16 Jul, 2019 KSE Stock Exchange - Karachi Stock Exchange Market is the third among the best performing and effective securities exchanges on the planet. Since it started its official tasks in 2016, it has been picking up a great deal of financial specialists and market capital esteem every year. It turned into the decision securities exchange for... Read More

Karachi Stock Exchange is Pakistan's largest and one of the oldest stock exchanges in South Asia by market capitalization, with many Pakistani associations along with overseas enterprises listings. KSE has been incorporated with Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) and Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) to become Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited under the Stock Exchanges Act 2012. KSE Market Summary is regarded as most authentic and comprehensive information about the performance of various sectors of economy, KSE share prices, KSE data, stocks details summary and complete market watch. Previously, KSE has been regarded as the best performing stock markets in the world many a times. This page offers you all the listed companies of 36 sectors shares live updates.

KSE Market Summary Live shows the latest updates of all the Indexes that are listed with the stock exchanges. This includes KSE 100 Index; KSE 30 Index, KMI 30 Index, KSE All Share Index, PSX-KMI All Shares Index. The KSE Market Summary Live shows the opening points, high point reaches, low points reached, point of difference, and closing points of all the indexes. This information can be helpful for the stock brokers, share holders, and businessmen who are keen to check their investment and analyze its future.

Shareholders can also see the company’s symbol and its status as XD-Dividend, XB-Bonus, XR-Rights, SPOT/ T+1 Transaction, and IPO – Initial Public Offering. Stay with PakBiz.com and get all moment-to-moment updates of KSE-Karachi Stock Exchange Limited.

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sam Tue 21 May, 2019

I love this page because on this page Karachi stock exchange market summary information is so authentic.
wajid Tue 21 May, 2019

What's the future of esbl
Mushir Wed 08 May, 2019

I want to know about shares current buying status and future targe sale price.. Kindly give favorable reply. Thanks
Muhammad Tariq Tue 26 Mar, 2019

what future of BOP?????
misbah Fri 22 Mar, 2019

Lao silk bank 5 rupee me lao lao maal
Asif Mon 04 Mar, 2019

any news about BOP?????? what's future of BOP??
misbah Fri 22 Feb, 2019

any new regarding agl
hunain Wed 06 Feb, 2019

just checking the total changes in the KSE 100 Index Volume at the end of the day regularly on this page, here I get all the information and the whole ups and downs of the KSE market updated
ibtihaj Thu 10 Jan, 2019

This page provides me the perfect information regarding KSE and all companies result updates. I am also the stock holder and share my experience to the juniors.
kabeer Wed 09 Jan, 2019

KSE Market Summary is certainly the most comprehensive piece of information that is wanted by people who are willing to invest. I am currently thinking these days how to make a start in this investment opportunity.
Haroon Wed 09 Jan, 2019

The whole summary of all the sectors in KSE Market Summary is available on this KSE Market Summary PakBiz page, its good to just land on this page and collect the information about the company where you invests.
farman Mon 31 Dec, 2018

In Textile Weaving sector, checking out the volume of Shahtaj Textile Ltd. It goes quite positive very frequently for the last past week. For the companies shares and details this page of PSX is all good.
rahim Mon 31 Dec, 2018

In the Karachi Stock Market, checking the Pharma sector where I am very thankful to see the Abbot Laboratories Pak Ltd. rates changes with 11 PKR, I think its a big difference at the staring of this week.
kamran Mon 17 Dec, 2018

Little bit negative changes in the shares of IBL HealthCare Limited. which I am noting on todays rates. I noted that in the weekend it always goes to decrease, let see what happen on Monday.
maaz Fri 14 Dec, 2018

From this page I am success to get the current Ferozsons Laboratories Ltd.(XD) volume which is updated just accurate to the Stock Market. For PSX Market Summary this page is all the best.
jahangir Fri 14 Dec, 2018

KSE market summary page is all important for the stock holders, landing on this page to check the updates and the views of the share holders in KSE market. This page is quite informative.
wasif Wed 12 Dec, 2018

In the Cement Sector of KSE Page only the Flying Cement Company Ltd. page is looking better with few changes in the volume of the shares of this company, my investment is also including in this share.
haider Thu 06 Dec, 2018

In PSX Market Summary page, just checking the latest updates of the volume of BYCO Petroleum Pak Ltd. In the refinery sector the shares of BYCO is in stable condition.
nawaz Tue 04 Dec, 2018

Pakistan Stock Exchange or PSX is observing a mixed reaction from investors. However, as per the PSX Market Watch, the cement sector is showing a great progress
farah Mon 03 Dec, 2018