1.00 CAD = 144.00 PKR
1 CAD = 144.00 PKR 1 PKR = 0.006944 CAD
Canadian Dollar Pakistani Rupee
Updated: May 17 2022

Canadian Dollar RATES ARCHIVE

Date Symbol Buying Selling
16 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 144.00 145.50
14 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 143.60 145.10
12 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 143.50 145.00
11 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 143.50 145.00
10 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 142.50 144.50
09 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 142.50 144.50
07 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 143.00 145.00
05 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 142.00 144.00
04 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 142.00 144.00
01 May, 2022 CAD To PKR 142.00 144.00

CAD to PKR Rates - The second-largest country after Russia, Canada is a piece of paradise. Despite the fact that it covers a huge area, it is a sparsely populated country. Lines of trees, wilderness, the infinite foliage, and other such natural artifacts is what we can find the country. Interestingly, the country’s GDP was $1.89 trillion last year. A well-developed economy, Canada believes to be an "energy superpower" the reason is their copious natural resources for a population of 37 million residents which is small compared to its land area.

The trading relationship between Canada and Pakistan is a modest one. Canada was amongst the countries which accepted Pakistan’s independence, instantly. Today, both countries are steadily moving towards improvements in both: relationship in regard to trade, and CAD to PKR rates. The Canadian Dollar to Pakistani rupees rates today is crucial Textiles, Leather items, and vegetable goods are the major export products of Pakistan to Canada, which in return increase the foreign exchange rates.

Canadian Dollar to Pakistani rupees exchange rate varies on daily basis. Not just investers and businessmen, but common people interested in attaining shares on overseas companies utilize CAD to PKR currency converter for better understanding of how much they are investing the money. Pakbiz.com provides with exact CAD to PKR today currency rates. Apart from this, you can convert any currency into PKR effortlessly through Pakbiz.com. With continuous trading between both countries, Pakistan, as well as Canada both, have seen an improvement in their currency rates and foreign exchanges, and open market currency exchange rates here online updated regularly.

The bilateral relationship between Canada and Pakistan is dated back to 1948. There are numerous immigrants to Canada from Pakistan; a process since Brtish rule the Sub-continent. Canada regards Pakistan as an imperative thespian and partner in the war against terrorism in the region. The two countries maintain trading of intelligence and other pieces of information on essential affairs.

This CAD to PKR convertor is up to date with exchange rates from 17 May, 2022.

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