company: Jinan Pengbo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Model Number: 2078-71-9
Country: China
Posted On: 20 Nov 2015
Contact Person: Gilbert
Telephone: 86-531-82687186
Mobile Number: 86-132-20612567
Product Description
Not only offers highly moisturizing effect to skin care products, hydroxyethyl urea also has no sticky feelings, and the products can be of excellent skin-feelings and moisturizing effects with it even when reducing the consumption of silicone. Scarfskin moisture content is usually taken as a main basis for judgment of healthy and intact of skin. Maintaining skin surface supply and healthy appearance is important to keeping cuticle moisture content, which has a great influence to skin elasticity and visual effect. Hydroxyethyl urea moisturizer can be penetrated into cuticle, to increase skin moisture content, ease drying, fill microgroove, enhance skin elasticity and give pleasant feelings to the consumers. Hydroxyethyl urea moisturizer may keep the moisture content naturally, and improve the formula’s hand feeling and cold-resistant stability of emulsified system. Because of non-ionic nature and stability, hydroxyethyl urea can be used along with a majority of raw material and has a wide range of PH applications. Because of excellent moisturizing effect, and slight side effects to skin and eyes, hydroxyethyl urea is usually used as moisturizer in personal care products, which include: 1. Skin care products: cream, lotion, firming lotion and facial mask, etc. 2. Bath & shower products; 3. Hair care products: shampoo, hair conditioner and approved products, etc. 4. Cleansers and soap; 5. Baby products: cleaning products, lotion, etc. 6. Sunscreen products: sunscreen and care products; 7. Makeup products: foundation, and eye care products.
Product Specifications
Item Standard Crystallized Urea =98% Moisture =1% Ph Value 6-8 Residue on Ignition =0.1% Particle Size =90% through 20 Mesh Grade Cosmetic Grade Package 25Kg/ Fiber drum, Carton
Location: Jinan,China
Quantity Available: 1000000kg
Minimum Order: 25kg/drum
Price for Minimum Order: negotiable
Packaging: 25kg/plastic bag 1 plastic bag/drum
Payment Options: T/T L/C
Shipping Terms: FOB.CIF,C&F
Related Categories: Chemicals , Fine Chemicals
Contact Person: Gilbert
Company: Jinan Pengbo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Address: Rm6-1-302,Dinghao Plaza, Jinan, China., Jinan, Shandong, China
Zip/Postal: 250000
Telephone: 86-531-82687186
Fax: 86-132-
Mobile Number: 86-132-20612567

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