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Home > Electronics & Electrical > JUKI 2070 2080 FX-3 LNC 60 Laser 40045547 8015218

JUKI 2070 2080 FX-3 LNC 60 Laser 40045547 8015218

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JUKI 2070 2080 FX-3 LNC 60 Laser 40045547 8015218
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Company: Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd
Model Number: all type
Country: China
Posted On: 23 Nov 2016
Contact Person: Zoey Liu
Telephone: 86-135-90495325
Mobile Number: 86-86-13590495
Product Description
JUKI 2050 FX-1 EJECTOR 40001253 for SMT pick and place machine We have spare parts for all the folloiwng JUKI laser sensor. At the same time, we provide professional repair service for them. JUKI 750 E9631721000 SENSOR JUKI 750 E9630721000 LAHD ASM JUKI740 E9635725000LA SENSOR (TOP CONNECTOR) JUKI740 E9635725000 FOCUSE MODULAR LAUNI JUKI760 E9635725000 FOCUSE MODULAR LAUNI JUKI760 E9635725000LA SENSOR (TOP CONNECTOR) JUKI2060 E9611729000 MNLA SENSOR JUKI2050 E9611729000 MNLA SENSOR JUKI2030 E9611729000 MNLA SENSOR JUKI2020 E9611729000 MNLA SENSOR JUKI2010 E9611729000 MNLA SENSOR JUKI2060 40003264 FMLA SENSOR JUKI 2070,2080,FX-2,FX-3,3020R,JX-100,JX-200 LNC 60 laser sensor 40045547 Thanks
Product Specifications
JUKI 2070 2080 FX-3 LNC 60 Laser 40045547 8015218
Basic Information
Quantity Available:
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Related Categories: Electronics & Electrical , Electronic Products & Equipment
Contact Information
Contact Person: Zoey Liu
Company: Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd
Address: The third floor,No 3, Yanghua Road,Huangdong Village ,Fengguang town, Gongdong, Guangdong, China
Zip/Postal: 523696
Telephone: 86-135-90495325
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-86-13590495
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JUKI 2070 2080 FX-3 LNC 60 Laser 40045547 8015218 by Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd at a premier Business to Business marketplace and largest online business directory. Find JUKI 2070 2080 FX-3 LNC 60 Laser 40045547 8015218 from China complete basis & contact information, business offers, availability & related Electronics & Electrical products.

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