08 Aug, 2022 CNG Prices in Pakistan – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is widely used as a fuel in Pakistan and in last few years CNG kits were installed in several vehicles. Earlier, there was a large difference between the gas and petrol prices. However, in last few days, CNG Prices in Pakistan were significantly increased. On the other side, peop... Read More

Product Retail Price
CNG Region-I
(Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Potohar region; Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Gujar Khan)

     Rs. 145 /Kg
CNG Region-II
(Sindh and Punjab excluding Potohar region)

  Rs. 180 /Kg

CNG Prices in Pakistan- Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is broadly utilized as a fuel in Pakistan and in most recent couple of years CNG units were introduced in a few vehicles. Prior there was an enormous contrast between the gas and petroleum costs. Moreover, in last few days CNG Prices in Pakistan were altogether expanded. On the other side, individuals are still utilizing CNG because of the better mileage as contrast with petroleum.

CNG prices in Pakistan are distinctive for Region II. The CNG cost. The CNG price for Region I is Rs 124 per kg. Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Potohar Region, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and Balochistan lie in the region I.

The CNG cost for area II is Rs 139 per kg Punjab (barring Potohar Region) and Sindh lies in the Region II.

They denounce the government choice to deregulate the CNG costs, leaving the clients helpless before the CNG companies. Service of petroleum prior gave a notification expressing that CNG costs were presently liberated from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’‘s (OGRA) guideline. The deregulation additionally allowed CNG station proprietors to set their own costs.

CNG is our own product its produce locally. why we are unable to produce as required and decrease the cost. Comparatively we import petrol largely. Due to import of petrol its pressurize our economy.
javed Fri 13 Dec, 2019

Expecting that the price of CNG will decrease again when the issue of pressure resolve after the winter season, CNG rates are quite high that is also effects on bus conveyance.
uzma Thu 10 Jan, 2019

I wonder why CNG stations get closed. How can we end up having gas shortage when we actually produce it. CNG prices in Pakistan is updated on this platform on regular basis.
Tanveer Wed 09 Jan, 2019

OGRA is responsible to be assure the supply of the CNG in all the districts of Sindh, I live in Hyderabad where mostly CNG stations are shutting down the supply of the CNG and few where the CNG is available in quite expensive rates.
faraz Wed 09 Jan, 2019

why dont you give the cng schedule for lahore and punjab
shahbaz Wed 02 Jan, 2019

Due to the winter the CNG Schedule in Punjab is quite disturb, checking here the CNG prices in Pakistan because due to the shortage it distributes in quite expensive rates in few areas.
danish Mon 31 Dec, 2018

It may be the fifth days to close the CNG in Sindh, for the transportation it is quite difficult to face this major shortage of the basic resources in Pakistan. I dont know why the Government could not take action.
taimoor Fri 14 Dec, 2018

Kisi ko pata hai Karachi me CNG kub khulegi
yameen Fri 14 Dec, 2018

There is no any changes in the rates of CNG in all over the Pakistan, it is good to reduce the rates of CNG because due to the price of CNG Privates buses charge too much too expensive tickets.
tariq Tue 04 Dec, 2018

CNG prices in Pakistan should be lowered for Region II customers to facilitate the lower income people. Currently it is higher than the petrol price in Pakistan.
arsal Mon 03 Dec, 2018