Company: Su Jia Chemical Co.,Ltd
Model Number:
Country: China
Posted On: 25 May 2015
Product Offer: Wire Drawing Lubricant
Contact Person: sophia Han
Telephone: 86-371-87095503
Mobile Number: 86-158-37114271
Product Description
Performance: Fatty acid content: 40%-45% Color: light yellow Softening point: 150-280 ? Water content: 0.4-1% Decomposition temperature: 390-440 ? Size: medium particles Application: Mainly used in non-acid, phosphate, boron-treated steel, and also can be used in front passes of the drawing, or you can use in all passes, can make coating thicker, later when use sodium or sodium-calcium-based lubricant, the speed when drawing big size wire can reach 180-480m/min, when drawing small size wire can reach 360-720m/min.
Product Specifications
JRD-190 lubricant is composed of calcium fatty acid,extreme pressure agents and anti-caking agent, mainly used in mechanical descaling low wire, stainless steel wire, gas shielded welding wire, spring wire, tire edge wire, prestressed steel wire, rope wire drawing and so on.
Location: China
Quantity Available: 100
Minimum Order: 1mt
Price for Minimum Order: 1000
Packaging: 25kg bag
Payment Options: T/T or 100%L/C at sight
Shipping Terms: by sea
Related Categories: Chemicals , Organic Chemical Materials
Contact Person: sophia Han
Company: Su Jia Chemical Co.,Ltd
Address: , , , China
Telephone: 86-371-87095503
Fax: 86--
Mobile Number: 86-158-37114271

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