About Us

PAKBIZ.COM is leading and fastest growing B2B marketplace. A platform for buyers & suppliers where thousands of small & medium size businesses are feel free contacting each other for their business needs. Pakbiz.com focuses on quality products from reputed suppliers, so it is an opportunity to business community join and get connected with the business world.

PakBiz.com is a Pakistan B2B directory (portal) is specially designed to assist Pakistani industries, companies and organization to conduct business with the world market. It is a fabulous opportunity for Pakistan export, business and trade to explore nationally and internationally. Pakistan B2B directory portal is considered to be Pakistan's first portal that is designed and covered the needs of the Pakistan Trade, Pakistan Export and Pakistan Business sector.

Pakistan is the country of natural resources as well as it has a wide range of quality products that have such a great export potential, but local companies have not enough resources to promote their products in the international markets due to lack of resources. PakBiz.com is an online Pakistan Trade Directory for companies, which will provide an opportunity for them to promote and sell their products in the international markets.

PakBiz.com is the platform for buyers and seller that will provide more opportunities than ever for Pakistani suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and exporters in the global market. It is also a Pakistan business directory that explores exporters & importers in new markets and increases their international business in a simple, cost effective manner. PakBiz.com team hopes that it is beneficial of every industry that makes something.